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Lovino's POV

"It's simple, you go out into the forest, kill a deer, and bring it back for the feast tonight." Ludwig, the stupid German of our village, grumbled. His job was to lead people's work. Usually Feliciano, and I were in the kitchen, but they had ordered some foreign cooks here so now our job was to go hunt. My brother seems to have this weird obsession with him…

"Ve~, don't worry Luddy, we won't let you down!" My obnoxious brother grinned, hanging onto my arm. I grimaced at his choice of clothing to go hunting. Usually we had to wear these green cloaks to go hunting in because they camouflaged us but he wore a bright blue button-up shirt with blue pants. He's kind of an idiot.

"Get off, idiot." I snapped and shrugged him off. Look, I was not the best hunter in my village…that would probably be Vash because of that stupid gun he carries all the time…b-but that's not the point! My brother and I were assigned to shoot down a buck and bring it back for our dinner. It was a weird system but it worked. Two people would go hunt, the women would harvest the grain and berries, and the rest of the men would cook the food.

"Now, remember, there has been sightings of a wolf in those woods. If you see it, do not hesitate to shoot. Now, go!" The stupid potato head shouted.

Feliciano jumped on his feet happily and ran toward the trail that led into the forest. I followed reluctantly. Half an hour later it was getting dark…

"Where the hell are we?" I growled.

"Ve~…almost to the moonflower clearing~." Feli said with his usual bright smile.

"Man, we're barely two miles from the village. Speed up!"

"Okay~! Ve….it's kinda scary out here Fratello."

"Eh, the stuff out here is more scared of you than you are of them."

"Even the bears?"


"And t-tigers?"

"Tigers don't live out here, moron."

"Oh…what about Panthers?"

"I don't think they live here either."

"Oh, then I guess we are safe~!" He stopped cowering behind me and skipped ahead, humming a soft tune.

I watched with kind of a dazed fascination as the leaves fell from the trees and floated to the ground. Feli was completely oblivious to the beauty around him as usual. He was kind of an in-the-moment guy. Me? I like to sometimes stop and sniff the flowers. I know, nobody would expect it from a guy like me…

Suddenly, a scream reached my ears from the direction my brother had just run off.

"Huh?" I ran forward toward in a slight panic. What if my brother was in trouble? I ran fast through the undergrowth and tree branches hanging down until I broke out into a clearing. I scanned the clearing for my brother, hoping he was here. I had to resist from face-palming when I finally found him. He was splashing around in the fucking stream.

"We are hunting you idiot!" I chucked a rock at him, which whizzed by harmlessly and through a bush behind him. A low growl made Feli screech and sprint past me.

"What the hell-"

A gigantic wolf with green eyes and brown fur leapt out of the bush that my rock went through and glared me down. My heart stopped for a minute in complete fear and my body seized up as the wolf stepped over the stream and onto the dry grass, keeping its eyes on me the entire time. It growled again and slowly rose up on its hind legs. What. The. Hell. The Wolf roared loudly and stepped forward. That's about the time I followed my brother's lead and ran the fuck away from there.

"Wait for me, you bastard!" I shouted, seeing his running form about 50 feet ahead of me.

"LUDWIG! LUDWIIIG!" He screeched ahead of me.

"Don't scream for that potato- agh!" I was cut off as my foot caught on a tree root and I fell ungracefully to the ground, "Ow…"

"Grrrrr." I froze at the sound of the low growling behind me followed by heavy panting. From the corner of my eye, I saw the beast had gone back down on all fours and seemed to be waiting for something. Maybe, the best way to eat me….

I'm so fucking screwed!

"Don't hurt me!" I yelled, not looking back as I crawled toward a tree, " I didn't mean to hit you with a rock! I was aiming for my idiot brother! R-Really I was!"

The growling stopped. In fact, I didn't hear any noises from the wolf anymore.

"The hell-"

Craning my head behind me, I saw no trace of the beast that had been stalking me. Where the hell did he go? I got up and dusted myself off cautiously; afraid the wolf would come out of nowhere and chew my head off.


I screeched and whirled around to see a grinning…naked man staring at me, "WHAT THE HELL? Put some clothes on, you freak!"

"Ah…? I would, but they are at home."

I stared at his face so that my eyes didn't wander to…lower regions and stood up, "Why did you walk into the woods without clothes on?"

"Oh, I did but they got ripped up." The man smiled and scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"To the point where you got naked?"


"H-Here-!" I pulled off my dark green cloak and put it around his neck so that is covered his more…private parts.

