"Oh man oh man oh man oh man, so excited. So very excited. I didn't even have sugar yet and I can't stop Cake help oh man oh man I can't feel my face. Is that normal? I don't even"

Cake sat in the drawer called her bed, watching in amusement and worry for her human companion. Who was currently running around in circles, still in her pajamas.

"Um...Baby girl…I think you need to chill out, your birthday isn't until tomorrow" she yawned, rubbing the sleep from her eyes before beginning her stretching and grooming routine to start the day.

Fionna finally stopped in her tracks, then proceeded to jump up in down in excitement, "I know I know but this is the first year I'm going to celebrate a birthday with a boyfriend!"

Cake paused in mid lick of her tail, so that's what has her riled up.

"I wonder what he'll do? I know it's been…like a three days but still you know?" she stopped, wringing her hands together anxiously, unable to control the bundles of excitement in her body, giggling like the dork she is.

"To be honest I'm curious too, I don't know what that boy is thinking half the time…
he just looks angry" she shrugged, and resumed grooming her tail.

Fionna hopped over to her bed and pulled out clothes that smelled somewhat clean to slip on.

"I think it's cute, he's just trying to be a tough guy" she paused a moment to pull her shirt over her head, "He's really a big teddy bear I swear"

Cake stood up, her freshly groomed tail swayed behind her, and crossed her arms, glaring at the young girl who was busy humming softly to herself as she slipped on her skirt.

"That's easy for you to say, you weren't chased by a blazing inferno across Ooo" but Fionna just laughed, jumping into her shoes and readjusting her hat. She was officially ready to tackle the day and its challenges.

Cake shrugged, "In any case, let's go st-"

Like any feline, something out of the corner of her eye moved, immediately grabbing her attention. Outside the window behind Fionna was a finger, a single orange index finger with a small ball of fire at its very tip.

It was obvious who it was, and even more so that he wished to be unseen by the oblivious human. Who appeared to be in dream land anyway.

"uh….actually Fi, you go ahead and start breakfast I'll be there in a bit, do some laps maybe you'll calm down"

"Roger that!" she saluted, in a Candy Kingdom soldier fashion then stretched out her arms and ran off screaming," WHOOOOOOOOOOOO! BIRTHDAY!"

Cake waited until her companion was out of sight before rushing over to the window. The moment she pulled the old window up and open; a line of flames zipped over the window sill, down the wall then paused in the middle of the room before taking full form of a tall prince from a far away kingdom.

"Hey FP, we were just talking about yo-"

"I need your help cat" the Flame Prince pointed down at the feline, demanding, "It's an emergency but Fionna must not know"

"It's Cake" she grumbled.

"Yes yes fine whatever, I need your help" from a brooding, spoiled prince, his face and shoulders slumped into an awkward and ashamed boyfriend.

"I don't know what to get for her birthday tomorrow" he mumbled, scratching the back of his neck.

Cake slowly brought her paws up and placed them on her face, groaning, "Boy you have no idea how much trouble you are in"

"Actually I do, I've been outside for about two hours…you two sleep in really late"

She peaked over her claws, "….creeper"

He just shrugged; however, this brought light to another situation as Fionna was changing just moments ago.

"Wait…did you see anything?"

Immediately his face burned red, he brought his hands up in his defense, "N-nothing! I swear I didn't see anything!" he stammered.

Cake stepped forward with claws bared and eyes burning with over protection and death, "If you even THINK about lying to me boy…"

"I promise I looked away! I didn't see a thing!" he stepped back, unsure how to deal with the short feline who had every intention of ripping him to pieces.

Her eye's narrowed dangerously at him but huffed in the end, retracting her claws, "Fine then…what is it you want again?"

He blinked, "…you're scary…"

"Excuse me?"

He stiffened, silently keeping note to not piss off the cat in the future, "R-right well. I know she's expecting something epic but we've only been together for a few days I have no idea what to do!"

Cake stroked her chin in thought, "Uh…well…she likes….swords…"

He slapped his own face and growled in annoyance, "I already know that! She has tons of em!"

But Cake just shook her head and waved a finger at him, "Dude you could get her a hundred swords and she would love and use every single one of em…seriously, she has a counting system"

The Flame Prince stared at the cat before him, disappointed but beggers couldn't be choosers, "Fine…is there anything else?"

"Hm…." She stroked her chin with more ferocity than before as if it would kick start another bright idea, however when looking back at Fionna's recent interests, all she could do was look up and there it was.

"Well….she likes…you"

For the second time, he slapped his own face, "That doesn't help!" he growled, his patience wearing thin and unconsciously his body reacted, flaring out suddenly.

"AAACK!" Cake yelped jumping back just in time before getting her fur singed off.

"Cake are you ok?" Fionna called out from downstairs after hearing her friend yelp randomly.

Cake and the Flame Prince exchanged nervous glances; the two forgot that this was supposed to be a secret meeting. "Y-yeah I just…er…ran into something!" she laughed nervously before turning her attention back at the prince with a glare.

"Will you stop it with the burning?" she whispered harshly.

"I'm made of fire" he stated obviously, "…I can't just stop existing"

"Well maybe you should get her another fire proof robot suit so you two can go out on dates" she grumbled, brushing her stomach with the back of her paws, still feeling the warmth from the near barbequed experience.

"Yes well maybe you ca-" Then it happened. Like a strike of lightning. A brilliant idea from the Globs above to save him.

"That's it! Cake you're a genius!"

With that, he burst into flames and zipped out of the window leaving nothing behind but the smell of smoking wood, burnt fur and a very confused magical cat.

"Cake! You need to stop talking to yourself; you're getting too good at it"

Part 2 coming soon~