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"Perhaps we should adjourn this expedition until the morrow, to allow us time to prepare, and Charles to join us."

Anne spoke, but on one heard her, bar her husband. Frederick made to act on her suggestion, but was unable to, conversation still flowing as if his wife had not uttered a word.

As discussions continued for another quarter-hour, Frederick took advantage of a lull in speech to repeat the exact same suggestion his wife had made not so many minutes hence.

It was met with great consideration and gratitude.

"Why Wentworth, capital idea."

"Splendid. You have solved our problems."

"Why, we should defer to you on all matters forthwith."

Retiring to their bedchamber later that evening, Frederick was incredulous. "How can you bear it?" he implored of his wife passionately.

The matter was of no consequence to her. "Many years of such treatment makes one rather immune."

Frederick was still not pleased. "You have a greater patience than most."

Anne smiled as she turned to face him fully. "Do not distress yourself husband. I am not concerned." She placed a hand on his chest. "Truly."

Frederick gathered his small wife into his arms. "Well then, madam wife. They know not what they miss."

"I rather think that myself sometimes," she replied, wrapping her arms around her husband's neck with complete abandon, delirious in her certainty of his love for her.

"I must act to never make that same mistake." He spoke gravely, but Anne knew the words belied by the glint in his eye.

She responded in kind. "I should expect so!"

Still retaining those marvellous emotions a couple newly wed possess, husband and wife wore equal visages of great happiness, which soon gave way to more pleasurable exercises.

Mr and Mrs Wentworth were pleased indeed.