"Gracias!" He beamed.

I huffed and smoothed down my white shirt and black pants.

"Why were you wearing this?" He asked, touching the cloak.

"Hunters wear it to blend into their surroundings." Warning signals flashed in my mind that he probably should've known that but I ignored it. Maybe he was from a different village.


"Um, d-did you happen to see…."


"Well there was this wolf that kinda attacked me but it disappeared. Surely you saw it?"

"Hmm, did it have brown fur? Like my hair~?"

"Er…" Now that I thought about it, this man had the exact same hair color.

"And green eyes like mine?" He pointed to his forest green eyes with a cheerful smile.

I took a step back, kinda freaked out. The eyes were exactly the same. The man took a step forward, seemingly oblivious to my fear.

"So where are you from?" He had his hands folded behind his back and his head craned slightly to the side with his usual smile. It was getting kinda freaky how downright happy he was.


"What are your parents like?"

"Why are you-"

"Who was that other boy with you?"

I froze. This guy had no possible way of seeing my brother….a-and…was that a tail? Were those wolf ears on his head? What the hell? My back touched the trunk of a tree as I took another step back. The man placed his hands on either side of my head, never losing that smile. His tail was wagging out from under the cloak, leaving his butt exposed and his ears were standing up straight in assumed curiosity.

"Why the fucking hell do you have a tail?"

He chuckled. "You're a very oblivious human."

"Sh-Shut up! What are you?"

"I'm a werewolf, si?"

I started trembling from head to toe. Now you may think I'm stupid for immediately believing him, but aren't the tail and ears proof enough? "D-D-Don't eat m-me, I-I would taste f-fucking nasty!"

"Silly, I don't eat humans!" My body relaxed slightly from this but I kept my mind guarded.

"I-If you're a werewolf then…were you that wolf from earlier?"


"Why did you fucking chase me?"

"You threw a rock at me." He pouted, rubbing a spot on his head.

"I-I didn't mean to!"

"I know! I heard what you said~. I wouldn't have done anything anyway; I could never harm a human. You're all so cute~!"

I couldn't help the blush that overcame my face at the indirect compliment. "….S-So what the hell do you want?"

"Ah well you see, it's that time of year again and-"


"I need a mate."

Comprehension in




"WHAT THE HELL? GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEPY ASS PERVERT!" I shoved him away and began running again but he easily caught up and grabbed me around the waist.

"You sure are lively! I like it!" He laughed, oblivious to my squirming.

"Let goooo!"

"No no no, you have to come back with me to my home where we can mate and I can bite you and-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, bite me? Like hell you can!" I elbowed his chest and kicked at his shins but it didn't seem to affect him at all.

He pouted and pulled me closer, "But you're so cute!"

"I am not cute."

"Si, you are!"

"Ugh." I relaxed, knowing this guy wasn't going to let me go.

"I'm Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo, and you?" He questioned, nuzzling my neck and humming happily. Ugh, he reminded me of my brother.

"…Why the hell should I tell you my name?" I shouted, anger and annoyance seeping into my voice.

"Because, you are going to be my mate."

"No. I'm. Not. Get that through your thick head!"

"Look, I'm being gentle with you. If I were using my full strength, I could simply force you to come back and mate like other werewolves I know. But, I really like you and want to treat you like a prince. So please, tell me your name and come back with me." His voice had gone all low and possessive. It was kind of creepy but at the same time it made me blush.

I groaned. "This is so fucking weird."

"Come on," Antonio smiled gently," tell me."

"…Lovino Vargas."

"Lovi, what a cute name~!"

"Lovino!" I corrected with a harsh glare.

"Whatever you say, Lovi!" Antonio laughed and quickly picked me up bridal style, "We are going now."

"Hey, put me down!"

"Sorry I can't- Ugh!"

Antonio let go of me and stumbled back in shock. I fell to the ground and groaned as my tail bone hit the solid ground before looking up the see what had happened.

An arrow was lodged into his right shoulder….

"What the hell!" I ignored the pain in my butt and stood to fret over Antonio.

"Fratello! Are you okay?" My brother ran out of the bushes and screamed.


"SHUTUP AND HELP ME!" I screeched. Antonio sat down against the tree, breathing heavily at the huge amount of pain his shoulder is in right now.

"Ve." Feli mumbled nervously.

"J-Just pull it out, amor." He grunted.

"But you'll bleed to death, you bastard!"

"I heal fast." He promised.

Antonio glanced at Feli who was now staring at him in shock.

"Ve, you h-have weird ears! Is that a tail?"

