As we pulled up to the four-story house, my stomach sank. I missed my band. I packed a few boxes on top of each other, each one labeled with my name. I brought the boxes into the house and went to the fourth floor, Chief said my room is on this floor.

I go to the end of the long hallway and there's two doors. One to the old dumbwaiter, the second my room. I open the second door and see a big room with 3 open doors and a closed one. A large bathroom, a small closet, a spare room, and the room which has a closed door leading to it, all connected to my bedroom. Awesome.

I put the boxes down and get the rest of my boxes of things. After setting them all in the corner closest to the door, I open the closed door. I am met with a rush of cold air and the smell of mothballs. I laugh inwardly, this must be the attic. I leave the door open to get the smell to settle a bit and open one of my boxes that I put clothes in.

I loaded all my clothes into the dresser Chief brought in earlier. They also put my bed in here, all set to go. I take off my converse and socks and go into the bathroom to take a shower. Everything was on, water, electricity, heating, all the doodads needed in a good house, already. I walk barefoot onto the chilled black and white tile. The shower has a fixable nozzle that you take off as you wish. The shower itself ended with a tub that was long enough for my entire body to lay flat in it. I smile like a giddy child, my lip ring pulling along with my skin. I feel like a king!

After I got out, I put on a pair of black basketball shorts and a white fitted tee. I walked over to the other side of the room, past my bed and over to a box seat under three windows that made half a hexagon. I sat on the soft crimson cushion and placed my palms on the small overhang under the connected windows. I look out and see thick, dense woods. We didn't have that back in Texas. A forest view. Just miles of dirt. Wet dirt, dry dirt, clumped dirt, cracked dirt, it got old fast. I smiled, I think I'll like it here.

After watching the sunset, I hear the moving truck pull away and my uncles yell up to me, "G'nite, Copper!" Although, Chief always said squirt half-jokingly under his breath. I went to close all my doors when I notice the attic door is still open. I could practically hear it calling to me. I got an LED flashlight and went inside.

The floors creaked quietly and the wood was smooth, which, being barefooted- I was thankful for. I went around, what looked like, a couch covered in photography equipment. Then, in a deep corner, I saw an antique mirror, half-covered by a white sheet. Pulling it down, I got a better look at the Victorian-styled piece.

I see, now, that it is a black-trimmed mirror with intricate designs carved into the wood. Waves and archangels decorated the, five-inch thick, wood. The angels, all male- I noticed, intertwined fingers, all standing together against an unknown enemy as the waves crashed around their feet. I smiled and lugged the heavy thing into my room. I put it next to my closet and hung it up a few inches off the floor. Satisfied with the finding, I set my alarm clock on the headboard's shelf and place my ipod and phone beside it. The second my eyes close, I dream of something that makes me cringe.

I am watching myself, that me is laying next to some boy I've never seen before, both of us asleep. The boy's orange hair covering his face. Suddenly, I'm back in my body and as he wakes up, he shifts slightly, as if getting up to leave and (in the dream) I dart awake. He strokes my cheek, "I didn't mean to scare you." I frown involuntarily at this, though I don't know why. Then he smiles and wraps his arm tighter around my waist, pulling me closer. I didn't notice his arm was there, but it had been. Not only that, I can feel heat from our chests. Meaning we're half naked, and we're only wearing boxers. Fucking perfect. I inwardly facepalm, since when am I a manwhore? I watch from behind my eyes irritably as I wrap my arms around his neck. I frown, within myself, still unable to see the cocky bastard's face. He smiles and pulls me tighter, again, to his chest and leans his lips towards mine-

I hear my alarm and, being on the edge of my bed, I fall gracefully(take note of the sarcasm) onto the floor. I feel a scowl harden my facial features. Damn hormones. I don't even like redheads. I get up, painfully, and get a pair of black skinny jeans and a Disturbed tee shirt, taking off my clothes to replace them. After I do, I put on the clothes and add a spiked leather wristband on my left wrist and a studded one on the other. I put on a thin amount of eyeliner and frown as I poke at the dark freckles spread across my nose and cheeks. Stupid freckles. I roll my eyes at them and get downstairs to the kitchen, grabbing a big, juicy, green apple and bottle of water. Passing through the kitchen door and into the garage, I get in the truck and drive to school. My first day, in the middle of the year... God help me. I'll need it.