So here I am once again, writing about Tyr and Kephlen. This is completely unrelated to my other story with those two; The Arena. It's more along the lines of a what if. Like what if Tyr and Kephlen went to a high school in the 21st century designed for mistborn and mistings. Or what if Vin and Elend were there. That kind of thing. Hmm I always feel like I'm forget- Oh yeah!


I am however, Dale Raar and thus I do own Kephlen and Tyr (The character not the Norse dude).

Also I wanted Vin to have a last name, so I gave her the name Vin Renoux like her fake noble name. But if anyone knows her actual last name (other than Venture T.T) please let me know.

Kephlen sighed, looking up at the sign above the building he was about to enter.

Mistborn Dorms

Kephlen didn't really want to come to this high school. It had a good reputation as a school, but a poor reputation for its student body. The Mallacorve Institute for the Specially Talented – or M.I.S.T. for short – taught both mistings and mistborn. However, it was notorious for the mistreatment of mistings. This was not the schools fault however, just the students.

The school was for all intents and purposes, an "equal opportunities" school. MIST even enrolled mistings often referred to as useless such as augers, aluminum gnats, and duralumin gnats and trained them as Hazekillers. So no, it was no fault of the school, but even so he didn't want to associate himself with prejudice people.

Kephlen mused as he burned pewter and carried all of his things inside at once, that the only reason he had attended was because it had been free due to the fact that he was one of the two strongest mistborn alive.

Elend Venture and Kephlen Rave were claimed as the two strongest mistborn alive due to both being created with larasium instead of via genetics like the rest of the world.

Kephlen signed in at the main desk getting his room key, and heading to room 443. When he got there the door was already open, he looked at the nametags above the door; Kephlen Rave and Tyr Odinson. He knocked and pushed the door open, entering into a suite room. Awed, Kephlen looked around wondering why the room – which was fully furnished and decorated already – was so large.

"It's because my parents are rich and you're a lara on a full-ride with spending money" Tyr said using the slang term for a mistborn formed with larasium. He walked over and offered his hand, "Hi, I'm Tyr. You must be Kephlen. I saw you looking at the room and guessed you were wondering about the size."

Kephlen nodded mutely while shaking Tyr's hand. "So I actually requested you as a roommate before all the snobs got to you."

"Oh?" Kephlen said neutrally, not really knowing what to think. "Why is that?"

"Because you practically destroyed a mistborn mistreating an auger." He stated. "You're gonna get a lot of flak for that, and I figured I'd save you from getting it from your roomie."

"Thank you." Kephlen said tentatively.

"No worries man. Oh your room is over there." Tyr said pointing to a door.

Kephlen walked over to the closed door opening it into a untouched room. It had the standard bed and desk that every student received but nothing else. I walked in, set all of his things down and cut off his pewter burn.

Kephlen spent the next ten minutes putting away his clothes and setting up his laptop and speakers. Tyr knocked opened the door and asked "Hey you wanna go grab some lunch? I can introduce you to my friends." Then he noticed the computer. "Hey, what OS do you run?"

"Just standard Macindows OS." Kephlen responded

"That's cool I run Ubuntux myself."

"Yeah I'm not really a computer person so I just got whatever."

"Cool. Anyway how about grabing a bite to eat?" Tyr asked again.

"Sure." Kephlen said standing from his desk and alking to the door.

As they were walking to the cafeteria, Tyr suddenly said "I gotta go to the bathroom, you go on ahead I'll meet you there."

Kephlen was about to reach the stairwell when some students walked up to him and asked him. "Hey are you that new lara?"

Kephlen noted that their uniforms designated them as sophomore mistborn. "Yes."

"Did you really beat another mistborn for hitting an auger without reason?"

"Yes." Kephlen said again.

The sophomores looked at each other and laughed. "I was looking for a fight anyway, I guess you'll do. Must have been high as fuck, standing up for mistings and shit."

"Is there a problem?" Tyr asked walking confidently down the hall.

One of the sophomores snarled whipping his head towards the other student, and then paling dramatically. "No, none at all, we were just leaving." As he grabbed the other student and ran down the hall.

Kephlen cocked his head quizzically. "I have a reputation." Tyr said and left it at that.

They walked into the cafeteria and Tyr immediately flagged down his friends. "This is Kephlen everyone, my roommate." All eleven of them proceeded to grab food and then sit down, idly chatting the whole time.

"Okay." Tyr said "From left to right. Thane Scriven, Garret Morris, Jill Weaver, Wade Brigham, Rebeka Thamina, Karen Dannel, Alice Merrit, Hadyn Radcliff, and Dexter Eldred. Thane is a coinshot, Garret is a thug, Jill is a Coppercloud, Wade is a seeker, Beky is a soother, Karen is a tineye, Alice is a rioter, Hadyn is a lurcher, and Dex is a seer. Dex, Hadyn, Wade, Garret, and Thane share a five person suite. Beky, Karen, and Alice have a three person suite, and Jill is in a single."

Kephlen nodded and said hi to each of them and then it hit him. They're all mistings.

"Vin and Elend usually join us but they have student council business today. They're both mistborn." Tyr continued

"Wait." Kephlen said "As in Vin Renoux and Elend Venture?"

"Yup." Tyr said. "Oh looks like they got off early."

Kephlen turned around to see Vin and Elend walking towards the table.

Okay… So like I said earlier, if anyone knows Vin's last name before she married Elend, please let me know.