Author's Notes: Written for Drabble Tag on the HPFC forum.

Pairing: Pansy/Blaise
Prompt: Secret



"If I tell you a secret…" Blaise said slowly, eyeing Pansy over the Slytherin table, "will you promise not to tell?"

"That depends," she told him, not letting any sort of emotion except for a little bit of arrogance show in her voice. "I don't make any promises. There are some secrets that it's better to tell."

"If you were anyone else, Pansy, I would think that you meant secrets like 'I'm going to kill myself'. As is, I'm sure you mean secrets like 'Hermione Granger flunked her last Transfiguration exam."

Pansy flushed a little. "Are you calling me a gossip?"

"I most certainly am." Blaise sipped from his goblet of pumpkin juice, looking infuriatingly unruffled as Pansy fumed.

"I am not!"

"Don't lie to me or to yourself. It's pathetic."

"Don't you dare call me pathetic!" Pansy fumed. She took a deep breath, calming herself, then forced a smirk onto her face. "Well, what is it, then? What's this secret that you want to tell me?"

Blaise leaned over the table conspiratorially, glancing over both shoulders, then whispered,

"I think you could do a lot better than Malfoy."

Then he finished his pumpkin juice, stood, and left Pansy alone.