Sunrise - Gods Eater Fanfiction

It's been years since I joined Fenrir South East Branch, once known as the countries of Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia: now just a barren wasteland. I looked into the sky, beautiful. It's blue and clear, unlike the ground. Only endless destruction. How many years has it's been since the Aragami attacked us? In time, I couldn't count anymore. Heck, I saw my family being brutally murdered by these "Gods" and all I can do was watch. We were attacked by a horde of Vajras. Our weapons were no match for the rampaging Gods. If not for the immediate response from the Far East Branch, I might not have been able to survive. The only thing that keeps me alive now is the bracelet that my younger brother gave me as a birthday present, the very same day that he was devoured. Every year, the day of my birth is the very same day that I felt the most pain. My years added up, and so did my pain.

Gods Eaters, the only people who can destroy these gods, using the very same enemy technology to destroy them. I was 16 back then when we were approached by a man named Lindow. He was a unit leader and he was the one who trained us, the new Gods Eater here when the South East Branch were still on it's younger roots. There were initially 10 of us, now only three of us left; Me, Aira my bestfriend since we were kids and Mak, the one who won't keep his mouth shut.

"Still looking at the sky, reminiscing the past Ken?" It was Aira.
"Well, sort of." Lying on my back and looking at the bracelet with my left hand.
Aira lied down next to me.
"I know, it's your birthday today, and well... Mak and I decided to give you a party. Also you had just been promoted as the new Leader of Retaliation Unit." Aira blushed.
"Thanks... but I think it's too much. Thanks for the concern though." I declined.
Aira stood up, she grabbed my hand and pulled me up.
"HEY!" I looked at her.
"No buts... this time you will be coming with me!" Aira gave me that scary look again, and we walked towards the Hall dragging me with her.

Mak is holding a can of beer, yeah it's beer ration day. He smiled unto me and threw another can of unopened beer.
"What do we have here?" giving a smirk at us, "Best friends huh?"
"Geez... what's with you." I said to him, opening the fresh can of beer.
Mak grabbed me by the shoulder, shoving Aira away, and he whispered to my ear "Look here my man... Just take a good look at that bod!" referring to Aira, who is talking to some friends.
"She's my bestfriend man and well... sort of a sibling..." I answered back.
"Sister? Or your kids will be siblings in the future?" Mak laughed. "C'mon man, don't kid yourself! She's obviously inlove with you!"
"No. No. No. That's it, end of the line."
"Geez your hopeless."
Suddenly, the emergency alarm rang. "Emergency. Emergency. All units please proceed to your stations. Mak, Me and Aira ran towards the weapon room. Mak grabbed his trusty Demon Claymore X, as he is an old type buster blader. Aira used her EX Gattling Gun Divine, that can use good piercing bullets. On my end I have to use both the Raging Lore X, an Assault Gun type and the Super Hammer X, a very heavy Hammer that hinders my movespeed but with great Crush Power, as a NewType I have to use both weapons. Both Mak and Me are using the same Seraphim + Bucklers. Immediately we received a contact from Desk Officer Lune,
"Ken, there's a herd of Kongou's at Sector 2, known as the Ruined NGC. You will be fighting 2 Polar Kongou's and 3 Blazing Vajratails. Please proceed to the site immediately." Lune ordered. "Also" she added, "You will be deployed with Lastre, she's a NewType as well. Train her well."
"Acknowledged." I answered.
Immediately we head out, using the Chopper as a transport we headed to the NGC ruins. It was said that it was once a beautiful building with a fountain, but now it lies in ruins. Vegetation started to outgrow the formerly cemented pavement. The newbie was already waiting, and we can see the nervousness in her eyes. Aira patted her head and whispered, "It's okay. I'll take care of you."As usual Mak kneeled down and prayed,
"Hey Mak, will you stop that? It was the "gods" who destroyed our world and now you are praying to them?" I snorted out.
"Shhhhh... let him be." Aira scolded me.
I looked at him. I know that Mak is devoted to his religion, always asking for guidance. For me though, they are our destroyer, and if it was the "gods" who destroyed us, then whom can we pray to?

