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Kurt's awakening on Saturday morning isn't the gentlest, but that's mostly because his father is standing over him and swearing like a sailor.

'Kurt!' Burt manages, when the stream of expletives finally stops. 'Just what is going on here?'

'Good morning, Mr. Hummel, sir.' Sebastian says, before Kurt can answer. 'I can explain, I promise.'

'Good.' Burt says shortly. 'Explain.'

'None of this is Kurt's fault.' Sebastian says quickly. 'I came over at about midnight last night, and it was too late for me to drive all the way back to Westerville, so he let me sleep here.'

'There were no… shenanigans?' Burt says, and the word really ought to be funny, but Kurt is too busy being horribly uncomfortable to laugh.

'None at all, Mr. Hummel.' Sebastian says, and Kurt inwardly marvels at his boyfriend's ability to be polite.

Oh god.

Sebastian is his boyfriend.

That's a terrifying thought.

'Why were you here in the middle of the night?' Kurt's dad just looks confused now.

'He's my boyfriend.' Kurt says, before he can stop himself.

'I wanted to surprise him.' Sebastian adds, with a slightly nervous laugh. 'It was my brother's idea, sir.'

'Wait, you two are like… going out?' Kurt finds his father's perplexed expression oddly gratifying. 'When did that happen?'

'Yesterday,' Kurt supplies. 'At Prom.'

Burt nods slowly. 'Get dressed. Come downstairs, Carole's making pancakes. We'll talk over breakfast.'

Kurt nods, relief surging through him as his father turns to leave.

'When you're both in here, I want the door to stay open, okay?' Burt calls over his shoulder, and Kurt replies with a muttered affirmative, blushing into his pillow.

'That went well.' Sebastian says cheerfully.

'that was awful.' Kurt groans. 'Breakfast is going to be horribly uncomfortable.'

'Last time a Congressman found me in bed with his son I was given five minutes to get dressed before being escorted from the premises by a security guard. Or ten.' Sebastian grins. 'So I'd say that was something of a success.'

'Do I even want to ask?' Kurt groans, extricating himself from the duvet.

'Probably not.' Sebastian laughs. 'Now, where did I put my trousers?'

'You can't just put your trousers on.' Kurt frowns. 'You need to change your underwear and your t-shirt too, probably.'

'I wasn't prepared enough to bring clean clothes.' Sebastian grimaces. 'It didn't even occur to me, actually.'

Kurt sighs, because he's got two options here, and one of them is just plain gross.

'Wait there.' Kurt tells Sebastian. 'I'll be back in a moment.'

Kurt rummages through the drawers in his dresser until he finds what he's looking for- one of the stretchy black tees he wears under his overalls when he helps out at the garage, and a pair of boxers.

He's not quite sure how he feels about Sebastian wearing his underwear.

'Here you go.' Kurt hands the clothes to Sebastian, who raises his eyebrows.

'Oh god, we're going to end up as one of those couples that argues over who hangs up first, aren't we?' Sebastian says, with mock distress.

'That's coming from you, who threw pebbles at my window last night.' Kurt laughs.

'It was Charlie's idea.' Sebastian protests. 'And you loved it.'

'It was adorable.' Kurt concedes. 'Now, take a shower and put some clothes on.' He points at his en suite bathroom. 'There are towels in there, and a spare toothbrush in the medicine cabinet.'

'What about you?' Sebastian asks, as he slides out of bed.

'I'll use the bathroom down the hall.' Kurt shrugs. 'I think it's best to keep you in here for as long as possible.'

'You worry too much, princess.' Sebastian laughs, but he makes his way to Kurt's bathroom anyway, stopping to kiss Kurt lightly on the cheek as he passes.


Kurt showers and cleans his teeth in the bathroom down the hall, washing the stickiness of sleep from his skin, and letting the warm water wake him up. Before he does his hair, he dresses in skinny jeans and one of his favourite Marc Jacob's shirts, because Sebastian has seen him in his pyjamas, and with morning hair to boot, and at this point it probably doesn't matter what he wears. Although that's not to say that Kurt doesn't look as fabulously fashionable as he always does, today he just has fewer layers.

