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S.U.M.M.A.R.Y: When they turn 18, every human gets something called an 'Angel'. Well, guess what? It's Dame-Tsuna's 18th birthday~!

Tsunayoshi Sawada:


Gender: Male

Description: Short for his age group, normal skin color-healthy, young.

Personality: Seems very kind-hearted, our tests state that he may someday be a great leader, and will take care of all who work under him.

Son of Giotto Sawada, the head of the Vongola group.

That's what the paper read when I looked at it,

I stared at it, for some reason, I felt as though there were something wrong with it.

"Ah, young vongola, is there something wrong with your sheet? Would you like me to correct something for you?" the young man spoke from behind me, startled, I spun around to face him, he didn't look scary, actually he looked pretty nice.

"Ah, no..." I said, smiling gratefully at him, and slightly shaking my head, I was just scared, Dad said that when he first got his angel he was nervous , too. "No. Everything's fine, thank you for helping me out so much, Lambo!" I made a curt nod at the small stack of papers he had to help me sign, "I hope I haven't cause you any trouble."

The man smiled, he was 24 already, I felt like I dragged him away from his work. "It's no trouble at all," he smiled and place a hand on my head, ruffling my hair, but it didn't matter much to me, my hair was already messy, I just couldn't get rid of the spikes that always chose to erupt from my head.", besides, it get's me away from that sadistic man." he visibly shuddered, and I couldn't help but chuckle a little.

'That sadistic man.' was Lambo's lover, also my tutor, and he was very sadistic, I should know.

"Ah, Mr..." the women walked into the waiting room, looking down the list with uninterested eyes, "..Sawada." she lifted her head and her eyes landed on me, her gaze turned from apathetic, to apologetic, and I gulped, that never meant anything good.

"Ah, y-yes.." I managed to stutter out.

She gently walked over, placing a hand on my back and saying in a very kind and gentle voice, "Don't worry," she started to guide me to a door, the one she just walked out of, ", there's nothing to be afraid of, " she led me down a dark hallway, well it looked dark, the only thing illuminating it were the windows that lined the walls, finally when we came to a stop at a door, looking out the window beside it, it seemed to be some type of arena, ", Kyoya's a good kid, he really is."she opened the door, and I looked around to find two kids, who looked about my age, fighting, the dark haired one seemed to be winning.

"He's just not good at making friends..."

A blonde man, whom I recognized, walked out of the sidelines and into the arena, "Kyoya!" he yelled, but neither kid responded, the dark haired one too busy pummeling the other one, and the other one probably couldn't hear between the hits. "That's enough!"

The dark haired one looked up, glaring, then he raised what looked like a tonfa.

But, I remembered who the blonde man was, and I couldn't help myself. I ran and tackle-hugged him, "Dino-nii!"

"EH?" the man yelled as we fell to the ground, I still hugged him though, and it wasn't in my intentions to let go anytime soon. The man looked down at me, his eyes widening in realization, or so I'm guessing. "Ts-Tsuna?" he smiled and hugged me back when I nodded, "Little bro! I haven't seen you in what?"

"Four years," I said, standing up and giving him a hand up, "Where've you been?"

"Ah," he said, standing up and dusting himself off, "My dad had me do some work at his company, then he sent me here to help Lal, and Colenello." he smiled.

"Ah, Lal and Colenello work here, too?" I smiled, the two had sometimes helped Reborn out with my tortur- tutoring.

"Wait, Sawada- san, you know Dino?" the women who'd guided me here said, blinking, but not daring to step into the room.

"Ah, yeah, we used to play together when we were kids, our dad's are old friends!" I said smiling.

"Herbivores..." growled the dark haired boy, who I'm guessing is Kyoya. "I dislike crowding!" he said as a tonfa went flying and hit Dino in the head.

"Ah, sorry, Kyoya!" said Dino as he stood back up rubbing the spot where the object had hit. The boy in turn just clicked his tongue and turned away, but still wouldn't leave the room. "Ne, Tsuna, what are you here for anyway?"

"Today's my 18th birthday, nii-san." I said, not really surprised he forgot, I myself almost didn't remember. Lambo had to remind me.

"Eh!" He looked shocked, "Ah! I completely forgot! I'm so sorry Tsuna!" he said, grabbing my hand and starting to drag me out of the room, "Well, here let's go shopping? I'll buy you whatever you want!"

"Ah, but Dino-nii-" I began.

"Dino, Tsuna came because his father sent him to get his Angel, remember?" the dark haired woman smiled again,, unsurely.

"Ah! I'm sorry!" he smiled then turned to me, "Well, the sopping will have to wait." he then walke toward the women who just smiled, shook her head and handed him the clipboard she'd been carrying.

"Thanks, Ami-san." he said, absentmindedly flipping the pages and finally finding the page he was looking for, his eyes went wide as he read it, he then dropped the clipboard and walked over to me, grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the door again.

"Dino.." the women growled threateningly, blocking the exit.

Dino paled, but sighed in defeat, taking my hand again, he walked instead toward the dark haired boy, "Tsuna, meet Kyoya..."

I caught the taller boy's eyes with my own, so I smiled and nodded, he looked away and clicked his tongue.

"Kyoya's your angel from this moment on." he said, I could see a slight tear in his eye that he dabbed at with the sleeve of his green jacket.

"Herbivore! Why does it look like you're marrying off your daughter?" Kyoya growled, glaring at the blonde man.

"Because in a way I'm marrying off both of them!" he said, I felt my face flush, and saw a metal object go flying straight at his head, but this time I couldn't bring myself to feel sorry for him.

"Ow..." Dino whined from the seat on my right.

"You deserved it Dino-nii." I said, I refused to look at him, because if I did I would crumble, forgive him, and try to tend to his head wound.

