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Spain smirked happily at a now bound, blindfolded and gagged England. He had finally found a way to capture little Britain. Sweet little England.

*le flash back*

Spain quietly steered his now very few ships into London's port. This had to work. His people needed this win. He needed his win.

The plan was to come into London's port and burn down the whole city while they slept. If they completed that they would steal every single treasure that England stole from his ships. If god was on their side he could finally take back what was his.

He and his men walked in small packs of two to four men and they quietly placed oil on ever flammable thing they could see. He smirked at the idea of England capitals going into flames like so many of his ports.

That Francis drake Basterd set some old ships on fire and rammed them into his ports and trading routes that his people needed. Even after the basterd had taken all of his gold and food he still came back to steal form his.

Spain smirked as he smelt the oil and he looked at a palace, which was no doubt the queens, and pointed at it.

"That is the first building we steal from" He declared in a hushed tone.

He eyes darkened. A sadistic smile spread across his face as he walked to the palace with a torch in hand.

Oh revenge was sweet.

"Okay men when I give the signal I want all hell to break loose" Spain said with a sadistic smirk on his face. He could taste little Britain's blood on his blade all ready.

When he let his torch drop into a pile of haw and watched as the flames travelled up into the walls and he heard a woman scream. The crew, taking the signal, threw there torches into house's and granary's.

He heard the cries of men, woman and children and we walked to the palace. He easily climbed over the wall and landed skilfully on his feet.

He saw a window with a pale face, forest green eyes and a look of pure fear. He knew instantly that the face he was looking at was England's.

He ran into the palace and was stopped by several guards. He smirked at them and toke out his battle axe. This was too easy.

He raised his axe high above his head and brought it down on the guard's head. He put his left foot on the guard's head and pulled his axe out of the guard's head. After he pulled the axe out of the guard's a fountain of blood sprouted from the guards head. He looked at the other guard's and he smirked.

"You'd better run before the boggy man gets you~" he said in an insane sing song voice.

The guard's ran off and he looked at himself in a mirror. Crazed greens eyes, sadistic smirk and spots of blood on his face.

He truly had become an animal. He looked at his axe and licked it clean of his enemy's blood.

He told his men to spill up and fined all of their lost treasures while he turned into the direction of the sleeping quarters for royalty.

Has he walked he halted. There was bloody Marys grave. Covered in blood as a sign she was to be banished from the kingdom of heaven and to be imprisoned in the prison of hell. The crazy glint in his eyes disappeared as he gave Mary's grave a look of pity; she was just poor tortured soul. He looked around to make sure no one was watching as he moved closer to Mary's grave.

He picked up a nearby bucket filled with water and poured it on her grave, scrubbing it clean, cleaning her image. He even got rid of the moss that was on her grave and read the tombstone message aloud.

'My dear king Philip. Even through death I'm still in love with you. I long for the nights where we would talk until the sun rose. I wish for the many nights of dancing. But I know you will never go to where I am going so here are my last world to my beloved people and husband. May god watch over you all and guide you to the kingdom of heaven'.

"Oh Mary" he said in a quiet voice. He picked some wild roses and placed them on her grave.

He walked away from the graveyard and the crazed look in his eyes returned. He dragged his axe against the ground to alert the guard's that he was coming. He kept walking and he saw the first door. He kicked that door down and searched the room for anyone. He moved to the second room and kicked that door down. He heard faint sobbing in the closet he moved closer to the closet and opened the doors to see to maids crying. He rolled his eyes and closed the door and left the room. He looked at the last room and smirked at it. He opened the door quietly and saw little England fake sleeping.

He landed next to England and wrapped his arms around the small blonde. He ignored the surprised gasp and started breathing down the blonde's neck. Britain tried to hide his moans and whimpers by burying his face in the pillow but Spain still heard them.

Deciding he had enough rest he tore the covers off England's bed. England gasped and covered his clothed body. Spain smirked at England; little England having the looks of a 14 year old, his body looked so pure. The thin cotton night dress covered England up to his knee and it flowed over his hands. It made his look like a cute little chibi.

Spain picked up the vase that was next to England bed and smashed it against the blonds head. Spain caught England and put him in a sakc along with some treasure and ran away from the city to the ships and his crew. As he ran his heart was bumping , his ears where ringing and he loved it. He heard England sleeping soundly in the sack and he smirked as he thought of ways to punish the little brat.