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Back in town for Zee and Cole's wedding – the invite having been for Mina, but Tommy inserting himself as the plus one – the couple finally arrived at the clinic.

Tommy carried both bags as Mina marched up the stairs first. Lily's welcoming words died on her lips as she just looked at her onetime housemate. "You're pregnant?"

"What do you think?" replied Mina exasperatedly. "I'm hiding a basketball up my shirt?"

"Well..." said Brenner, looking her friend over. The way she was carrying the baby did look an awful lot like it.

Lifting her eyes, she found Tommy gesturing abort, abort. Steering clear of any further conversation down that track, she stepped forward. "It's good to see you."

She hugged Tommy next. "Both of you."

Any and all references to Mina's pregnancy were met with forced smiles by the mother, particularly when people just reached out and patted her distended belly.

Later that night, she complained to Tommy and Lily when they arrived at the cantina. "Is there some sign on me that says 'pregnant lady, come touch'?" She turned to Lily. "Or is this some social convention I missed?"

It was Tommy who replied. "Ah babe?" he said carefully, reaching out an arm to clasp her elbow gently. "How about you take a seat?"

She did so, still grumbling as she rested her hand heavily on her swollen abdomen. "The only people who have infinite permission to touch are me, you and my doctor."

"Yep," agreed Tommy, trailing his fingers up and down her arm in a soothing motion.

Mina tilted her head to his in a rare vulnerable moment. "Why are we here again?"

He laughed as he responded. "Because for some reason, Cole likes you and wants you at his wedding. You're his friend."

Pressing a kiss to her forehead when she scowled, he tugged her to rest against his body. She didn't object when he wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

She was asleep within seconds, her head burrowed into his chest.

"Wow!" exclaimed Lily, having watched the entire scene with amusement. "Is she always like that?"

Tommy grinned as he tightened his grip on the mother of his child, the woman he loved.

"Today was a good day."