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Yet another day was starting.

The darkness slowly disappeared as the sun emerged from behind the small hills. The sunlight barely made it to the tallest window of the mansion that stood right beside a dense forest. Every day the mansion was quiet and solemn, making it hard to tell if anyone was even living there anymore. But today was different. The tallest window burst open just as a few birds passed by chirping happily.

"Crap..." a female voice whispered angrily.

A hand emerged from the window and reached out to stop the window from hitting the wall and make any more noise. After a while, a black-haired girl peeked out of the window and looked all around her, making sure there was no one around. Her blue eyes darted from one side to another of the ground beneath her and then back at the room she was in. No one in sight.

"All clear..." she whispered to no one in particular.

She went back into the room and returned with a long rope made of tangled sheets, throwing it out the window. The rope was long enough for her to reach the floor without having to jump.

"Yes!" she whispered again, pleased with her success as she kneeled on the open window.

Once she landed on firm ground, she looked up at the rope. Well, there was no point on getting rid of it; they would realize she was gone and if there was no rope they could think she had been kidnapped, and that would make a huge and messy ruckus. She turned on the same spot towards the sun and stretched. Finally, freedom!

"Let's see..." she said, reaching to her pocket and taking out a small folded newspaper page.

"Kaiba Land open for invited children today!" was the title of the news. She was no kid anymore and she sure as hell wasn't invited, but that didn't stop her from wanting to go. It had been a long time since she had gone anywhere at all. She looked up with a big smile and started walking towards the small road in front of the mansion.

"World, here I come!" she said confidently.

Kizuna Kiryuu was the name of that young girl. She had lived in that mansion for about 6 or 7 years now, and in all those years, she could count the number of times she had gotten out of the house with permission with her fingers. With the fingers of one hand, to be precise. She was what could be called "a prisoner in her own house". Not allowed to go out, Kizuna was forced to keep up with what was going on in the world via newspaper or television, and could never visit all the great places she saw. It was a boring repetitive routine for her in that house; the days were so predictably dull it was as if she was trapped in a Groundhog Day loop. They really didn't leave her much choice besides sneaking out to "escape" her home prison on a daily basis. She was usually caught relatively fast though, much to her dismay…

But today… today was going to be different! She could feel it.

Kizuna blinked wide-eyed at the huge building in front of her, labeled as "Kaiba Land".

"Waa" she let out in amazement, squeezing the folded paper in her hands into a small ball.

There were some kids who were looking at her confused and others had their eyebrows raised, but she didn't even seem to notice. Well, who could blame them? Kizuna was quite obviously not a kid, so she wouldn't be allowed in for free, as was the case with the children. Yet, she was behaving much like one, staring in awe at the building. Well, who could blame her? The last time she had gone to an amusement park she was 7. Kizuna could swear a part of her childhood was missing due to that…

Kizuna observed the building and took a few steps back.

"So this is what nii has been working on…" she muttered to herself.

Just as she was about to turn around, she stared at the ground. It was shaking as if there was a stampede approaching. Slightly concerned, Kizuna turned around and discovered it was indeed a stampede – of children.

The kids around her were all running towards the entrance, screaming in excitement like fangirls about to gang up on some random movie star. Kizuna had to lean on the wall so she wouldn't be dragged along, squeaking lightly as she braced herself with a huge sweat-drop.

Once the crowd was away from her, she felt it was okay to leave the safety of the wall and look around to see the reason behind all the commotion; she then noticed a tall boy with brown hair and a long robe walking amongst the kids. The kids looked pleased and ecstatic to see him, so he was obviously the person they had all ran up to see.

"Ah, Kaiba-sama!" "He's a gaming genius! Our hero!" they said.

Kizuna's eyes widened in understanding. "Oh so he's Kaiba... the one who created this amusement park," she thought.

Even though she had heard about him quite often and was just now hoping to visit his amusement park, she had never actually seen him.

"Okay, everyone! Welcome to the Kaiba Land opening ceremonies!" Kaiba greeted, waving to the kids with a big smile.

The kids waved back in joy as Kizuna noticed there were two boys just behind Kaiba that seemed out of place amongst the children; one of them was almost as tall as Kaiba and had blonde hair, while the other was rather short and had black pointy hair with yellow locks. That last one could have easily been mistaken for a kid though. The girl had no idea who they were, but if they were with Kaiba, they should be important.

"Maybe they're his friends?" she thought.

As soon as Kaiba said the magic words "We're open!" Kizuna ran to lean back on the wall fearing she could end up being run over by the kids. They would probably do it if it would help them get to Kaiba Land first…

"I guess I could try and sneak in along with the kids..." she thought, with a skeptic look on her face, as if she doubted her own plan. Yeah, as if no one would notice a teenager amongst children. She wasn't very tall, but her body was clearly different from a child's.

She shook her head fast. "No way, that'll never work..."

Then, as a gift sent from the skies, she heard it.

