What I wouldn't give for a Vampire

Canada's POV


"Oh. Uh yes?" I called from my field. My neighbor, Alfred was asking for onions again for his creation of something called a 'cheeseburger'. It was far fetched and probably would never get popular but I supported him anyway. After all, he IS the only person in the village that believed me when I said my polar bear talked...which is completely true.

In my tiny village, we had 10 houses, 5 fields, a city hall, and river. The rest was surrounded by forest. I was born into the village and both my parents died of Plague so I don't know anything about how we got here...


The scream caught everybody's attention.

"VAMPIRE!" Somebody screeched.

Oh yeah...that was our other problem...A vampire...

We had to give sacrifices to it every month but we couldn't this month because of population issues. I've never seen the vampire but Alfred wouldn't let me. Everyone else has. See, the vampire only took virgins because it was said he was afraid of STD's even though he wouldn't get sick from it anyway.

"The awesome me is here! Now where is my bitch, kesesesesesese."

I peeked around the edge of my house slowly. A tall man with white hair, pale skin, and glowing red eyes stood there. He looked like a demon!

"U-Uh Mr. Beilschmidt, we can't give you somebody this month due to population issues..."

The man glared down a our mayor.

"Do I ask YOU guys not to eat for a month? Seriously you fatsoes eat every DAY while I sit alone patiently in my castle for ONE fucking virgin and you can't give me that? It's in our agreement. If I don't get one then I eat all of you. I honestly thought I was being nice letting you all live on my hunting grounds...AND FOR THE LAST TIME MY NAME IS GILBERT!"

"U-Um...u-understood. EVERY VIRGIN LINE UP!" The mayor shouted. My breath came a little faster as I realized he was allowing the vampire to chose somebody.


I gasped as the vampire turned and stared directly at me.

"He meant guys too."

Gilbert smirked and winked at me.


Oh well...What have I got to lose...?

I turned on my heel and ran. That weird laugh was all I heard before rustling was heard behind me.

"Got you." A voice whispered right before I slammed into somebody's chest.

"oof!" I squeaked.

"Kesesesesesesesese, you thought you could outrun me?"

"N-No I-I-"

"Cause' y'know..." He leaned down and pressed his lips against my ear, "I do prefer male virgins."

My eyes widened at his words.

'I-I'm sorry I-I was just surprised! I'm really not good at all! I'm type O blood and everyone knows that it sucks!" I whimpered.

"Type O?" He licked his lips.

I am totally going to die...


He turned in annoyance.

"What the fuck do you want, Francis?"

'Francis' was glaring as Gilbert angrily. He was equally pale as Gilbert and if i looked closely he had two fangs indenting his lips. So he was a vampire too?

"What have I told you about playing with your food?"

"Shutup." Gilbert snapped. His grip tightened on my arm to a point where I whimpered and tried to pry it off.

Francis' attention turned to me and a look of recognition went across his face.


"D-Do I know you?" I squeaked.

"Mathieu!" The frenchman beamed and raced forward, enveloping me in a hug.

"You...know him?" Gilbert asked, letting of my arm.

"He is my little boy!"


"Wait...that kid is your son?"


"Um...s-sir? My dad died when I was a kid..."

Francis pulled back from the hug with a disgusted look on his face.

"That is what she told you?"

"My m-mom?"

Francis nodded.


"Ohonhonhon, non non non! You see, me and your mother had a bit of a thing going and we had you! Cute little Mathieu!"

"Careful, he is prone to pedophilia." Gilbert drawled in the background.

"Shutup!" Francis hissed.

"Franciiiiiiis, what am I going to eat now?"

"Go eat a bird or something!"

Gilbert stepped back as if he had been slapped.

"A-A bird?"

He picked a little yellow tuft off his head and cooed reassuring things like 'don't worry papa won't eat the other birdies.' or 'Francis is a big asshole.'

I couldn't help but giggle softly but quickly slapped a hand over my mouth when Gilbert turned his red eyes on me sharply.

"What's so funny?"

"Sorry..." I mumbled, slightly scared.

"Gilbert, stop being so mean!" Francis hugged me protectively.

"I'm sorry, he was SUPPOSED to be my meal but then you had to come along and make relationship ties, damnit!"

