Harry's spirits had been down all year, he had not heard a word from Hermione or Ron; he constantly wondered how the two, now married with two kids were going.

He missed them a lot. If he was going to hear anything from them, it had better be soon; Easter was approaching and he couldn't bear to spend the holiday without his

two best friends. He sighed as he picked up his broom maintenance kit after almost destroying his Firebolt the previous night after deciding to go for a fly after drinking

a little too much... or a lot of Firewhiskey, the previous night just to see if he would get his name in the Dailey Prophet after casually chilling in a gutter, with his

broomstick thinking about what the headline would say, 'perhaps it would be:

"Has Potter- the boy who lived, become a bum?"

Or something of the sort' He thought; though deep down he knew this wouldn't happen,(which confirmed right) since he wasn't known by muggles that he was aware

of, nor would they even recognise him if they did; a drunk eighteen year old with a mangy looking broomstick- any hero would look like this; not. Realizing his chances

of being recognised, he'd mounted his broom and wonkily flew home, near-missing a few trees, a bird and some powerlines along the way. Now here he was, kneeling

over his broom on the living room floor, laughing about the previous night as he recalled his flight home. He felt rather pleased with himself, to say at the least; even he

felt the need to be dangerous at times. Half an hour seemed to last for an hour as he was just finishing the final touch of his broom, which now looked practically new,

besides the minor bends in some twigs he hadn't finished fixing yet, when he heard someone walk up to him from behind him.

"Hello Harry." said a sweet voice.

Harry jerked his head beside him, what he could see of her long white flowing dress revealed to him who it was instantly. "Oh, hey Juliet." He said coolly, as he stood to

his feet to give her a proper greeting. "How are you?" he added, hoping he didn't seem rude, hoping at the same time she would forgive him for his formalness, she

was one of his friends he had only just met the night before, she was two years younger than him; not from Hogwarts but a different magical school (he could not

remember where she said; he got drunk just after he met her.) and beautiful; really beautiful.

"I'm good I guess... just bored... and feeling lonely." She said casually.

A smile formed on Harry's face, he tried hard to refrain himself from grinning. He sat on a bench near him, kicking his legs freely. "Well I'm here." He grinned, looking

over at his broom, then back at her knowing full well one couldn't be bored when he was around. "I'm not bored, not really lonely either now I'm talking to you." He said

with a wink.

Juliet smiled, her straight black hair had grown a fair bit from the last he had seen her, it was a little longer than shoulder-length before but now it had grown down to

her waist. Harry couldn't help but gaze up into her eyes, which were definitely a lot brighter and greener than they had been, plus she seemed happier. He couldn't

help but smile at this, glad to see she had felt better than she had, though he hadn't really took much time to ask her exactly what had been wrong when she did look

upset. She caught his stare and smiled, "so what's up?" she asked.

Harry's mind snapped back to reality, he looked at her, 'blimey... she's...' but his mind couldn't find words to describe her. He just hoped he hadn't said any of this out

loud; thankfully he hadn't. He smiled back to her, raking his fingers through his hair, his mind racing on what to talk about next, his mind couldn't think of anything, so

he conjured some Butterbeer out of nowhere. "Would you like one?" he asked. "I must add... you look a lot better than you did last night" he slipped. He felt himself

flush and quickly added, "oh nothing much at the moment; just talking to you and conjuring Butterbeer." He grinned as he took a sip, feeling odd to be drinking in front

of her. He finished his glass and waved his wand, sending the other bottle to the fridge. "What have you been up to?" he asked, unable to think of anything. He felt

stupid right now. Especially after his last failed attempt at flirting with a complete bitch, who continued to tease him in ways he found inappropriate, especially when he

couldn't do anything about; now he was talking to someone who was amazing; he couldn't stop his mind from blanking out due to her beauty.

Juliet looked at the Butterbeer and shook her head slightly, "I'm fine, thanks." She paused for a moment, apparently like him, she couldn't think of much to say either-

before she said, "Oh nothing much... just... taking care of some business." She looked down at herself and seemed to find the glass cabinet showing her reflection,

interesting. Harry picked up the vibe that she felt insecure about how she looked; he remembered his compliment to her. He felt his face grow hot. "Really?" she asked,

surprised. "I just feel hideous, that's all." She sounded as though her sadness had grown a little.

