I'm not lost: Redux

A/N: So it has come to my attention that I may not have done justice to either story line so I intend to go back and do this story a bit differently. It will take place after the One Piece time skip but will begin well before the Fairy Tail time skip. To those of you who enjoyed the original I apologize but I hope you can find this new version just as enjoyable as the first.

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Zoro ran as fast as he could through the army of Marines, a trail of blood forming in the sand with each step he took as he rushed to his captain's aid.

"Stupid, Stupid, Stupid," Zoro cursed himself as he continued to run, cutting down any who stood in his path despite the life-threatening injuries he had already sustained in his fight with Dracule. "How could I have been so blind?"

More Marines jumped into the fray, no doubt trying to overwhelm him and claim fame for killing the man who had only moments ago acquired the title of World's Greatest Swordsman. Normally Zoro would have taken his time and toyed with them a bit before showing them just how poorly trained they were but today he paid their lifeless bodies no head as he made his way to Luffy.

None of this should have even happened. He had been so focused on his fight with Mihawk that he failed to recognize it for what it truly was. It wasn't until he stood in front of his defeated opponent that he realized his mistake. The World Government had been trying to separate the crew the whole time.

"Damn it! If I don't make it in time that shitty cook will never let me hear the end of it!"

Cutting his way through another mass of marines he made his way off the beach and headed towards the center of the island. He could hear Luffy's fight just over the next hill. As he reached the top he gazed upon the battle field.

Luffy and DoFlamingo were currently going at it, neither of them really landing a successful hit on the other, hundreds of Marines lay unconscious or dead having been knocked out by Luffy's attacks or killed by DoFlamingo's. The rest of them circled the two combatants trying to stay out of their way lest they wind up like their companions.

Looking around he noticed for the first time that despite all the Marines there were no Admirals among them.

"So the World Government decided to let the Shichibukai handle their problem have they?"

"Zoro," cried out voices from behind him. Turning around he saw Nami, Ussop and Brook running up the hill behind him.

"Where are the others?"

"They're already on the ship, Sanji was badly hurt and Chopper is treating him right now," said Ussop, a slight tremble in his voice as he took in his shipmate's wounds.

"Get on the ship and make sure Chopper is ready for Luffy and me," commanded Zoro

"No way," said Ussop, "I'm staying right here."

"Listen to me," demanded Zoro as he looked Ussop straight in the eye, "You'll be more useful on the guns, do you understand?"


"Good, now get out of here."

Ussop turned and headed off in a direction that Zoro assumed the ship was located while Nami stood there biting her lip unsure of what to do.

"What are you waiting for," questioned Zoro sending her a curious look.

"If you don't make it back I'll," started Nami.

"You'll what?"

"I'll fine you a hundred million beri," she finished before she too turned and ran towards the Sunny Go leaving Brook and himself alone on the hill.

"Hmph," grunted Zoro as he watched her retreating figure, "Witch." Turning his gaze towards Brook he asked the Skeleton, "So why are you still here?"

"Yo-ho-ho," laughed the skeleton merrily as he gazed over the battlefield with his fellow swordsman, "Don't worry Zoro, I'm not afraid to die."

Smiling at the joke that he knew was coming he asked, "And why is that?"

"Because I'm already dead," replied the skeleton, "Skull joke! Yo-ho-ho!"

Taking the black bandana from around his arm he tied it snugly around his head, bringing a dark shadow over his eyes giving his already intimidating aura a more sinister look. He placed Wado in his mouth before drawing Sushui and Sandai Kitetsu from their sheaths.

"I think it's high time we joined the party don't you think Soul King?"

"It wouldn't be a party otherwise."

The two of them dashed down the hill at a breakneck pace cutting through the sea of bodies as they fought their way to Luffy. It didn't long for them to reach the clearing where Luffy fought against DoFlamingo, the Marines having scattered in all directions yelling about demons and Hell on Earth.

"Yo-Ho-Ho," laughed Brook as he sheathed his blade and stood beside Zoro observing the fight, "Should we help him?"

"No," said Zoro as the skeleton gave him what he supposed was a curious glance, "this is his fight, we're only here to make sure no one else interrupts."

His look of curiosity changed to one of knowing as he steeled himself and kept a watchful eye-socket on the fight.

On another part of the island a busty pink haired woman dressed in a tank top, daisy dukes and suspenders crawled her way through the forest. She had just spent the last two years imprisoned by those old geezers who forced her to use her powers to keep them young. She was in the process of being transported to the World Nobles when the ship she was being held on and the fleet escorting it had been commandeered by DoFlamingo and Trafalgar Law and the crews forced to fight the Straw-Hats.

"The Straw Hats," she swore, "It's their entire fault I was captured in the first place. I'll make them pay. Especially that green-haired idiot."

A loud grumbling interrupted her as she clutched at her stomach, "But first, I need to find something to eat."

On the other side of the globe a large imposing figure stood among a battle-field of its very own as rain beat down on his robotic body. Bodies of defeated pirates lay strewn about as buildings crumbled in the background.

"Y-you soulless monster," said the defeated Captain as he gazed up at the former man known as Bartholomew Kuma reached down and grabbed the man in one of large paw like hands. Bringing the other one back he prepared for the finishing blow."

"D-damn you to Hell," spat the captain.