"Not my fault." Francis sniffed.

Gilbert rolled his eyes and looked around. It was finally then that I noticed we were standing in the forest bordering the village.

"I'm going back to find another virgin. See ya.' Gilbert grumbled and was off like a bullet toward the line of villagers in the distance.

"Don't let his attitude get to you. He is always like that when he's hungry." Francis sighed tiredly, "I'm so happy to find you."

"...How could you think I was dead...?" I mumbled.

"That is what your mother told me...I was heartbroken but now that I've found you, would you like to come live with Me, Gilbert, and Antonio?"


"He smells of wet dog but we love him."

"Wet dog?"

"Oh, oui, Antonio is a werewolf."

"You guys live with a werewolf?"

"Yes, I am a vampire!"

"So is Gilbert."

Francis raised an eyebrow.

"Um...Gilbert is kind of a vampire. He is more of a demon. He drinks blood to sustain himself but he can eat human food also and not feel sick from it. The only thing that largly makes us different is that I don't sleep while Gilbert, being a lazy ass, sleeps about 16 hours a day."

"Like a cat?"

"Who the hell is connecting me to a cat?" Gilbert snapped coming back.

"S-Sorry." I went back into my shell as Gilbert wiped his mouth of any blood.

"Let's head back, Francis. Antonio should be done hunting."

"W-What does Antonio eat?"

"Large animals. He would NEVER attack a human. He is too nice for that. In fact, he is looking for a mate. It's his time." Francis smirked.


"Antonio is in heat right now~!" Francis grinned.

My face flushed a deep red at this new information.


"Yeah so don't be surprised if he tries to bend you over a table and-"

"GILBERT!" Francis snapped.

He backed off with another eye roll.

"Mathew why don't you come with us?" Francis offered gently.

"B-But what about my village?"

"They will have believed that Gilbert just killed you, Sil vous plait?"

"...um...I don't really have any reason to though..."

"It's either that or I kill you." Gilbert snickered.

"He's joking." Francis grumbled.

We stood in silence for a while until Gilbert groaned.

"Francis go on, I'll talk to him."

Francis glared at him.

"Don't kill him or hurt him."

"I won't." Gilbert snapped.

Francis looked Gilbert up and down as if sizing him up in a fight before running off in a blur.

"Look kid."

I looked at Gilbert as he stood up to his full height. He was at least a head taller than me. (A/N: Yes, I realize that Mathew is actually supposed to be taller than Gilbert but I've always imagined him as shorter in Fanfic sooo -)

"Francis finally found his kid and just wants you to live with us. How would you feel if you just found your son after like 15 years?"

"I-I guess really happy..." I whispered.

Gilbert nodded.


Fingers curled under my chin and dragged my face up to meet his.

"Even if I can't eat you, I can think of a couple of other things I want to do with you..."

My face burned bright red as he chuckled and moved away.

"So ya coming?"

I nodded quickly and began following after him.

"Ugh, humans are so slow." Gilbert mumbled before tossing me over his shoulder.

"Ack wait!"


Then we were racing through the forest at the speed I thought was impossible before now.

~Time skip~

Francis met us in front of a large rock. As soon as Gilbert set me down, he checked my body for injuries and such.

"I didn't do anything." Gilbert snapped for the 10th time.

"I'll believe that when i see it." Francis retorted.

"H-He really didn't do anything." I murmured, blushing.

"Good, now let us go meet Antonio, oui?"

Gilbert agreed and we were off.

Okay, so imagine a castle...it was dark and had gargoyles and all that creepy stuff...now imagine the complete opposite. This castle was probably filled with rainbows. There was a beautiful garden, the walls were white marble, and instead of lions and gargoyles they had unicorns...

"Um...this is...nice."

"Damnit...Francis why did you let Feliks decorate?"

Francis sighed and rubbed his temples.

"You say that everytime we come home, Gilbert."

"Well it's a legit question!" Gilbert punched one of the unicorns and its horn fell off.

Francis pushed his hair back in frustration and gently took my hand.

"He's just in a bad mood."

"I-I like the c-castle." I mumbled helpfully.

"Merci." Francis smiled.

We entered the castle slowly, so that I could take in the sights.

