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Time/ Date: 8:22pm/ June 10th (JUUDAIME!) 2012

+- Haya = 59 -+

The idiot was currently coddling the tenth's Angel. Yup, nothing strange about that at all.

"So...how do you guys know eachother?" I asked, breaking the awkward silence.

They looked at me, then looked at eachother and smiled before letting go of the black haired boy who quickly walked to the opposite side of the room, Juudaime following closely behind.

"Well we were raised in the same facility." the baseball idiot laughed.

I raised and eyebrow, "What?" and Tsuna voiced my thoughts.

"Well, the place where we're taken care of, raised, and trained. It's similar to a human orphanage I guess." he stated with an awkward smile.

"Mhm..." Byakuran confirmed it, nodding his head, "When you're stuck in there forever you begin to make friends, and Kyo-chin was the youngest kid in our branch, so we felt kind of responsible for him."

"You didn't have to." said a very pissed off sounding man from the opposite side of the room.

+- Yama = 80 -+

"And Squ-chi was the oldest in our branch, with Byakuran being second." I said happily ignoring the glare that threatened my life.

"Ah." Byakuran said in a reminiscent tone, "I remember way back when I first got there, I gave Kyo-chin the little yellow bird I had."

"Oh yeah! I remember! What was it's name?"

"I think he and Squalo named it something like..." Byakuran got a thoughtful look.

"Wasn't it Hibird?"

"Oh yeah!"

"You know, we should get the others over here, they would probably remember it!" Byakuran recommended.

+- Haya = 59 -+

And with that the two stopped reminiscing, and instead got out there phones and started texting the others.

"Squalo said he'll be over in a little while."

"Bel and Jill said they'd catch a ride with Squalo, Chrome and Fran might be coming."

"Che." I clicked my tongue, "Might as well bring over the full Varia, hell tell Kyoko and that damned women to come over, too."

"You know what?" Juudaime said, brightening even more "We should! We should have everyone come over and have a movie night, just like we used to when we were kids, just now we have more people."


"Yeah that would actually be really fun!" Byakuran laughed.

"SO..." the baseball idiot scratched the back of his head, laughing awkwardly, "Who's room will it be?..."

We all looked at eachother.

"Not it!" Juudaime chirped.

"Not it!" the baseball idiot.

"Not it!" Byakuran.

"Dammit!" I cursed. "What about him?"

"Kyoya doesn't count 'cause he just got here and he doesn't know the game yet!" Tsuna quickly defended. "But Haya-nii's right, we can't use his old room, it's right beside G and Asari's!"

A visible silence flooded the room and everyone shuddered. Those damn old farts are the reason I was so eager to move into Takeshi's room!

"Then were will it be?" Byakuran rose an eyebrow, "Mine is beside Lambo and Reborn's, and Tsuna yours is beside Alaude and your father's..."

"We already ruled Kyo-chin out, so that's a no..." Yamamoto said.

'VROOI! Trash, you forgot to hang up again!' Squalo yelled from the phone 'And what about the attic? It's normally quiet up there... By the way, Xanxus says hi to Tsuna, and that he's coming.'

"Tell Xanxan I said 'Hi' back!" Tsuna yelled.

"Haha! Thanks Squalo! See you in a little bit! Bye!" Yamamoto said laughing as he hung up.

+- YamaGoku/ TakeHaya/ 8059 -+

(Third person.)

"Alright!" The little brown haired boy chirped happily, grabbing his phone and dragging Kyoya with him towards the door "I'll Kyoko and Haru! Ryo-nii will probably pick up Chikusa and Ken-kun.!"

"Alright, then I'll start preparing the attic since I lost anyway." Hayato sighed.

"Yosh! I'll help!"

"Who said you had a choice baseball nut?"

"What should I do then?" Byakuran asked.

"Go check on Mukuro, give him his medicine, then go get snacks!" Tsuna replied before walking out of the kitchen and dragging Kyoya down the hall with him while texting the two girls.

"You seem to have a colorful past." Tsuna said when they were far enough away.

"I could say the same to you." Kyoya stated, smirking.

"You don't know the half of it." Tsuna chuckled, putting his phone away, and dragging Kyoya down a hall and toward the room the boy was now supposed to be staying in. "But in his defense neither do I..." he thought bitterly. "This is now your room."

Hibari switched on the light, taking in the purple and orange room.

Tsuna whistled, "They did the same thing to Haya and Take-nii's room." he skipped into the room, looking around and spotting his shoes where they usually were in his room, with a two pair that were bigger, "I wonder.." he went to the closet, throwing the doors open and seeing all his clothes pushed to oneside, with a few purple ones on the other side. "Yup, they moved pretty much all of my stuff."

He looked at some of purple stuff and got an idea, "Hey Kyoya, c'mere!"

Said boy raised an eyebrow, but did as told. Tsuna took out a purple shirt that read "Kamikorusu" in kanji, and gave him a pair of white and purple sneakers then started pushing him toward the bathroom, "Change into these!"

Kyoya sighed and did as told, when he came out, he was wearing the sneakers and shirt with his old black pants. "Herbivore, is there a meaning to why you made me change?"

"Well, your old clothes looked ragged, and you look better like this!" He said smiling.

Kyoya sighed and shook his head, rubbing his temples, he was starting to get a headache. Tsuna recognized this from Alaude, and went to the dresser, the purple one to be exact, and looked in the first drawer, sure enough there was a lone pill bottle, and a glass of water on the top.

"Here take this.." he said, taking one of the pills and the glass of water and handing them to Kyoya.