'Looking good, princess.' Sebastian smirks, as Kurt re-enters the bedroom, fully dressed, and with perfectly coiffed hair.

'You don't look so bad yourself.' Kurt smiles, and tries not to look at the way the black t-shirt Sebastian is wearing is definitely too tight, because the lines of his six pack and abs are clearly defined, and Kurt swears he can almost see the tattoo on Sebastian's ribs.

'That's because I'm gorgeous.' Sebastian laughs, brushing damp hair from his eyes.

'Well, your good looks aren't going to help you win over my father.' Kurt sighs. 'Come on, we probably shouldn't keep him waiting.'

'Wait.' Sebastian says, catching Kurt's wrist as he turns to leave the room. 'C'mere.' Sebastian pulls Kurt to him, spinning him around so that their chests are pressed flush together, and, dropping Kurt's wrist, Sebastian reaches to tilt Kurt's face up the half inch it takes for them to be able to kiss.

Not for the last time, Kurt is surprised by how soft Sebastian's lips are, by how gentle his touches are, and Kurt wonders if Sebastian touches everyone like this, or if it's just Kurt. There's something in the way Sebastian's hands slide up under Kurt's shirt, something like hesitation, that makes Kurt think that Sebastian is a little more nervous about being in a relationship than he's letting on.

'Come on then.' Sebastian says, slipping a hand into Kurt's. 'No sense in putting this off any longer.'

When they arrive downstairs, fingers still locked together, Burt Hummel is sat at the kitchen table, with a mug of coffee and a frown.

'Sit down, boys.' Carole says, smiling. Kurt and Sebastian sit, finally letting go of one another's hands.

'Alright.' Burt sighs. 'What's going on here?'

'Sebastian is my boyfriend.' Kurt says.

'That I am.' Sebastian nods.

'Okay.' Burt nods. 'And do your family know about this, Sebastian?'

'My brother knows.' Sebastian shrugs. 'I haven't told my mom and dad yet. They're in France right now, and what with the time difference, there's not really been chance to tell them yet.'

'Okay.' Burt says again, and then he turns to Kurt. 'Are you gonna be happy, Kurt?'

'Yes.' Kurt nods.

'And you're sure this is what you want?'

'Absolutely.' Kurt doesn't think he's capable of answers consisting of more than one word.

'Alright then.' Burt sighs, and rubs his eyes, before fixing Sebastian with an intimidating glare. 'You look after my son, you hear me?'

'Believe me, sir, if I ever do anything to hurt Kurt, I will present myself to be killed in whatever way you see fit. But honestly, if I hurt him, I'm pretty sure he's capable of killing me himself.' Sebastian replies, with just a hint of his usual smirk.

'Glad to hear it.' Burt says, with a hint of a smile. 'I just want to lay out a few ground rules, okay?'

Kurt and Sebastian nod.

'Good. When you're alone in a room together, in my house, the door stays open. If Carole and I are away one night, and you two are going to be here alone, tell us so first. I expect you to be honest with me.' Burt pauses. 'That's all.'

'Yes, sir.' Sebastian nods. It's odd to hear Sebastian call someone sir, or, indeed, to address anyone with anything like respect. Luckily, the conversation is cut short by the arrival of pancakes before Sebastian can say anything too inappropriate.


After breakfast, during which Sebastian is uncharacteristically polite and charming, and Kurt is a little surprised at how well the other boy has slipped into the boyfriend role, the two head back up to Kurt's room, where, nervously, they change their relationship statuses, before promptly logging out so that they don't have to see their friends' reactions right away. The idea is a good one on principle, until Rachel and Mercedes start texting Kurt, demanding explanations, and Sebastian gets the same treatment from his fellow Warblers. In the end, they turn their phones off, with promises to explain things to their friends later.

They spend the day in Westerville, lying on Sebastian's ludicrously large bed, intermittently talking, kissing, and watching movies. Charlie joins them for an hour or two around lunchtime, bearing homemade toasted sandwiches, and, when Sebastian goes downstairs to get drinks, Charlie turns to Kurt.

