Author's Notes: Written for Louise Foxhall's Triptych Competition on the HPFC forum.

I give you a first line and a quote that you must include along with characters and a scenario that must be used. You write a literary triptych; one one-shot/drabble with your strongest suit first e.g. dialogue and use the word quote. Then you follow this by another one-shot, a description one this time, using the proferred first line and then you write a third incorporating the two. The dialogue one-shot must be ALL dialogue and the description ALL description with no speech. The third part of your triptych should be a mixture of the two.

So, this is an interesting literary exercise… enjoy!

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"Hi, Rab, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting…"

"Oh, don't be sorry, Andi. I'm glad that you gave me some time alone in your room, actually. As it happens, I found something very interesting…"


"Good fuck is he, Andi? Better than me?"

"What? Rab, what are you talking about?"

"Oh, don't even pretend with me, Andromeda! You must think I'm stupid – if you leave something like that around, how can you expect me not to find it?"

"I have no idea what you're on about! If you want to shout at me, then fine, go ahead, but you ought to at least tell me what you're angry at me for! As it is, you just sound like a raving idiot!"

"Well, I feel like a bloody idiot, as it happens! Finding out that my fiancée's been sleeping with some Mudblood for who bloody knows how long has that effect on me!"

"What? But Rab, I haven't…"

"Oh, no? You haven't been sleeping with a Mudblood? So this box of letters you've got under your bed from 'Ted Tonks', and the picture of you two snogging – that's not real, then?"

"I… where did you find that? What the hell were you doing searching around my room? Good God, Rab, I leave you alone for five minutes – do you really trust me that little, that you'd search my room like that?"

"I hardly think it matters, since apparently I was right not to trust you, you little – you little whore!"

"What did you just call me? You're calling me a whore? How dare you!"

"It's the truth!"

"Don't you ever call me that! I'm not a whore, and you know it! This isn't any of your business!"

"It is! We're engaged! It's my business if you're running around with someone else behind my back! And I care about you!"

"Well, obviously not, since you were snooping in my room! If you cared about me, you wouldn't have done that! And do you expect me to trust you after this? This is- this is an invasion of privacy!"

"You can't accuse me of invading your privacy! You can't accuse me of doing anything untrustworthy when you've been unfaithful to me! And good God, Andi, why the fuck are you keeping a box of pictures and letters? You have some nerve!"

"Oh, yes, I have heaps of nerve for daring to keep pictures or letters in my room. Did you even read the letters? For all you know, I might not have spoken to him in years!"

"I saw the dates on the letters! The last one is from just last week!"

"Did you read them, though?"

"I read enough! What, are you going to try to pretend that you're not actually being unfaithful? Don't expect me to believe that for a second – I saw some of those letters, and unless you write in some special code where 'sex' means 'a friendly conversation between acquaintances', you're going to have a damn hard time talking your way out of this. And that picture is rather conclusive evidence, I should think!"

"You don't know anything, Rab. You have no idea how things are between me and Ted!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, are you in love with him, Andi? Does that make everything all right? Oh, I'm ever so sorry if I offended your romantic sensibilities! I do hope I'm not getting in the way of true love – just because we've been promised to each other for years and you've always said you'll never love anyone as much as me…"

"That's not it, Rab."

"Oh, well, what is it then, pray tell, Andi? You know, you're right, I don't have any idea how things are between you two. Enlighten me – just how are things? What's so special about him that you'd give up your fiancé for him? He must be amazing–"



"Just forget it, Rab. Forget it. If you want to believe I'm unfaithful, then you go ahead and believe it. But maybe you'd want to read the letters properly before you decide to tell your parents what a whore I am."

"Andromeda, wait–"

"No. I'm going out. Don't expect me back soon."