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Chapter: 19

"…Party?" Allen asked, staring at Lulubell with confusion.

The blonde nodded at Allen. "Yes, the party was announced by the Earl last night." She walked toward Allen, stopping at her front as she lifted some strands of Allen's silver hair.

"Lulubell…" Worried Allen bit her lower lips.

Lulubell smiled before patting Allen's head. "Don't worry, Road and I will be the one who'll take care of the clothes you are going to wear tonight. So… no one would give you such terrifying stare."

Allen smiled awkwardly before nodding. 'That's what I'm worrying about, to let you and Road with my clothes.' She sighed.

"Allen!" Lavi shouted, getting the two girls attention. He quickly gave Allen a bear hug from the back as he received a deathly glare behind him. (From Wise)

Allen just frowned.

"I'll meet you in Road's room, Allen." Then Lulubell left the three.

'But I don't know where Road room is…' Allen sighed.

"I'll get you there later." Wisely and Lavi said together achieving Allen's puzzle looked.


"I told you we need to distribute this invitation letter to any noble family!" Devit exclaimed before knocking his twin brother's head like no one was planning to open it.

Jasdero grinned and for the first time ignoring his Brother's attacked on him, making Devitto to gasp and over exaggerating, leaning on the wall of others Noah room. "I heard that Lulu and Road were fixing the freaks clothes tonight." He said causing Devit to sneer at him.

"And so? We still have to distribute this letters." He groaned.

Jasdero grinned wide as they heard a cry as Road's door hung open with a girl with silver short gown and golden ornaments were hanging at the end of the gown had ran outside the room. "Freak!" he shouted as Allen faced them making their hearts to thump and cheeks red and soon Allen continued to run, leaving them stunned by some beauty that they thought hadn't exited. "Is that the freak?"

Devitto nodded as he swallowed.

"I think I'm in love, bro…"

Devit nodded. "Yeah… I think I am too." Then Devit launched at him, strangling him to death. "The beauty freak is not yours!" he shouted as they fought each other with their unsure love.

Allen slowly stopped from running as she wiped her tears before entering one of the rooms that she thought was her. (Allen you know your room has a number and you know it's fourteen) she gasped when she noticed that the room was dark. "This isn't my room, I've been here for week and yet I still don't completely memorize this endless mansion!" she groaned as she spun a bit to hold the cold metal of the doorknob when a light was turned on. She gasped, and then gulped sensing that her virginity was in stake if she was in Tyki's room and hell she didn't want that.

Outside the room, Tyki was in state of confusion when he saw Allen running then entered the weird yet intelligent man's room. He touched his forehead in frustration. "No one was allowed to enter that room." Then he leaned in the wall, waiting for the man to kick out Allen.

…Back in the room,

"Who're you?" the intelligent man asked with his voice was firm but calm.

Allen gasped but hearing the man's voice did not belong to Tyki so she slowly turned directly to where she thought the man was standing. She forcefully bowed with eyes close. "I'm very sorry for entering your room without any of your consent and I thought this is my room that's all!" she then faced the man, gasping a bit.

The man was covering in a blanket with only his eyes was shown to Allen's gazed and it seemed that his hand was busy in some things. "I see, you could leave now if you want, are you the boy that ran away years ago?"

Allen nodded since she knew it was true, she indeed left the mansion for some reasons. "Yeah…"

"I see… you could leave this room now."

Allen gulped, nodding as she noticed that the man's eyebrow that wasn't covered had twitched.

"I felt someone was outside waiting for you."

"Ahmm, do you know who might it be?" She asked even though she knew that of course the man wouldn't know who might be the person out that waiting for her.

"It might be Mikk." He answered causing Allen to gasp in slight horror. "I could also foretell that the twin is coming." He said looking down inside his cover.

Allen catch a light inside the cover as her chin fell. "Maybe I'll just endure joining the twin's company then." She smiled. "By the way what's your name sir?"


Allen bowed before leaving the room and penetrating the now open door that made Tyki to look at her and with the twin with awkward gaze. "Idiot twin, I think I might stick with you two." She smiled before pulling the two but the two didn't protest, leaving Tyki all by himself but Tyki entered the room.

Allen sighed when they finally away from Tyki and noticed that the two were walking beside her. "hoi, idiot twin why aren't you two protesting?"

The two just ignored her.

Allen sighed again. "I guess I'll stick with you two until I find Lavi and Tymcanpy."

"That annoying friend of yours and that weird dog of yours just like you?" Dero asked with grin.


"Oi don't just ignore my insult!" Jasdero cried out.


"Oi, why are you in Maitora's room?" Devit asked seriously.

Allen looked at him with confusion. "Lost…"

"Idiot…" Devit snorted.

Allen ignored them again as she saw Lavi with Tymcanpy were also searching for her so she ran towards him. "Lavi, thank God, I'm gonna die with this idiots company." She cried out as she took Tymcanpy.

Lavi laughed. "I pity you." Then they left, forgetting the twin. "Allen, you look cute in that!"

Allen pouted to the side. "Hell, I'm exposed with this outfit, I'm gonna change once we reach my room and you need to take me there." As Lavi nodded with his arm was sliding to her waist so she quickly elbowed him. "Arsehole,"

"Allen, just one time please…" he pleaded giving him her puppy eyes.

Allen sighed. "No, you damn pervert!"

Lavi pouted before setting a tantrum. "Allen you're so mean, aren't you glad I followed you to be your savior, I know you wish Kanda to be your savior but he don't want to be your savior so I came as his place."

Allen was shocked by what Lavi had confessed to her. "Kanda…" as Lavi nodded as she glared at Lavi. "Of course I don't wish Kanda to be my savior and he also don't wish to protect me!" she exclaimed with tears running down her red cheeks.

Her tears made Lavi to gasp with shock and slight confusion. "Hey, Allen… I'm just kidding." He said nervously.

Allen wiped her tears. "Idiot Lavi, why would I want Kanda to save me? You idiot!" then she continued walking, trying to find her room.

Lavi watched her first. He knew what Allen really wished even from the start that Allen would fall for Kanda despite their hate for each other. He sighed before following Allen. "Sprout, sorry about that haha." Then he slid his arm to Allen's shoulder receiving no protest from Allen. "But I won't let myself lose." He whispered.

Allen looked at him with confusion. "What are you saying?" as she raised a brow.

"Nothing, Moyashi-chan!" He laughed.

Allen frowned. "It's Allen!"

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