"Has anybody ever found this place?"

"Oui, but we usually use them for food." Francis grinned sheepishly.


"Well unless we find them worthy of being changed."

'How many times has that happened.


"With who?"

"A young girl named Jeanne. she hated it though and starved herself to death...she was so beautiful...in fact we dated a couple times..." Francis sighed dreamily and then reached for the door handle.


The first thing I saw was a tan man with a mop of brown hair on top of a smaller man with a weird curl.

"A-Antonio..." The latter whispered.

'Lovi." Antonio murmured back and kissed him.


Antonio looked up and grinned.

"Welcome home, Francis!"

"Chigiiii!" The smaller man pushed Antonio off him and pulled a blanket over his half-naked body.

"Y-You idiot!" He cried and ran upstairs.

"L-Loviii!" Antonio ignored us and ran after the flustered boy.

"Guess we don't have to worry about Antonio's sexual tension~! Ohonhonhonhon."

I blushed softly and noticed Gilbert walking around in the kitchen area.

"Is there anythiiing to eat?"

"Non, we only have ingredients, nothing solid to eat." Francis replied, helping me with my coat.

"But I'm starving!"

'You just drank your fill of blood!"

"The human part of me wants some damn food." Gilbert grumbled, crossing his arms.

"I-I could make s-something if you want..." I stated so quietly that I was sure he couldn't hear me.

"Really? You can cook?"


"Kesesesesesesese, you get girlier and girlier every second!"

My blush deepened as Francis chuckled.

"He is quite feminine(Sp? o_o), oui?"

"Shutup!" I whined.

"Gilbert, will you show Mathieu to his wound while I get all of the ingredients out, please?"

"Sure." Gilbert shrugged and grabbed my wrist.

He pulled me along through a set of doors that led into a short hallway that quickly turned into stairs.

"I expected the stairs to be more open..."

"This is the back entrance." Gilbert replied and turned a corner. Now we were in a rugged hallway with many doors down it. From here I could see the main staircase. A short moan made me stiffen.

"Ugh, Antonio and that italian brat are going at it, lets get you a room FAR from them." Gilbert hissed.

"T-Thank you..."

"No prob." He winked at me.

He led me to the very end of the hallway passed a door marked 'Gilbert'.

"Your room is right next to mine, kid."


Gilbert pushed the door open and I gasped softly. The room was medium-sized with a high ceiling. A large red and white bed sat in the middle with fluffy comforters. And to top it off, i had my own bathroom AND walk in closet.


"Do you like it?"

"Yes." I breathed.

"Here, test out the bed." Gilbert tossed me on it with his super human strength, causing me to giggle uncontrollably. The bed suddenly dipped beside me and I opened my eyes. Red eyes stared down into my own with a fierce intensity.

"You wanna know what pissed me off?" He whispered.

"That I couldn't get you away from Francis for one fucking moment."

I gulped and started shaking from fear. Was he going to kill me now? Crap!

He pushed my bangs back with his hand and leaned down.

"I bet you wanna know why that pissed me off, eh?"

I whimpered when his cold lips pressed against my ear and throat multiple times.

"I like ya, Mattie. A lot." He growled and suddenly I realized that smoldering look in his eyes. Lust.

Crap, nobody had ever felt want for me before! What do I do?

"Fuck, when I saw Antonio and Lovino, All I could think about was you pressed against a wall, naked, and me-"

"Stop." I whimpered.

"-kissing you and making you mine."

My skin was tingling now as he paused to nibble and suck on my throat, making my blush darken.

A cold hand slipped under my shirt making me gasp audibly now and cover my mouth with my hand.

"None of that now..." Gilbert whispered, taking my hands in one wrist and pulling them above my head.


Gilbert flinched and sat up to see Francis fuming in the doorway.

"I leave you alone for one second and you get like this with my son!" He pointed accussingly at Gilbert's crotch and with a deep blush I realized he was hard.

"Sorry..." Gilbert mumbled like a little kid caught eating a cookie.

"Out!" Gilbert waited for a moment but slowly crawled off me and out the door.

"Are you okay?" Francis sighed.


"We are going to have to teach you self-defense." Francis joked.

"I-It wasn't that bad..."

"Quoi?" Francis screeched.

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