Chapter 2: Worlds Collide

Link: "So wait, let me get this straight... you say there's something out there that surpasses your own power."

Nayru: "That's what we're feeling right now, yes."

Link: "Why do I find that hard to believe? I mean, you're the great goddesses, so nothing should be able to trump you in power."

Din: "I know you don't seem to believe us, but we've felt it, and it could mean disasterous things for this world."

Zelda: "But what can we do about it?"

Farore: "We believe it's tied to you, but not just you alone. We believe several other people across the dimensions are soon to be swept up in this madness that will soon happen."

Link: "When you say other dimensions, do you mean ones like Termina?"

Din: "Not just alternate ones of your world like that one, but several others that are far different. There are several others that will be swept in a massive conflict. The task we are giving you is that, should this conflict take place, you must protect this dimension with all of your strength. I imagine there will be others that will do the same for their own, but there might be some that wish to spread this conflict, so you must be prepared for the worst."

Link: "Sounds simple enough, but I get the feeling this is going to be much harder than it sounds."

Zelda: "We'll do whatever it takes, great goddesses."

Nayru: "I think we'll stick around for a while in case anything does happen. We'll try to lend you as much of our power as we can, but we don't know how far that will go if this greater force does turn out to be too strong for us."

Zelda: "We understand, and we'll fight with all of our strength. We promise."

Link: "I guess if anything is to happen, I better go retrieve the Master Sword. I might be needing it very soon."

Farore: "No doubt you will, but be quick about it. We don't know when things will take a turn for the worst."

Link: "I'll be back in a minute."

Link then walks off and leaves the gardens to go get the Master Sword.

Meanwhile, in Dr. Light's lab, Dr. Light is observing the world through his personal satellite's camera. Roll is also with him while watching the video.

Dr. Light: "How odd... it seems the dimensional patterns are shifting. It doesn't seem to be causing any harm, but I do need to investigate this thoroughly."

Roll: "I wonder if we should inform Rock about it? He might be able to give us the data we need."

Dr. Light: "That might not be a bad idea. I'll contact him right away."

Afterwards, we see Mega Man flying over the city via Rush. He then hears a beeping, and checks to see who it is.

Mega Man: "Hey, Doctor Light, what's going on?"

Dr. Light: "Rock, we need you to investigate some type of dimensional disturbance. I'll send you the coordinates so you can go check it out."

Mega Man: "Right, I'll get to that as soon as possible."

Dr. Light: "Be sure to bring us plenty of data so I can properly study what is happening right now."

Mega Man: "I'll do my best and more, Doctor."

Dr. Light: "Be careful if you run into anything that presents itself as a danger."

Mega Man: "I will, I promise."

Dr. Light: "Then please hurry. Dr. Light, out."

As Dr. Light breaks communication, Mega Man has Rush jet him to the coordinates he was given.

While Mega Man flies through the sky, he is unaware of being watched by Pious Augustus, who is on top of a large building.

Also watching Mega Man, as well as the others is Lazurus, who has been observing them through his own dimension.

Lazurus: "I knew that I was right to observe these powerful creatures. They proven most... delightful. Not just those few, but so many others that are currently either fighting battles or are aware of what is going on at the moment."

We can see other events playing out that Lazurus is watching, such as Marth leading his army in a grand battle against another army, Morrigan and Felicia fighting each other, Pit fighting the forces of the Underworld, Dante fighting a horde of demons, two Pokemon trainers having their Pokemon doing battle, Zangief wrestling a pack of bears, Samus flying through space to check something out, Zero doing battle against a small group of Mavericks, Kirby and Meta Knight practicing swordplay against one another, Amaterasu racing through all of Nippon, and several others.

Lazurus: "Perhaps it's time... to set everything into motion. Yes... I know how I can do that. I'll give myself a little taste of what is to come in this great battle of the multiverse. I grow too weary of waiting, so I'll just give myself a little preview of what is to come."

Afterwards, we're taken to a training ground where Ryu is honing his skills.

Ryu: "Hadoken!"

Ryu flings a Hadoken that knocks down several trees in front of him due to the force of the blast.

Ryu: "Not good enough. I still need to focus my mind more."

As Ryu finishes his training, he then heads over to the river to dampen a towel to cool himself off with it.

