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Kephlen panicked a little as Vin and Elend walked over to the table. He finally got ahold of his nerves just as they arrived.

"So you're the other lara?" Elend asked

Kephlen nodded mutely.

"Any trouble so far with other students?" Elend asked. He didn't say mistborn specifically, but the implied question was there.

"Not yet." Kephlen stated, earning a quizzical look from Tyr.

"That's good." Elend responded, as he sat down next to Kephlen.

Vin looked at Kephlen critically before asking him "What combat training do you have?" It wasn't a question so much as a 'I know you have a secret, now spill.'

It took him by surprise, Kephlen intentionally wore looser clothing to hide his defined muscles as well as walking in an intentional fashion that belied his extensive training. "Just what my mom taught me."

"Hmmm. Spar with me?" Vin asked


"No, after we eat. I have some free time and you should have anything. We can go as a group, it'll be fun. Pleeeeease?" Vin added seeing my skepticism.

Kephlen caved "I guess."


Elend looked at Kephlen with a small amount of pity, before going back to his lunch.

The thirteen of them made their way to the gym without incident. Kephlen and Tyr had run back to their room to grab gym clothes. Kephlen grabbed a pair of hand wraps on exiting the changing room and had his hands expertly wrapped in under 30 seconds. Much to the surprise of everyone but Vin.

Vin was wearing some short shorts and an sub armor tee shirt, Kephlen opted for sport shorts and a long sleeve sub armor shirt with a tee over top.

Vin took one look at him and said "Stop hiding."

Kephlen raised an eyebrow to which Vin responded with "NOW! You don't need to hide among friends."

Kephlen once again caved "Fine. But that doesn't mean I like it." And he took off both of his shirts.

Everyone but Vin (who expected this (but maybe not to this extent)) marveled at Kephlen's extremely well-toned body. All of the definition was there, and in all the right places. His muscles didn't show up because he was skinny, they showed up because he had muscles. Vin stated again "Don't hide among friends. Oh and while we're on the subject, start walking normally again."

"Yeah yeah okay. So pewter only?" Kephlen inquired

"Pewter only." Vin affirmed also nodding once.

Eleven people watched in awe as two people who looked relatively harmless in normal clothes, moved to the tops of their 'Do Not Fuck With' lists. Not that Vin wasn't already up there, but with this spar, Vin and Kephlen shot straight to the top. The match between the two didn't last long, all of three minutes. It ended with Vin winning by one point at the very end. When that happened, both Vin and Kephlen stopped as if by some unspoken agreement and nodded to each other and went to go shower.

Both Vin and Kephlen returned to the group at roughly the same time. Each being asked "What happened?" or "Why did you stop?"

Vin and Kephlen looked at each other and Kephlen nodded. Vin then proceeded to explain that, she had won but only just barely, and that they had both realized how the rest of the match would have played out (with Vin winning) and stopped there rather than acquiring all of the bruises and aches of finishing.

Then Vin looked at Kephlen "Krav maga, savate, muay thai, and judo?"

Kephlen nodded "As well as parkour, kenjutsu, and bojutsu. But I didn't use those this match. As for you; Akido, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, and kenpo."

Vin nodded "Also a modified saijutsu which I also didn't use."

Elend looked at them with awe "And you got all that from, what, three minutes of sparring?"

Vin and Kephlen nodded both unwrapping their hands and Kephlen putting on his shirt, while Jill said to the other girls "He's hot." Kephlen's face turned red, but not from the exertion of the match.

Everyone went their separate ways after that and Kephlen and Tyr said their goodbyes.

"Soooooo, you're a badass." Tyr stated

"I guess. I mean I've never had anyone to compare to, and there's no benchmark for it."

"There may not be a benchmark, but if there were, you would have passed it long ago."

"If you say so." Kephlen said, still not convinced.

Back in their room, Tyr crashed on one of the two bean bags in front of the TV. "You want to play some z-box?"

"Not particularly." Kephlen said "I never had a game system growing up and thus I'm not very good."

"Oh. Well that sucks." Tyr said starting it up.

Kephlen decided that he would just watch and lazed on the couch behind Tyr.

After a while Kephlen broke the silence "So you said your parents are rich?"

"Yeah they co-own a big multi-national corporation." He said, and followed it by swearing loudly as he died in his game. Sighing, he turned the system off and faced Kephlen. "What about your parents?"

"My dad was never really in the picture, and my mom-" Kephlen stopped mid-sentence "I'm honestly not sure what she does now that I think about it. All I know is that she travelled a lot, never talked about what she did or where she went, and we've never had money issues."

"Sounds like she's a spy or something." They both laughed and then Tyr realized, "Wait, you said your mom taught you martial arts…" And they both got really quiet.

"Nah it couldn't be." Kephlen said dismissing the idea.

Tyr looked at his watch "Holy crap it's almost 12:30 in the morning! Well I'm gonna head to bed."

"Yeah me too." Kephlen said before yawning.

And with that, the two of them went to their respective rooms and passed out.

For those of you wondering, the 'modified saijutsu' is just saijutsu with normal daggers instead of sai.