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Summary: Allen turned into girl when Lavi made her drink a pink bottle of juice when she was choking. Now Lavi and Kanda started doing things he doesn't like, like kissing him secretly, and kissing her forcibly by Kanda, even blackmailing her.

Pairing: Fem!AllenXKanda

Chapter 1: Scream


"Hey! Allen-Chan, could you eat slowly?" A certain red head asked, since he knew that sooner or later Allen would definitely get choked.

Allen turned his head to look at his friend, but ignoring what Lavi warned and returned to his food.

Lavi sighed, "Don't blame me if you've accidentally choked." Then he heard Allen coughed with full of food he'd been eating.

"Wa-terr, Lavi!" Allen pleaded as he slightly pounded his chest.

"Hey, Allen gets a hold of your self!" Lavi yelled as he looked around trying to search for water. Then he saw a raven hair man with a weird beret on his head, walking through them. He was holding a pink bottle of juice with a smirk on his face. Lavi quickly approached Komui and snatched the bottle.

"Lavi, No, Don't!" Komui shouted and tried to chase Lavi but it was too late Allen's already drank and already emptied the bottle.

"Thanks, Lavi you're a life savior." Allen plastered a smile on his face.

"Lavi, it's your fault if my darling Lenalee gets mad at me!" 'That's for Kanda not you Allen.' Then he ran away from the two.

"What's gotten into him?" Allen and Lavi twitched their shoulder as they laughed. When Allen suddenly fainted and was about to lose his consciousness, luckily Lavi was there to catch him up.

"Allen, Allen!" Allen last heard was his name being shouted by Lavi, before he temporarily lost consciousness.


Allen woke up, with a slight feeling of dizziness and tried recalling of what happened in the cafeteria but couldn't seem to recall it. Allen placed her feet down on his bed and made a frown face because of a weird feeling he felt on his chest. Allen felt his chest was do so heavy but decided to ignore it. He quickly looked at his self in the mirror to fix his messy silver locks. His eye widened in horror of what he saw in his reflection. And then the whole dark order mansion was swallowed by a scream of a girl.

Lavi and Kanda was the first one who arrived from the entire living person who has heard the where the scream from.

Lavi and Kanda raised their left and right eyebrows in confusion. "Moyashi's room?"


My first time writing a fanfic.

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