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"Just be careful out there bro, State West is usually huge!" Kendall slinked a bare arm around his tan friend's shoulders.

"Jeez Kendall, stop acting like my mami. I've played hockey before. I've only be doing in for what, 10 years?" Carlos grumbled, shaking his friends' arm off, resuming changing into his hockey gear.

"Yeah I know, but they are big and rough, you gotta watch yourself out there bud. I'm just sayin', be careful. You could get hurt." He patted Carlos' dark hair, reaching for his own hockey jersey.

"You could get hurt too! I'm not going out alone, why don't you tell everyone to be careful?" Carlos sulked, sick of being babied.

"Come on man, it's just cas' your... well you're little. You're the smallest in the team, and the youngest, we gotta protect you." Kendall smiled, not seeing how his friend was hurt by this.

"What's that got to do with anything? Someone has to be the youngest and smallest! It doesn't make me less of a player than everyone else!" Carlos cried, getting frustrated at his older friend.

"Buddy, State West has a certain game play. Their big players gang up on the oppositions little players, in this case, you. Their main focus will be to hurt you and take you out, they'll check you every chance they have. Plus, Darren is the captain of State West, you know he hates James and I."

"I can hold my own, thanks! I made this team didn't I? Jeez! And what does Darren hating you and James have to do with me?" Carlos slammed his locker shut, facing his taller friend angrily.

"I'm not saying you can't hold your own Carlitos, it'll just be harder and more dangerous for you, than the rest of the team." Kendall ruffled Carlos' hair earning an angry growl. "And about Darren, James and I, may or may not have gotten into a fight with him last week about this game, and somehow our ages were mentioned and he found out you were the youngest by a bit and I have this really, really strong feeling that he may have told his team that, and they'll gang up on you even more to get to James and I..." Kendall looked down sheepishly.

Carlos growled, spun around and stormed out of the locker rooms. Why did everyone treat him differently just because he was either the smallest or the youngest, or both! They either babied him like he has a 7 year old, or ganged up on him, trying to beat him down! He was so sick of it!

"Dude! No need to freak! Just looking out for you!" He heard Kendall yell after him, but didn't turn.

"Alright Team, they are going to be rough, but then, so are we. We've just got to keep cool, get our heads in the game and play smart!" Coach Rellings yelled in an encouraging voice while his boy's huddled around him.

The team cheered, pumping themselves up, seconds away from heading on the rink.

"So are you ready? Are you up to this?"

"Yes!" The team yelled simultaneously.

"Are you ready to WIN?"


"Then starting team, get out there and win!"

The guys cheered, the starting team making their way onto the ice.

"Carlos!" the coach called, grabbing a hold of his shoulder, "You're starting on the bench today mate, Craig will be taking your place for now."

"What? Why? I always start!" Carlos gasped confused and downtrodden.

"State West is just a little too rough for someone your size. They gang up on the smallest, which would be you. I don't want you to get hurt, or the other team member to get angry." Coach explained.

The explanation fuelled Carlos anger even more, but he kept it in check, "Will I be playing, sir? At all?"

"We'll see Carlos, maybe, it depends how rough the game is, and how we are doing. Sorry kid, it's not your fault or playing ability, you're a great player, you're just a little small."

"Yeah, like that's new." Carlos mumbled under his breath. "Thanks Coach." He said respectfully, before making his way to the beach, watching as the game got under way.

It was half way through the second period; the score was 2-1, State West in the lead. Carlos still hadn't been on, and guess who had scored his team's only goal: Kendall.

Suddenly, Jake was checked into the wall by two large State West's. He crumpled to the ground and didn't get back up.

Time was called, and Coach Rellings ran out onto the rink, kneeling beside his fallen player.

"Jake, what hurts?" He asked seriously.

"Ribs." Jake gasped, moaning in pain.

"Shit! Well you're out of this game." The first aid team, helped Jake of the ice and escorted him down to the locker rooms to assess his injuries.

"Get your replacement on the ice, so we can start the game." The ref commanded.

Coach walked to his bench, looking at each of his bench players intently. "Damn it!" he hissed, "Carlos, you're on. Be careful."

"Thanks Coach!" Carlos yelled graciously, before skating onto the ice. He saw the scared look pass through his three friend's eyes', Kendall's specifically.

The game was rough, Carlos must admit, he was being ganged up on. He's been repeatedly checked into the boards but the biggest teenager's he's ever seen. Though that didn't deter him.

He had the puck and was skating towards the goal. No one was open so he could pass, be he had an open shot. Go for it, he though. Swinging his stick back, he smacked the puck with all his might, sending it flying, and right into the goal.

Before he could celebrate, let alone get his balance again, the two biggest men on the State West team smashed into him, checking him into the boards harshly.

His tiny limp body, crumpled to the ground, two heavy bodies falling on top. He cried out in pain, his vision blurring.

"Carlos?" He heard a familiar voice murmur in the background. He yelped and whimpered in pain, as the two bigger boys pushed themselves off of him, none too gently.

"Carlos? Talk to me. What hurts?" Kendall's voice, maybe? Logan's? Coach's?

He tried to tell them, he really did, but when he opened his mouth a pathetic whine came out.

"Call an ambulance!" Defiantly Coach's voice.

"Hey Carlos, buddy, you're gonna be alright." Logan soothed, placing a hand on his.

"You scored buddy, a damn awesome goal if you ask me. Gotta chance to win now, you little champ." James softly patted his tan check.

"Bloody hell!" And there was Kendall. "Told you! Told you this would bloody happen! Coach should have kept you off! You're too damn little! Knew they were gonna hurt you, now look! God damn it!"

Carlos' heart sank. He was being treated differently, picked on, bullied, just because of his stature and age. Even worse, by his own friend. The leader of their group. Carlos let a lone tear fall, not from physical pain, but from emotional.

"I told him to be careful!" Kendall growled.

That was the last thing Carlos heard before he let himself slide into unconsciousness.

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