"Shut up, Feli." I hissed. My brother sat down and stared at Antonio with a look of complete curiosity.

I tore off a bit of my shirt and shakily gripped the shaft of the arrow. Antonio covered my hand with his own with a reassuring smile that turned into a grimace as I began sliding the arrow out.

"Don't be gentle, just yank it out."

"But you'll scream or something, here, I'll just go get a doctor or something and we can get you help!"

"No, if they notice what I am, they'll kill me and might kill you if they think I bit you." His voice was strained and laced with heavy panting.

"B-But I can't just y-yank it out!"

"I'll do it then, but come here."

Antonio grabbed the arrow himself but yanked me forward by my collar.

"Close your eyes." He ordered my brother before slamming his lips into mine. I made a noise in the back of my throat halfway between shock and embarrassment. Antonio's hand jerked and he groaned. I guess he just pulled the arrow out. Feli gasped and made a type of squealing noise but it was ignored as soon as Antonio cupped my face and deepened the kiss.

"S-Stop." I pushed him away gently and covered my mouth with a flushed face.

Antonio smiled softly at me as Feli crawled forward and wrapped the cloth around the arrow wound.

"That was…interesting…ve…" Feliciano giggled. Antonio smiled.

"Your brother is so cute!" He cooed to Feli. Feliciano giggled and soon got into a conversation with Antonio about my apparent 'cuteness' and 'tsunderness'. Remind me to never let him talk to that Japanese guy in our village ever again. What was his name? Kiku? W-wait, they're still talking about me!

"Shutup!" I pouted.

Antonio smiled at me and leaned to whisper something in Feli's ear, his tail wagging.

"Ohhhh? You want to-…Sure I don't mind!"

"I have your brother's consent~!" Antonio beamed.

"Fratello!" I screeched.

"He seems really nice~. And you let him kiss you~!"


"Well, at least we know who the wolf is in the forest and that he is means no harm!"

"And you're okay with this?"

"Um…si!" He covered his mouth with both hands to hide his small smile as Antonio came behind me and kissed my cheek.

"So, that is that!" Antonio grinned, ignoring the blush on my face.

"No, it is not! Feli, I have to take care of you, who-"

"Ludwig can watch me!"

"I am not letting that bastard potato sucker look after you like a lover of some kind."

"But we're dating!"

"You're DATING him now?" I lunged forward to strangle him but Antonio pulled be back and smiled.

"I'll take care of him, Feliciano"

"Thank you!" Feli stood and hugged both of us quickly, ignoring my attempts to go with him back to the village, and skipped away through the forest.


"But don't you like me? You didn't fight when I kissed you." Antonio pouted.

"I-I-I was surprised!"

"Come on, come live with me for a week. If you don't like it, I'll bring you back."

"…In that week you won't try to bite me?" Antonio shifted uncomfortably before nodding. "Fine…but only one week. Then I'm out of whatever shit hole you live in."

"Thank you, Lovi! You won't regret it!"


"Oh, I should warn you that I share the house with two other people."

"Don't tell me they are monsters too."

Antonio cringed at the term 'monster' but smiled, "Francis is a French Vampire while Gilbert is a Prussian demon."

"French…and German." I scoffed with distaste. I hated French people because they were all stupid wine-slurping perverts and Prussians because….well they were related to Germans! And it's pretty obvious why I hate Germans. Stupid potato eating-

"They're really great! We've been together for…20 years now? Not once have they gotten on my nerves or did anything that was mean." He grinned convincingly as I narrowed my eyes.

"How old are you?"

"Hm…in human years I guess around 23 but I've been a werewolf for about 15 years."

"So…38? Ew."

Antonio pouted dejectedly and started getting all up in my face, showing me he didn't have any wrinkles and that the werewolf years didn't really even count. After getting annoyed with this, I just told him to get his ass moving.

Antonio went slowly for our hike up the sloped forest trail. He kept pointing out butterflies and squirrels and deer that normally wouldn't be seen.

"If you become a werewolf, your sight would be so much better, and the sparkly sunlight would be ten times more beautiful." He sighed.

I sighed along with him and tried to imagine what the world must look like to him. Now that he was telling me this, I wonder how dull the world is to me. How many stars he can see. How bright it actually is at night.

"…Maybe if I do become a werewolf, I could paint the scenery." I whispered, dozing off.

"I'm sure it would be beautiful." Spain smiled and gently picked me up piggy-back style.

"Feli…..is…." I yawned, "Better."