A young boy sobbed on the ground, left behind by the stampede of children already inside the amusement park. The boy looked like he had tripped and hurt his knee. It didn't look too serious.

Kizuna leered at him. Her eyes got a mischievous glint as she had another idea of how to get in.


The guard raised a suspicious eyebrow at the cheerful black-haired girl in front of him. Right next to her was a little kid with black hair as well and a band aid on his knee.

"My little brother wanted to come to Kaiba Land but he's always tripping and getting hurt so I was sent to watch over him. Can we come in?"

The guard nodded with a grunt and the two black haired "siblings" got past him cheerfully. As soon as the guard was out of sight the girl bent over to the kid and gave him a bill.

"Thanks kid. Have fun," she said, smiling.

The little boy grinned widely. "I will! Thanks, onee-san!"

Kizuna sighed relieved as the boy ran off to join other kids. Her plan had worked. Now all she had to do was find herself a cool-looking attraction and have fun… but that part of her plan failed. As soon as she turned around, another guard appeared out of nowhere.

"Eek!" she squeaked, quickly rushing to a corridor to hide away. She ended up in an arena-like place with a glass box in the middle.

"Ara? What kind of attraction is this?" she asked herself.

There were plenty of seats surrounding the "arena", but there was nothing inside the glass box asides from two chairs and a table. There was no give-away as to what kind of game would be taking place there, and Kizuna had no time to think about it, as sounds of a gate closing and footsteps were heard coming from behind her.

"Crap!" she thought, assuming it was the guards. She rushed once again to the closing gate and managed to slide to the other side before it closed for good.

"Phew..." she sighed, cleaning the sweat off her forehead. She was safe once again.

She sat on the ground for a couple of seconds, breathing heavily. Damn it she hated how easily she tired. It didn't take too long for her to feel beat as if she had run a marathon. She could only hope she wouldn't be forced to run again anytime soon…

"Hey, what are you doing here?" a girl's voice asked.

Kizuna winced quietly, a small sweat-drop emerging on the side of her head.

"Double crap!" she thought. "Why do I keep getting caught?"

She dared a small peek behind her, just to see what the person who caught her looked like.

She was surprised to see not a guard, but a pretty brunette about her age, wearing some sort of weird armored clothing and a stern look on her face. Kizuna could only assume she was an employee responsible for some attraction somewhere on the amusement park.

"Um, um…" Kizuna stuttered, trying to come up with some sort of excuse to explain why she was there. Sadly, she wasn't good at lying under pressure. "H-hi?" she greeted awkwardly, waving her hand with a huge sweat-drop and a nervous smile.

"What the hell was that?!" she yelled in her head, disappointed in herself. Well, that settled it. She was so in for it. She cursed her inability to make proper sentences when nervous as the girl in front of her looked down at her angrily.

"HI?!" the brunette snapped. "How did you get here? You're trespassing!"

Kizuna stood up feeling extremely nervous. Well, time to make up for that pathetic excuse of a greeting back there. Now she had to pull off all of her charm and lie her way through this mess! … Or that's what she wanted to do, but instead…

"I-I'm sorry, I just wanted to get out of the house and have fun – I had read about this place on the newspaper, and wanted to come, but nii would never let me come here so I sneaked out, then I had to run from the guard and now you've found me – I'M SO SORRY!"

Complete with an awkward bow and endless sweat-drops. If only there was a large enough hole where she could bury all of the shame she felt in that moment… and bury herself along with it while she was at it. She had just blurted out everything in a rant without even stopping to breathe and made herself look like an idiot in the most spectacularly embarrassing way ever. What a great way to start off her adventure! It didn't even last for an hour! Kizuna didn't even dare to look up from her bow. The brunette was almost surely holding her laughter right now – or calling security. Probably both.

So it was with surprise that Kizuna heard the brunette ask "What's your name?" with a sigh.

Kizuna looked up at her. "Hm… Kizuna Kiryuu…"

Then the brunette smiled. Her smile made Kizuna feel a bit calmer. Maybe she wasn't in trouble…?

"Okay then, Kizuna," the brunette said. "My name is Anzu Mazaki. I have to work so you'll just have to stick with me, okay?"

Kizuna blinked confused. "Hm… but…"

"Once my shift is over, you'll leave along with me. I'll just say you are a friend that came to visit and were waiting for me so we could go home together. Deal?" Anzu explained, winking.

On one hand, Kizuna felt extremely relieved that Anzu was not going to report her; on the other hand, she was embarrassed she couldn't have come up with an excuse that quickly…

She stood up straight and smiled at Anzu. "Hm!" she agreed, nodding.

Looks like her adventure wasn't going to be cut off short after all!

[NOTE] Re-writing the old chapters because they were too short and weird... I wanted to give them the feeling of being told as it would be in the Manga, but I realized that I didn't like it, so now I'm rewriting them from my OC's point of view :)