'You took your time.' He says. 'Honestly. I've put up with weeks of Sebastian talking about you, and how wonderful you and your ass are. It was getting ridiculous.'

'Well I'm sorry for the inconvenience.' Kurt raises his eyebrows. 'But really, how was I supposed to know?'

'He serenaded you in front of your entire Glee club.' Charlie grimaces. 'What more did you want?'

'Something a little less ambiguous?' Kurt shrugs.

'Useless.' Charlie says, with a laugh. 'But I'm glad you two finally got your acts together.'

'Yeah.' Kurt agrees. 'So am I.'

'You look after him, okay?' Charlie says, fixing Kurt with a serious look. 'I know he's eighteen and he's going to college next year, but he's still my baby brother. Like I said before, you make him happy, Kurt. He was practically skipping when he came home last night and told me you were his boyfriend. Don't mess it up. Don't let him mess it up either.'

'I won't.' Kurt promises.

'Good.' Charlie nods. 'And I thought you might want this, because it'll save you an awkward conversation.' He hands Kurt a folded piece of paper. 'Seb won't give you it himself, but you should see it anyway.'

Confused, Kurt unfolds the paper. It takes him a moment or two to realise that these are medical test results. Sebastian's test results.

'I don't…' Kurt begins, and then, with a widening of his eyes he mutters 'oh.'

'He's completely clean.' Charlie shrugs. 'He gets checked once a month, I know 'cause I take him to the clinic. But I thought you might want to know.'

Kurt feels so intensely awkward he doesn't know what to say, but he manages a nod, and something that sounds like a thank-you, because he really is grateful to Charlie for this.

'Charlie, what are you doing to my boyfriend?' Sebastian asks, backing into the room, carrying a tray. 'Fuck, that sounds so weird coming out of my mouth.'

'You have come in your mouth?' Charlie grins, and Kurt rolls his eyes.

'You two are ridiculous.' He says, with an exasperate sigh.

'You love us.' Charlie winks, rolling off the bed.

'Careful there.' Sebastian says, slapping his brother upside the head.

'You really need to work on the whole possessive, doesn't play well with others thing, Seb.' Charlie laughs, poking his little brother in the ribs.

'Fuck off.' Sebastian says, with a charming smile. Charlie laughs some more, and saunters from the room.

On Friday, during Glee club, after a week of disapproving looks, snide remarks and general confusion regarding his relationship with Sebastian, Kurt receives a not-unpleasant surprise. He is sitting with Blaine, and things are a little awkward, but they're coping. Rachel is giving a nationals-themed pep talk, and only Finn is really listening. Kurt would be, but he had his NYADA audition yesterday, and he's internally freaking out, wondering how he did. He's nervous for Rachel too, because god, her audition went terribly, and even though what she managed was fantastic, there's a very, very real chance she won't get into NYADA.

Rachel's talk is cut short by the arrival of a smirking Sebastian, who drops Kurt a wink before turning to an outraged Rachel.

'As much as I hate to interrupt your little inspiring speech, I don't have forever, and this place really does smell.' Sebastian tells her, and Kurt can tell that he's trying not to laugh at the outraged expression on Rachel's face.

'So.' Sebastian says loudly, 'from what I gather, you all think Kurt is too good for me.' Sebastian pauses for a second, and Kurt meets his eyes. 'You're probably right.' He shrugs. 'But seeing as who he's in a relationship with is his choice, not yours, you should probably get over yourselves. I want Kurt to be happy. And I tend to get what I want. So, screw you all.' Sebastian smirks.

'Sebastian.' Blaine sighs. 'You're supposed to be being nice, remember?'

Kurt blinks confusedly, and looks between his boyfriend, and his ex-boyfriend, who are giving one another uneasy looks.

'Why are you even here?' Santana asks, before Kurt can ask what Sebastian and Blaine are doing.