In a blur of motion he made the final strike to end the pirate's life only to stop a fraction of an inch short as its lifeless eyes flickered with light.

"Roronoa Zoro has defeated Dracule Mihawk," he said in a cold metallic monotone devoid of any emotion. "It is time to collect on the bargain."

Dropping the pirate back to the ground he vanished.

"Damn you," shouted the captain to the sky as he collapsed into the mud, "Get back here and finish me you coward."

Zoro's fingers drummed the hilts of his blades as he watched Luffy's fight with growing impatience as the fight went back and forth with there being no definitive victor in sight. Then it happened, Luffy landed a devastating blow that sent the frivolously clad warlord reeling and that's when the captain of the Straw Hats really tore into him as his arms became a blur of motion as they hammered the foe into submission.

"Gomu-Gomu no," began Luffy as he pumped his arm with air and coated his fist in haki in preparation for the final blow, "Elephant Rifle!"

The force of Luffy's fist impacting the warlord shattered the Earth around him as his oversized fist left a sizeable crater in the surface of the island. A great cloud of dust surrounded the two combatants obscuring Zoro's vision.

He knew there was no way that anyone could stand after being assaulted like that but he couldn't stop him-self from scanning the cloud of dust frantically for any signs of his captain.

A feeling of relief washed over him as he saw the familiar form of the straw hat on top of Luffy's head as the dust started to settle. But that feeling of relief soon turned to one of dread as he saw the tip of a blade piercing through his chest. At the other end of the sword where DoFlamingo's body was supposed to be stood the Surgeon of Death, Trafalgar Law. It was only now that Zoro looked around and saw that the entire battlefield appeared to be encased in a strange bubble. Law had used his ability to switch with DoFlamingo.

"Law," shouted Zoro as he charged the warlord.

He was upon him in an instant, the sound of steel on steel reverberating as their blades met for the first time.

"Hello Roronoa," greeted Law nonchalantly with a creepy grin.

"You'll pay for that."

The warlord continued to smile as he struggled against Zoro's strength despite the latter being heavily wounded.

"You really shouldn't be so concerned with me Zoro," said Law, "He's not quite dead you know if you hurry you could save his life."

"Brook, get Luffy to Chopper now!"

Using his unnatural speed the skeleton zipped in and grabbed Luffy's body and hurried off toward's the Sunny at speed's Zoro had never seen before.

"And what about yourself Mr. Pirate Hunter," said Law with an amused tone.

Zoro replied by swinging Kitetsu in his direction but Law simply dodged his now sluggish movements before distancing himself from him.

"You're pretty close to death's door yourself."

"Shut up and fight so I can kill you," said Zoro his voice dripping with malice.

"Settle down," said Law calmly as if he were doctor talking to a patient, "You're the world's greatest swordsman now. Don't you have any idea what that means?"

"What are you talking about?"

"If you surrender now I can patch you up and you can take Mihawk's place as one of the Warlords and most of your fellow crew mates can be pardoned."

"What do you mean most," questioned Zoro.

Law's grin only widened, "Well your captain will have to do die and so of course will that lovely archeologist of yours but all the others can go free. If you ask me it's a pretty good deal."

The only response he got was a projectile of air being sent his way.

"What a pity," said Law in mock disappointment before he charged Zoro and locked blades with him once more, "and we could have been such great friends too."

On top of the hill overlooking the battle Jewelry Bonney looked down at the two combatants with glee as she watched their battle escalate as the two of them darted back and forth stopping only to lock blades every now and again. She sat and waited for an opening to use her power and after that it would be over for both of the two fighters. They would either be too young or too old to hold their own against her and all she had to do was wait.

Elsewhere on the island Bartholomew Kuma held out a small Den den mushi in the palm of his hand as he received new orders.

"Trafalgar Law has become a liability," said a voice, "Eliminate the threat."

"Affirmative," answered the man turned robot as the short conversation came to an end.

Bonney readied her ability with glee as she prepared for her vengeance on a certain green-haired swordsman. Then the moment came that the two swordsmen locked blades once more and she cast her ability and watched as the two shrank before her very eyes. She started to make her way down the hill when all of a sudden the large figure of Bartholomew Kuma appeared before the two of them both arms posed to strike.

"No," she screamed as she saw her chance at vengeance disappear.

Something didn't seem quite right to Zoro. For one thing his clothes seemed to have gotten bigger in an instant and for another thing his swords seemed heavier than they should have been.

"What did you do," said Zoro as he turned to face Law only to find in his place a small child gripping his sword in his place. Zoro didn't have time to contemplate this sudden change as a large shadow now loomed over his head.

He looked up just in time to see Kuma bring both of his hands down before everthing went black.

As he started to come to he heard voices and feet scurrying around in a rush. Listening closely he was able to hear what they were saying, "Hey old man you gotta hurry, some kid just came crashing through the roof, he looks real bad."

As he tried to move his body he found he couldn't even force it to budge, no doubt a result of exhaustion and blood loss. Using the last of his energy he forced his one good eye open. He finally got a look at one of the people who had been scurrying around. He saw a short old man wearing the strangest hat he had ever seen standing under a ceiling that had an all too familiar paw shaped hole in it.

"D-damn you Kuma," was the last thing he managed to utter before finally succumbing to unconsciousness.

Chapter End

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