Harry didn't know how to react. She was beautiful; yet she felt she was hideous? How could she? "Any time..." he said quickly, remembering her words; he was never

one to interrupt a conversation until the other was finished which usually left him struggling to remember the words said; at least this would show her he's a good


"Oh, yeah? Sorry... but what sort of business would that be?" he said trying to hide his cheeky tone by frowning slightly, before adding, "You're not hideous at all

really... you're beautiful" He said hoping this would ease the sudden tension that had built up. He leaned his back against the wall, still sitting on his bench, as she sat

beside him.

Juliet gave him a look that told him, he had gone too far; he'd asked her a question she didn't want to answer. A sickness formed in the pit of his stomach- one only

dread could cause. The last thing he wanted was for him to bring something bad up, like a memory or something. She smiled a little, "no it's personal stuff. I really

shouldn't talk about it." She paused and gaped at him, "you really think I'm beautiful, huh?"

Harry felt the tension rise; his unease was almost turning him restless. "Oh... no it's fine, really... I understand." He said quickly as he smiled reassuringly. "I know

you're beautiful." He smiled and winked.

She thanked him with a smile, Harry was hoping he wasn't boring her when she asked him what he wanted to do; the questions had bought many thoughts to his

mind; thoughts he shouldn't even really be thinking but he couldn't help himself; she was beautiful. He snapped his mind again back to reality and sat up, hoping he

didn't show any sign of thinking dirty about what he wanted to do. He wasn't himself around her; he didn't want to come across perverted but he did want her. He

simply smiled. "No idea... what do you want to do?" He really had to hold himself off from winking or giving any sign his mind was telling him certain things. It didn't help

when she said she didn't care and he could choose what they did; Harry was in a cheeky mood and didn't want to show it- he wouldn't have done the things coming to

his mind but he would have been cheeky to her, which he didn't want to be out of respect for her.

"I usually just sing." She finally said. "I don't want to bore you so you can pick." She quickly said; there was more colour in her face now.

Harry smiled, "you couldn't bore me if you tried!" he grinned.

"I wouldn't be so sure. I sound pretty bad."

Harry felt his heart ache for her; it was almost making him angry about how she saw herself. "I don't care honestly..." he said suddenly then smiled, hoping he didn't

sound as agitated as he was. "Go on, you're probably better than you think."

Juliet seemed to hesitate but he insisted, she slowly closed her eyes, blushing as she begun to sing a song she had written herself; her voice was nothing that Harry

had ever heard before, she sang it perfectly; she hadn't hit a wrong note and every one she hit was in perfect tune, she sounded as beautiful as she looked. Harry's

heart skipped beats; he sat there next to her, motionless, his breath seemed to have stopped- he swore he was dead. There was nothing he had heard that had

been... so beautiful. He couldn't stop himself from telling himself this. He came to his senses when he heard her speak after what seemed hours of being lost in her


"Yeah... horrible." She sighed.

Harry couldn't help himself, he was no longer angry at her about her self-doubt, rather hurt that she couldn't see what he saw; he found himself still unable to speak,

gazing at her as though she had just stunned him with a stun gun rather than her singing. "That was wonderful... really." He finally said, his voice sounding as

breathless as he felt.

She blushed. "Really...?"

Harry again smiled reassuringly "Really."

"Thanks" she smiled, Harry noticed her blush a deeper shade of red.

She started to play with her hair, Harry noticed she seemed shy all of a sudden; she always was

but this was different... she'd never been this shy with him; even when they first met. Harry looked at her, then back down at his feet as though he had found his

plain, black shoelaces suddenly interesting, as if they had magicked themselves into something utterly fascinating- like a miniature three headed dog or something.

Realizing his sudden interest in his shoelaces, he wondered how long he was staring at them for; slowly he raised his head to look at her, ruffling his already scraggly

hair up. The two were sitting next to each other, why was it so difficult to look at one another? She had turned her head away from him, Harry felt the need to stand

up, thinking deep down if he stretched in front of her she would see and be rather impressed with his muscular body. He slid off the bench and stretched his arms; each

muscle showing through his skin, he was nothing too buff but had perfect muscle tone. She still hadn't found nerve to look at him, but had rather taken to twirling a

piece of her long black hair through her fingers. Harry slid himself back on the bench, sitting beside her again. He was tempted to lean back against the wall again but

couldn't bring himself to move. He seemed to have been staring at Juliet, who was now braiding her hair absent-mindedly; Harry just hoped it wasn't obvious he was

watching her, it didn't help he was still feeling somewhat breathless just by watching her play with her hair the way she was, feeling part jealous that she was playing

with it and not him. She finished braiding her hair and continued to look away from him; he had never seen her look so embarrassed before; if only he knew what to

say to her.