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"Family of Carlos Garcia?" A doctor with greying hair and glasses called out across the waiting area.

"Yes?" Mr Garcia stood up, followed by Logan, Kendall and James, who had only just arrived after finishing the hockey game.

"I would just like to have a brief talk with you about Carlos, before you may go in and see him. Follow me." The doctor led the four males down the hallway where they stopped outside room 402.

"How is he?" Mr Garcia asked worriedly.

"He's fine. Just woke up ten minutes ago and was asking for you and his friends. His injuries were easy to treat, and he should be able to leave whenever you are ready. He tour four ligaments in his right ankle, which is why he has been fitted with a moon boot and crutches. We have x-rayed his ankle, and it isn't broken but may be fractured, we'll have a specialist have a look at the x-rays and let you know as soon as possible. Though we don't think he has. He has a minor concussion which we have pain killers for him to take every 6 hours." The doctor handed the small box of pills over.

"His rib are bruised, but only lightly, I advice he rests in bed for a couple of days, as using his crutches too much will put strain on them. He came in with blood with coming from his mouth, but not to worry, he split the inside of his cheek open, is all. The bleeding stopped quite quickly and will heal in a week or two. Other than those minor injuries, he is fine. He will need to be in the moon boot for 4 – 8 weeks and in a week I would suggest he starts going to the physio. He should be out of crutches in 2 – 3 weeks. You may now go see him, and then fill out the paper work to take him home."

"Thank you doctor." Mr Garcia said graciously, and led the three teenagers into the room.

"Papi!" Carlos called as he saw his father enter the room, followed by his three friends.

"Hey mijo, how are you feeling?"

"Fine, a little sore, but I got crutches!" Carlos smiled, looking at his friends, but his smile faded when he saw Kendall, he quickly looked away. "Did we win?" He asked, changing the subject quickly.

"Yeah bud, 4-3. Logan and I scored a goal each as well. All four of us." James said excitedly.

"Woah! Really? Good work guys. I hope coach is happy!" Carlos smiled up at his tallest friend.

"Yeah well he's not too happy that we've lost two team members for a couple weeks." Kendall growled.

Everyone fell silent again.

"I'm just going to fill out the forms so we can take you home, mijo. I'll leave you four alone." With that, Mr Garcia left the four friends in the small hospital room.

"So..." Logan squeaked awkwardly.

"Kendall, why are you mad at me?" Carlos asked innocently, big chocolate eyes, wide.

"I'm not angry." He groaned.

"Yeah you are." Carlos' eyes teared up but he refused to let them fall. "When I got hurt, Logan and James were comforting me. What were you doing? Yelling and swearing at me! You yelling: 'I told him to be careful!' was the last thing I heard before I blacked out! It wasn't; 'you'll be ok, bud.' Or 'Good work, you're so brave.' No! It was you yelling!"

"Carlos." Kendall signed.

"No Kendall, I was angry at you because of what you said to me in the locker rooms. You know I'm sensitive about my height! And there you were bullying me about it!"

"I wasn't bullying you!" Kendall gasped.

"You were excluding me, treating me different because on my height. That's a form of bullying!" Carlos cried.

"I-I'm sorry. I just didn't want this to happen." Kendall deflated.

"No one wanted this to happen. I didn't either. But I didn't want to be left out and treated differently to prevent it. I'm not glass, I won't shatter. Just cas' I'm small doesn't mean I'm not tough."

"Carlos, buddy, I'm so sorry. I just – I – I don't know. I wanted to protect you." Kendal stuttered, walking to sit by Carlos.

"It's alright Kenny, I forgive you. Just next time protect me while I'm on the ice, don't keep me of it. And I'm sorry too; I shouldn't have gotten mad at you." Carlos looked up into green eyes.

"I forgive you. And I promise not to do that again." Kendall pulled his smallest friend into a hug, holding tight.

"Cute." James laughed with Logan, before they too joined in on the hug.


"Yes?" All the boys yelled, jumping out of the hug acting as if they weren't just having a chick flick moment.

"We can leave now." Mr Garcia laughed.

"Sweet!" Carlos sang, slowing swinging his leg off the side of the bed.

"Here." Carlos looked up to see Kendall handing him his crutches.

"Thanks." Carlos took his crutches and slowly made his way to the car. His friends watching him like hawks all the way.

"Do you need help to get in the car?" Kendall asked as they reached the red seven seater.

"Kendall! What did we just say about babying?" Carlos growled, dark look in his eyes.

"Oh! I'm sorry! It's just natural!" Kendall hurried.

Carlos laughed and smiled, "just messing with you bro, yeah I would love some help. My ribs hurt so badly."

Kendall signed, smiled, and helped his friend into the car, not before giving Carlos a warm hug.

"Oh, this is so going on facebook." James laughed.

Kendall whipped around to see James holding his phone up, obviously capturing the hug in a photo. "Oh no you don't!"

James screamed and ran as Kendall chased him, all the while trying to post the photo on facebook.

"What should the tag say?" James gasped, "'Coming out to the world!' or 'forgive and faggot!'"

"I'm going to kill you!"

"Hey buddy." Logan sat beside Carlos, out of the stupid friends' way.

"Hey." Carlos giggled.

"Don't worry about anything okay? If it makes it any better, Kendall cornered me and said exactly what he said to you to me. Yeah, it's frustrating being treated differently or babied because your short but, its shows they care. He ever cornered James and told him to be careful and watch out for Darren. So you not alone, it's just how Kendall is."

"Oh." Carlos looked down, "Now I felt kinda bad."

"Don't worry, I think he has forgotten. He's angrier at James now." Logan looked over to see Kendall and James clawing at each other on the ground, fighting over the phone.

"Yeah. Everything's good."

"Not everything." Logan smirked evilly, Carlos looked at him confused, "Kendall after the wrong phone, I've got the photo!" Logan laughed showing Carlos the small photo of them hugging, "Now what was the tag going to say? 'Get a room!' or 'newly wed'?"


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