'Hello, Satan. I'm here because Anderson invited me.' Sebastian shrugs, and Santana laughs at the nickname, while everybody else exchanges confused glances, or shoots accusatory looks at Blaine.

'I invited you here because you asked me to.' Blaine sighs.

'And doesn't it just make you feel wonderful about yourself?' Sebastian rolls his eyes. 'I believe I was promised a guitar?'

'Over there.' Blaine nods at an acoustic guitar, which Sebastian picks up with a smile.

'Wonderful.' He drags a chair forwards, and takes a seat. 'Just…' he pauses. 'Let this clear up any doubts you might have. And if it doesn't work, then I don't really care.' And, so saying, Sebastian begins to sing.

'Wherever you go

You know I'll be there

If you go far,

You know I'll be there

I'll go anywhere,

So I'll see you there,' he smirks at Kurt, who can't help but smile, because for someone who's never had a relationship, Sebastian is actually pretty good at being romantic, although Kurt suspects Charlie's involvement.

'You place the name

You know I'll be there

You name the time

You know I'll be there

I'll go anywhere

So I'll see you there,'

Sebastian is doing that thing, where he looks at Kurt and just smiles softly. It makes Kurt smile too, because Sebastian rarely looks genuinely happy.

'I don't care if you don't mind

I'll be there not far behind

I will dare

Keep in mind

I'll be there for you,' the band, who have an impressive repertoire, begin to join in, until Sebastian's guitar playing blends in with the playing of the band.

Where there's truth

You know I'll be there

Amongst the lies

You know I'll be there

I'll go anywhere

So I'll see you there

Sebastian sets down the guitar, but doesn't move from his seat. The members of the New Directions are looking around at one another, unsure as to what to do.

'I don't care if you don't mind

I'll be there not far behind

I will dare

Keep in mind

I'll be there for you

If you should fall

You know I'll be there

To catch the call

You know I'll be there

I'll go anywhere

So I'll see you there,' Sebastian is standing now, and his hands are moving. Kurt seems to have tunnel vision, he can't take his eyes off Sebastian, but it's okay, because Sebastian is staring right back, a smirk playing on his lips.

'I don't care if you don't mind

I'll be there not far behind

I will dare

Keep in mind

I don't care

I'll be there for you

I'll be there for you

I'll be there for you,' Sebastian finishes the song, still stood in the middle of the choir room, with all eyes on him, the tension is tangible.

And then Mercedes begins to clap, and, in a rush, the others all join in. all of them but Kurt, because he's too busy staring at Sebastian, and he's pretty sure that he's never been happier than he is right now, so he gets up, and practically runs to throw his arms around Sebastian, who laughs in his ear, but pulls him close just the same.

'Well, princess?' Sebastian murmurs.

'I've turned you soft.' Kurt mutters back, and Sebastian laughs again.

'So worth it.' Kurt can hear the smirk in Sebastian's voice as the taller boy turns his head to press a kiss to his lips, and the people arranged behind them break out into wolf-whistles, applause, and uncomfortable muttering, which mainly comes from Finn.

'Coffee?' Sebastian asks, when they move apart.

'Coffee.' Kurt nods, and they move to leave the room.

'You coming, Anderson?' Sebastian calls from the doorway, arm slung carelessly around Kurt's shoulders.

Kurt can tell, even without looking, that Blaine is looking a little confused, and a lot happy. Kurt's pretty happy too, because even though he's near certain that this is Sebastian making it perfectly clear that Kurt is his, he's glad they can be friends.



Later, when Kurt orders their drinks, his grande non-fat mocha and Sebastian's skinny vanilla latte roll off his tongue with ease, but he very nearly forgets Blaine's medium drip. He realises that it's been six weeks since he's had to order a coffee for Blaine. The thought doesn't bother him anymore.

When Kurt returns to their table, Sebastian entwines their fingers, perhaps a little more possessively than is necessary, but Kurt doesn't really mind, because six weeks ago, he'd never imagined anything like this.

Kurt smiles at the thought, and leans into Sebastian's shoulder.

Song used: Poprocks and Coke by Green Day

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