It was night time in the Pridelands

Simba, Nala, the future heirs to the kingdom Kovu and Kiara along with the other lionesses and their friends slept soundly in Pride Rock

Also, in the Outlands, a certain hyena clan also slept.

It had been years since Shenzi, Banzai, Ed and the rest of their hyena clan had been home. Ever since they had to flee for their lives from Zira and her small army of lions still loyal to Scar. Their was only room for on preditor in the Outlands. And Zira definetly didn't feel like going.

Yet after all those years Zira was dead. News of her demise spred throughout all the lands, and Shenzi and her hyenas decided it safe to return home.

A moaning sound was heard from the Outlands, followed by something growling.

What it beast of some form? A new preditor wanting to take the hyenas home?


"Banzai can't you shut that thing up?" Shenzi said cranky from being woken up by her friends growling stomach. Ed was awake now to

I can't help it," Banzai said "I'm hungry,"

While the trio were home, the fact that durring their absence the Pridelander and Outlander lions had joined to become a larger pride made finding foood harder for the hyenas

"Just try to ignor it." Shenzi said "We'll get a..." Just then her stomach growled

Ed said something

"Ya Shenzi," Banzai said "I say we get a midnight snack,"

Shenzi started to feel hunger pains.

In the end the hyena trio were walking towards the river that divided to Pridelands and Outlands.

Yet on this particular night, in the cosmos above an unusual small red glowing meteor floated through space, and was now trapped in Earths gravitational pull. It broke up in the atmosphere, yet a small chunk of it still fell toward the surface of the planet. Falling toward somewhere in Africa

The trio were almost at the river now

"Okay," Shenzi said "We get in, find food, and get out of there. Any questions?"

"Nope," Banzai said "What about you Ed?"

Ed seemed to be looking up at something

"Ed hello?"

Ed said something and pointed at the sky

All three hyenas looked up to see the red meteor falling right at them

They barley had time to scream as it hit them. Exploding into a, small red mushroom cloud

But this wasn't the end of the hyena trio. Rather it was like a...rebirthing

What has happened to are favorite hyena trio?

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