My head rested onto his shoulder as my body relaxed to go to sleep.

"Well I didn't choose Feliciano, did I?" Was the last thing I heard before falling asleep completely.

When I awoke again, it was early morning. The sky was an orange-yellow and birds were just starting to chirp.

"I wonder if Francis and Gilbert are back from hunting…" Antonio muttered to himself, looking straight ahead.

"What are you talking about?"

Antonio jumped a bit but grinned.

"Good morning, Lovi."

"…Aren't I hurting your shoulder?"

"Hm? Why would you be hurting my shoulder?"

"Well, let's see, you did get shot by a fucking arrow!"

"Oh that! It's already healed~!"

My eyes widened. "Is that another fucking werewolf perk?"


I rolled my eyes at his indifference and yawned. " What time is it?"

"Maybe about…8 or 9?"

"You must've been far from home if we are still fucking walking."

"I can't lead anyone home, can I?" He chuckled.

We walked for maybe another hour before Antonio started sniffing the air. "No one is home yet."

"That's so creepy…"

"Hm~?" he craned his head back to me with a questioning stare.

"How you can just smell the air and tell…"Antonio laughed at me before jumping over a boulder, revealing a large white and golden house with an extremely girly yard. "What the hell?"

"Feliks decorated."


"Nevermind."He kicked open the door to the house and settled me on the couch. "Are you hungry yet?"

"No." I lied. My stomach growled loudly. Perfect, "Okay, maybe a little."

"I'll make you some pasta with tomatoes~."

"Thanks…I guess…not that I want your crappy food." I grumbled, crossing my arms.

Antonio laughed and mussed up my hair before entering the kitchen. This wasn't too bad…I suppose.

To pass time, I picked up a book and began to read. It was titled 'Aladdin'. The more I read, the more the character Aladdin reminded me of Antonio. He was kind…and kind of gruff. Jasmine's temper…kinda reminded me of myself. Fuck, I would imagine myself as the girl…

"Food! "Antonio set down a plate of steaming pasta in front of me. "Eat up~."

I took a reluctant bite and nearly melted. Where the hell did he get these amazing tomatoes? And this sauce is to die for! Oh god, the pasta was cooked to perfection….


"S' okay." I grumbled, taking another bite.

Antonio smiled and chattered endlessly about his friends and the life of a werewolf as I tried to continue eating. Eventually, about thirty minutes later, I finished and set the plate down.

"Why didn't you eat anything?"

"Hm~? I didn't really think about it…" Antonio looked at me slyly and grinned, "Of course, I really only eat this kind of food for the taste now….I only eat animals for real food….so…I guess I can just take the taste from your lips?"

My eyes widened and my head snapped toward him, "What the hell? Of course you can't, you bas-mmf?"Antonio slammed his lips into mine, quickly moving them so that my words would be silenced. I tried pulling back but he pressed me down against the couch so that it was impossible to move. His forearms held down my elbows so that I couldn't lift my arms and his hands cupped my face. It wasn't a BAD kiss but I couldn't just give in…

As if reading my thoughts, Antonio rubbed my cheek and pulled back, "Give in for once, Lovi. Please?"

He captured my lips with his own again but this time I shakily fisted my hands in the collar of his shirt and kissed back with my feeble kissing. To be honest, my first kiss was when he kissed me in the woods yesterday but of course, why the hell would I tell him that? He would just coo about it and get all fluffy damnit.

My thoughts were interrupted when his hips grounded down against mine. What the hell is he doing?

"I have…a confession." Antonio whispered huskily.


His lips touched my ear in a kiss before he whispered, "I'm in heat."My eyes widened to saucers as his lips trailed down my neck to my collar bone and his nimble fingers undid the string holding together the collar of my shirt. I gasped as he pulled the shirt off of me and smiled. "You're beautiful."

Then he leaned back down, his lips leaving a burning sensation as they trailed back up my throat and to my jawline. My fingers clenched in the soft fabric of the couch when his hands settled on my waist, rubbing slightly.

"A-Antonio." I whispered.

"Lovi." His lips met mine again


Antonio pulled away and looked up. His face broke out in a grin.

"Welcome home, Francis!"

My heart stopped as I glanced up at the two blondes and a white haired man.

"C-Chigiiii!" I screeched and shoved Antonio away. I grabbed the blanket hanging over the back of the couch and covered myself.

"Y-You idiot!" I yelled at Antonio before running away and up the stairs.

"L-Lovi!" I heard faintly behind me as the werewolf ran after me.

This started my life in this goddamn place.

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