"What is it?"


Kyoya sighed but once again did as told, then a feminine voice came over a small speaker in the ceiling that Kyoya hadn't noticed before. "Sawada-sama, everyones here, where shall I send them?"

"Ah-ah hold on!" Tsuna grabbed Hibari's hand and once again dragged him toward the front door, taking all the shortcuts this time.

Meanwhile, Hayato and Takeshi were currently carrying the TV up the stairs.

They walked into the room and set it down with a huff. "Welp! That's the last of it!" Yamamoto laughed, looking around at the room they set up.

There was a lone chair in the back left (From where they were standing) , and beside it on the floor was a pillow, that place was set up specifically for Xanxus and Squalo. On the right a two seater couch was set up more than likely for one of the couples, or the princes. Along the floor pillows were thrown everywhere, one for all of the guests, except Fran and Chrome who would more than likely go see Mukuro. But just in case they didn't they had a few pillows set to the side.

"Hey..." Hayato called, catching Takeshi's attention, not that it ever left the boy for very long but you know what I mean, "Thanks..."

Takeshi looked surprised for a second, before his face split into a grin, "It was no problem! It's what I'm here for!"

"N-no. Rea-Really, thanks a lot. I mean..." he used the end of his white shirt to wipe off some of the sweat on his chin, "If it weren't for you, I'm sure I never could've gotten the couch or the chairs up here, or the TV for that matter. So, thank you for helping, you did a great job."

"It's fine Hayato, really I'm happy to help." Takeshi gave Hayato one of 'those' smiles, those smiles that hid an emotion that Hayato couldn't quite identify, but it always made his stomach turn and his face flush. He remembered Asari always gave those smiles to his father when he was trying to calm him down, those smiles that hid something but he had no idea what it was!

"Ehhmm.." Hayato's face turned a cherry color and he started stuttering, "I-it's not like it matter's anyway! Wh-where's that marshmallow freak with those snacks?"

"I'm here, I'm here!" Byakuran said grinning, "Sorry if I'm a little late, I didn't want to interrupt your guys' moment."

"Wh-what moment?" the storm yelled.

"What ever you say..." Byakuran mocked. Setting down the seemingly endless supply of chips and candies he had.

"Hey guys, are we all good up here?" Tsuna said, Kyoya in tow as he drug the taller male up the steps.

"Yep!" Yamamoto replied happily. "Are Fran and Chrome here?"

"They went to go see Mukuro." He drug Kyoya into the room, and led the crowd as everyone walked in and grabbed a seat, the twin princes plopped onto the couch, Xanxus sat on the chair, as predicted, and Squalo sat on the floor beside him.

Kyoko and Haru stopped to talk with him beside the door as everyone else filed in and took their seats, Fuuta sitting between Lambo and Basil with Dino on the other side of Basil. (*)

"Tsuna-san finally got an angel!" Haru said happily as she reached over and gave him a quick hug.

"Y-yeah!" Tsuna replied happily returning the hug. When he let go he saw a scary looking Kyoko. "Eh-ehm H-Haru-N-nee-chan!" he swiftly moved to slightly push Kyoya infront of himself as a sort of shield, "Th-this is Kyoya, Kyoya this is Kyoko" he gestured toward the orange haired girl, "and her angel Haru" Haru gave him a friendly smile.

"Hello, Kyo-san! Haru is so happy to meet you! Please take care of Tsu-chan!" she chirped cheerfully.

Kyoko grabbed his hand before Haru could touch him, shaking it. "Forgive me if I'm being to forward, Kyoya-san, but are you by any chance related to Alaude-san?"

Kyoya nodded, "I'm his son." he stated blandly before yawning.

"I see." she smiled brightly, "Tsu-chan, can I talk to you for a bit?" she asked, a hint of warning in her voice.

"Y-yes!" he said quickly, then following his big sister figure out the door to stand in the hall.

She gave him a hug, then held him out by the shoulders "I approve!" she clasped her hands together and started semi-twirling. "Oh~! My little brother's growing up! I'm gonna be so old~!"

"E-excuse me, but approve of what?" Tsuna asked, scratching his cheek nervously.

"I approve of Hibari-san, of course!" she said cheerily, stopping her spinning and looking his way. "He's a perfect match for you!"

"Ahaha, I appreciate the thought Onee-chan, but it's not like it was a choice." Tsuna laughed when she gave him a pouty glare, then he looked at her and pulled a strand of her hair "I see your still so possessive."

"That's because it seems like everytime I like someone, they get taken away from me by one of my brothers... I mean look what happened with Hana, if that didn't hurt my pride..." she 'hmphed' and crossed her arms while scowling at a wall, before it faded into a grin and the two started laughing.

Tsuna threw his arms around her in a hug, and she did the same, "I missed big sis."

"Same here."

"Shall we go see the other two?" Tsuna asked, linking his arm with hers.

"Why of course! Plus if Kyoya's like Alaude, then he's holding himself back from trying to kill my little angel." She laughed and Tsuna pfft'd. He always envied how Kyoko could just say whatever she wanted to without feeling any shame, or if she did she hid it well.

Kyoko stopped for a second, looking thoughtful, before looking at Tsuna again and asking "Do you know what I meant by 'approve'?"

"Huh?" Tsuna looked back, before smiling nervously "I thought you meant you approved of me being around him, or him being my friend?.." he scratched the back of his head.

Kyoko 'tsk-ed' and shook her head, "Well you'll figure it out eventually..." she sighed, then started dragging him back into the room.


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