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It was Christmas Eve – their first Christmas together – and Danielle curled up on the couch before the fire. Sensing a new arrival, she turned to find her husband standing nearby.

Henry was strangely nervous as he brought fought a rectangular present, simply wrapped. "Um, Merry Christmas," he offered.

She wondered at his awkwardness, but nevertheless sat upright, a grin on her face as she took the proferred gift. "You got me a book?"

"Yes," confirmed Henry, quickly taking a seat beside her.

She turned her gaze from him as the brown paper fell away. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked at just what book her husband had given her. "You bought me Utopia."

Henry fell down on his knees before her. Looking into his wife's face, he struggled to discern her reaction. "Is this okay?" He had wanted to give her this ever since he had heard the story of how her father's copy had been burnt to cinders by her vengeful stepsister.

There were tears in her eyes as Danielle raised her head, clutching the book to her chest. "I... I... Thank you," she finally managed.

Relief coursed through his veins and he was ill-prepared for when she leaped toward him, surrounding him in a fierce hug. He recovered swiftly, their lips meeting as if made for each other.

Their presence would be required soon enough, but for now it was just Henry and Danielle, a couple in love.