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It's a strong word, isn't it? He's pure evil.

He has nothing in his soul but darkness – so he's evil. But it's a double standard, really. After all, suicide comes from a place of pure darkness.

You'd never call them evil. They just need help, pastoral care. If you're 'evil' – you'll get locked away from society. There's no help for you.

And sure – some people are truly evil. Some people do have that sadism and cynicism everyone assumes evil comes with. But there are others, classed as evil, when it's just disassociation they want. When the society just isn't a fit.

That's why I play games. That's the satisfaction I get out of besting him – all of them, really. Because it feels amazing to win at something, for once in your sorry life. Parisian schools don't let you do that; but no-one cares about some dump in Ohio. You can get away with murder, sign the ground next to the corpse and it'll be a month before the police start trying to track you down. And if you're camping and walking the trail of the rabbit-proof fence… well.

I didn't want him – not really. I already have a dear friend with good benefits, anyway. No. It was for the thrill. To see how malleable private school boys are.

And they are. With that experiment to the side, it was so easy to take over in that stuff choir room. Because, if you think about it, people don't really want freedom, no matter how much they might bleat on about it. It's easy to take power, if you go about it right. People want to be managed.

And I'm more than happy to step in.


That's only half the fun. First, you get the majority support. Then you make enemies. That's what makes it fun, makes the odds level out slightly – but still, ever always, in your favour. Once you've manipulated people, changed them to bend to your will, there wont' be a revolution for a long time – after I'm gone – and that's just wasted opportunities.

Make enemies, and they'll actively try to overthrow you. And when you defeat them too, the end result is so much more satisfying. Because you know that you can overpower literally anyone.

They call me evil.

They call me cynical.

They try to isolate me.

But – I'm already isolated. And why should I care about what they think?

All you need to do is focus and care on one thing only.

Just the thrill of the chase.

The sun goes down

The stars come out

And all that counts

Is here and now

My universe will never be the same

I'm glad you came

I'm glad you came…

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