So instead I opted to glare at nothing.

"Yare, yare, now how'd you manage to make him mad, Dino-san?" Lambo questioned from the passenger's seat.

I chose to start ignoring the two older males, and looked up to see what Kyoya was doing. "Ne, Kyoya?"

"What is it herbivore?" he said, but kept staring out at the passing buildings and cars. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the window, it was raining outside, I imagine the glass must've been cold, buit maybe that's why he placed his head there?

"Um...A-are you mad?" I stuttered, looking down at my lap, fiddling with my hands, I was afraid he'd yell at me.

"Hn, not really." he muttered. I felt relieved, though I didn't know why.

"W-well that's good." I answered, still staring at my lap.

"We're here." I heard our driver announce, I looked up to see my house. I wondered for a breaf moment if Hayato and Takeshi were home, and if so, were they outside in the rain again?

"Tsuna?" Dino questioned as I climbed out, I looked up to see him hold an umbrella,

I shook my head. "No thanks, I;m fine Dino-nii." I politely turned it down.

"Herbivores.." Growled Kyoya as we looked ahead to see he and Lambo standing and waiting for us.

"C'mon you two, hurry, before Reborn gets us." Lambo stated, before turning around and starting to walk again.

We followed salute.

"Tsuna!" greeted my father as we walked in the door. "So how'd it go?"

"I-it went fine!" I said politely, "W-we brought Dino back with us."

"Oh yeah, I heard from your father that you were doing some work for them over there." Dad said as he smiled.

"Yeah!" Dino smiled back nodding his head.

"Well, in any case it's nice to see you again, and you too, Lambo, it seems like Reborn's been keeping you locked away from the world." he smiled at the darker haired male, who just nodded back and smiled,

"We have a newcomer as well," he turned his eyes on Kyoya, "Mind introducing us?"

"Ah! Uh-um, Dad this is Kyoya! He-he's my angel!" I said gesturing toward said boy, then I switched and started to gesture toward my dad, "Kyoya, this is my father, head of the Vongola group, Sawada Giotto."

Dad smiled and shook Kyoya's hand, "Please take good care of my little Tsu-Tsu."

I felt my face flush and I glared at my father, "Dad!"

"Oh stop being so shy, you're not normally like this," he said, pouting with his arms folded, but then his face lit up, ", or could it be that you want to make a good impression on your little angel? Aw! How adorable!"

At this point I felt my face burn, I was pretty sure I was gonna stay like that.

"Giotto, you shouldn't tease the poor boy so much..." I heard a deep voice call from the hall, then entered a blonde man, his blue eyes seemed amused, "Really, you're going to stain his face red..."

"Uncle Alaude!" I yelled, running over ot give the man a hug. I honestly hadn't seen him in a little over a month and my heart was beating happily.

"Hello again, Tsunayoshi, I'm glad I could make it back for your birthday." he said, patting my head and ruffling my hair.

"Aw." my father whined from behind us, " How come he gets a hug even though I'm your dad and I don't?"

"Because," I stated, turning back and glaring at him.", Alaude's nice to me, plus he deserves one you don't!" and I stuck my tongue out to spite him.

Lambo, Dino, and my father all looked at eachother, "Well then," said Lambo with a smirk.", you know what that means!"

"Group hug!" The three yelled as they ran over and gave us a hug, much to my aggravation, and Alaude's amusement.

"You guys stink.." I said, crushed in the middle of the hug, but still smiling.

Then... I noticed something, there was one person left out of the hug, and it wouldn't be a full group hug unless everyone who was in the room that was called for a hug hugged eachother.

I pushed unwrapped one of my arms from around Alaude and pushed it back enough to make a space for for another body to fit in the gap. "Kyoya?" I said, still smiling, his gray eyes flicked toward me, only to narrow slightly.

"Herbivore?" he said impatiently.

"Come join the group hug!" I said as gently and happily as I could while still being crushed between four full grown men.

His eyes narrowed further, "Why would I do such a thing?"

I blinked, I didn't think much of it personally, so I forgot that most people didn't do it. "Uhm..."

He closed his eyes and put his head down sighing, he lifted his head back up, meeting eyes with me, I saw his eyes soften for a moment, as if thinking about it...

Then I heard the yelling coming from outside, then the door burst open only to show a drenched Hayato and laughing Takeshi.

" Ahahaha!" the dark haired boy laughed, "I didn't know it would get that bad out!"

"You idiot! You should've woken me as soon as it started getting bad! NO! As soon as it started raining!" Yelled the gray haired one.

"Ah, Hayato-" I started.

"Hmph...Herbivores..." huffed Kyoya as he walked slowly away, scowling.

"K-Kyoya!" I called quietly, the huddle of people around me suddenly broke and I almost started going after him but Dino grabbed my hand and shook his head no.

"Kyoya dislikes crowds," he said, smiling gently at me, as if to clam my uneasiness, but it didn't work, I felt my stomach twisting and for some odd reason I felt like it would be the worst thing in the world to upset him, ", give him a few minutes to familiarize himself with his surroundings, but this place is kind of old so after awhile, go find him, but definitely don't accuse him of being lost," Dino returned to his goofy smile," , you'll only manage to make him worse."

I smiled in a bit of understanding, so he just has a phobia of people? Well that's not really that bad. Unless he just hates people in general, then it's kind of bad. "Okay, thanks Dino-nii!"

I started to walk away, to walk toward Hayato and the rest, but then I heard Dino mutter under his breathe, " Although it is weird, he looked like he considered it for a second, when normally he would've bitten anyone who even suggested that to death...I wonder why when he looked at Tsuna, his eyes softened..."

I ignored it, I wondered what biting to death meant, but still, I ignored it, Dino-nii didn't want/ need me to hear it, so I shouldn't, right?

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