Harry was so confused right at this point; Juliet had gone from spinning in circles, rose petals floating around her, to completely frozen on the spot; Harry couldn't work out

what had happened, it only occurred to him after he came to his senses completely that something was wrong; Juliet looked at him, then to somewhere in the distance.

Without warning she grabbed Harry's arm, "come with me." She said, as she walked rather quickly, however remained calm at the same time.

The two walked through Harry's front door and out into the city part of Godric's Hollow; Harry taking long strides to keep up, even though Juliet still had his arm held firm.

Harry couldn't work out where they were going; he was used to this sort of thing though from his previous years with Dumbledore; he'd learnt to just go with it, without

question. Juliet came to a halt and Harry saw why she'd dragged him to the city; a little girl was crying; Harry couldn't understand how she'd picked this up from his house

but he didn't question it; he was more focused on why the little girl was actually crying; she would have been no more than four; where was her mother? Without

hesitation, Juliet ran up to the kid and knelt down to the ground, she put her hand on the child's shoulder. "Are you lost?" she asked; her voice calm.

Harry's heart gave a lurch; it felt as though it had gone to his throat. Was she really this sweet or was there something he was looking past? He had never met someone

with such a heart where they could sense something was wrong from a mile away, besides himself and that was only through dreams where he saw Arthur Weasley

injured the year before. "She's perfect" he whispered to himself. Harry saw another woman just across the road from where Juliet and the little girl were, apparently the

little girl had been too scared to cross the road and her mother was waiting for her on the other side. Without a second though Juliet picked the child up and casually

walked between the cars, as though they were parked in the middle of the road; fear groped Harry as he realized the danger of this; he hoped to himself she wouldn't

misjudge a car's speed and get hit during this mission to bring the girl back, Harry watched amazed as Juliet handed the girl back to her mum. He felt sort of awkward

standing on the other side of the street alone; he followed Juliet's path, near-missing a car here and there as he crossed; his heart pounded through his chest even when

he had safely made it to the other side. He greeted Juliet, unable to speak a single word.

Juliet turned to Harry and frowned, "I'm so sorry about that... I just... I heard the little girl crying and..." Harry couldn't pick up any other words as she continued to babble


He grinned to himself and placed his index finger over her lips, and smirked in success to himself as Juliet fell silent. "It's okay, really. I thought it was really sweet; I would

have done the same only..." he looked at her and stopped mid-sentence. He could say no more as he caught her gaze. "She's so distracting." He whispered under his

breath, hoping she wouldn't hear him; his cover was blown for sure though as he chuckled to himself. Juliet, apparently had heard what he'd said, either that or she

thought he was chuckling at her as she blushed and looked down at her feet. Harry couldn't help but grin at her, which apparently made Juliet's hands interesting as she

studied her hands. Harry couldn't help himself, in one quick reaction he took hold of her hands and gazed into her eyes, "you're truly beautiful, you know? From what I

see, completely flawless also." He smiled sheepishly, he couldn't believe he had just done or said that. This of course led to another speechless session.

Juliet gazed at him as she opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. She blushed deeply, looked at her feet and back to Harry. "I don't know what to say..." she

said, in almost a whisper.

"Catching flies?" Harry sniggered, cheekily as he watched her mouth open and close, he looked at her, "How about a drink? It might help you find the words you're looking

for." He grinned.

Juliet smiled, "s-sure." She stuttered.

A bright smile formed across Harry's face, he took her arm and disapparated the two, to a quiet park, not with the most romantic of scenery but even he had to admit, it

was beautiful. The two sat down on the grass. Harry conjured some Butterbeer out of nowhere and handed her a bottle.

Juliet looked around, rather impressed by the bright green grass, the duck pond in front of them and some foggy mountains in the distance surround by various types of

trees, some with different coloured flowers blossoming from them. "Everything's so beautiful here." She said softly.

Harry smiled weakly; a sudden sadness had set deep into his heart. "Yeah I know... which is why I bought you here. Apparently mum and I would go here when I was a

baby." He smiled sadly and passed Juliet a Butterbeer.

Juliet took the Butterbeer and hugged him, "I'm sorry..." she said, Harry could tell she was feeling his sadness; something she didn't want him to feel because it was a

special place to him and he had never taken anyone here before, other than himself to talk to his mum in private.

Harry held Juliet tightly and smiled weakly, "no... No reason to feel my sadness." He said suddenly. "It's just a special place to me and I wanted you to see it... I've never

taken anyone here before."