Ryu: "I got in contact with Ken, Chun-Li and Guile, but I don't know if they will take what my master and I just recently felt. Ken might, but Chun-Li and Guile like to at least remain down to earth, which is respectable, but they probably won't help me if they haven't felt the things I just did."

Just as Ryu finishes cooling himself off, he feels a strange sensation around him as the land begins to warp around, but not him.

Ryu: "What's going on? I hope I didn't push myself too hard."

As the land warps around, things begin to turn purple, and eventually, it starts to look very much like the real of Infinium. As Ryu sees his surroundings, he's then surrounded by purple energy waves which then start to take on the look of space, and looking like different colors. Ryu looks down to see he's standing on a square grid.

Ryu: "Wh... where am I? Master? Are you there?"

Voice: "Ryu? Is that your voice?"

Ryu looks to see Ken, as well as Chun-Li, Guile, Zangief and Dudley are with him as they all run up to Ryu.

Ryu: "Ken? You're here.

Ken: "Yeah, and it looks like you just arrived."

Ryu: "'Just' arrived? You mean you all have been here for a while?"

Guile: "Looks that way, but I wonder where the hell are we right now?"

Zangief: "I don't know, but... I get bad feeling about this place."

Chun-Li: "Makes me wonder if Bison is behind this."

Guile: "Somehow, I think something like this beyond even him, but you never know."

Sinister voice: "If you're blaming me for this, I think you're wasting your time."

Everyone looks to see Bison and Juri approaching them.

Guile: "Bison..."

Chun-Li: "Well, if anything, this saves us the trouble of having to hunt you down."

M. Bison: "I would save your aggression for the one who actually brought us here, as I plan to go after this someone very soon."

Juri: "Why bother trying to reason with these simpletons? If they want to fight us so much, let's give them a fight worth remembering."

Dudley: "Are you two always this brutish?"

Juri: "You should be saying that to your friends there. They're the one who want to start something."

Chun-Li: "And we'll be the ones to finish it, as well."

Ryu: "Everyone, calm down. As responsible for many crimes as Bison is, this bickering is getting us nowhere. I hate to say it, but Bison may have a point, and we should be focusing on the one who brought us here. For now, we should save any grudges we have with him for later and keep our minds on trying to get out of here."

Chun-Li: "Ryu?"

Guile: "You gotta' be crazy, Ryu! Are you saying we should work with Bison?"

Ryu: "For the time being, yes."

Ken: "You know guys, as crazy as this is going to sound... I agree with Ryu. We'll have plenty of time to give Bison the butt-kicking he deserves after we get out of here... however that's going to happen."

M. Bison: "I guess with that said, a temporary truce it is."

Chun-Li: *grumbles* "Fine, but if you try anything, the truce is off, got it?"

Juri: "Geez, kitten, don't get your knickers in a twist. There will be plenty of time for the real fun to begin."

Suddenly, they hear something in the distance, and look to see it's a distortion happening.

Ken: "Is someone else coming?"

Zangief: "Maybe it's the one who brought us here."

Afterwards, after the distortion disappears, we see Mario, Luigi and Peach standing there. The others look onward with a hint of curiousity.

Mario: "Wait a minute, this isn't the Mushroom Kingdom."

Luigi: *looks around* "Are we in space again?"

Peach: "How did we get here?"

Ken: *looks surprised* "Whoa! Am I dreaming? Is that who I think it is?"

Ryu: "You know those people, Ken?"

Ken: "If memory serves me right, those are characters from Super Mario Bros."

Zangief: "Super what Bros.?"

Ken: "Must not play a lot of video games, do you? That's Mario, Luigi and Peach."

Guile: "I don't care who they are. If they're the ones who brought us here..."

Ryu: "Guile, calm down. They were probably brought here against their wills, as well."

Juri: "Then let me interrogate them. I'm in the mood for a little fun, anyway."

Juri then steps up the the newcomers with her left eye giving a purple glow.

Juri: "Hey there, losers. Mind telling us why you're even here, at all?"

Mario: *hrmph* "You're not a very nice person, are you?"

Juri: "Figured that out already, huh? I find smart men to be rather attractive... enough to kill."

Dudley: "Someone better stop her before she gets even more carried away."

Juri: "Anyway, I kind of want to play doctor, now, so let's test your reflexes. Try this out!"

Juri then flies at Mario with a flying kick aimed for his head.

To Be Concluded in Chapter 3.