"Here we are ladies." Hiro our helicopter pilot announced. Mak stood up and smiled at me. We looked down, the 2 Kongous are rampaging below, only 2 of the Vajratails are visible the other one is hiding. One Kongou is at the left side while the other one is at the fountain area.
"Mak and Aira, I want you to take the Kongou at the fountain area. Lastre and I will take the one at the right. At landing I will use a flashbomb then proceed to your areas as planned.
"RIGHT!" they all said.

Jumping down from the chopper, I used a flashbomb to blind nearby Aragami. As planned, Mak and Aira took their respective positions. Mak and Aira's team is undisputedly good. Aira shoots from afar, with Mak protecting her from incoming Aragami's. One thing I've noticed from Lastre though is that when I used the flashbomb, she also had to cover her eyes. Well, she recovered almost immediately though. We ran towards the other Kongou. Jumping towards it, I slammed my hammer into his head. The monster swung his head, and punched Lastre. She covered her body with her Aurgelmir Tower Shield, but due to the slow deployment speed she took a small amount of impact! Sending her flying a few meters away. Though she managed to land on her feet and took defensive actions, but still it's a bit rough if I am asked. I charged again at the Polar Kongou's head but the monster was quick to fire volleys of frozen air! Shielding myself, I took a small of impact but managed to block it nevertheless. Then I can see bullets of Ice passing through the side of my head, Lastre was firing them to the Kongou with her Type55 Auto-Gun! I ordered her to change it to fire bullets to maximize the damage. She did and was amazed how much damage it did. The Kongou landed flat to the ground, and I started to charge my hammer... 1... 2... 3! Smashing the Kongou's back, it destroyed it's pipe organs! The Kongou tried to stand up, but I was already charging my 2nd strike! 1... 2... 3! The 2nd charge went through his head, bringing the Kongou down, stunning it for a few seconds! Lastre changed her blade into Wild Sword: Yang and and slashed all the way to the Kongou's arm, completely destroying the Kongou's armlet. The Kongou looked around and began to flee! I instructed her to be on guard, the Vajratails haven't been defeated yet.

We switched to gun form and started to walk. We need to be careful. I can see Lastre look closely to me, as if she knew me,
"Is there something wrong with my face?" I jokingly asked.

"No... No sir... errrr, I mean Leader! No Leader!" she said nervously.

"Hey, stop the formalities, just call me Ken, okay. Yesterday, I was just the same as you. I was just promoted to captain. So, stop calling me that, it gives me the creeps!"

"Oh.. okay... sir."

"I'll transfer you to Research unit if you won't stop." I smiled again.

"Sorry... sorry... this is my actual my first battle, so I am quite nervous."
"No worries, the first time I started to battle these monsters, I pissed on my pants. So, it's not unusual for you to feel like that." I signaled her to stop. We hid behind the wall and provided her instructions, I looked at the Aragami's nearby. Okay, 2 Vajratails and the weakened Polar Kongou, eating to regain strength.

"I will count to three... after that I want you to fire your Freeze bullets to the Vajratails and I will charge directly at the Kongou."

"Got it!" she answered in a heavy breath.
"On my signal, 1... 2..." not able to finish 3, she went out and fired a barrage of bullets to the Vajratails! Her fire was full of power but lacks attention and concentration. All I saw was a berserking woman, indiscriminately firing her bullets. Good thing is it brought down the 2 Vajratails, but the Kongou, disturbed, came charging towards us! I charged towards the beast! Hitting him it at the head with a powerful downward strike. Falling flat to the ground, I charged my Hammer to Devourer Mode, devouring the flesh of the Kongou. Ripping of the skin and bits of flesh sticking to my God Arcs Teeth. As always, I do not like this scenario, it always sends a chill to my spine! A human made Aragami, devouring other Aragami. Entering to burst mode, I jumped and smashed upwards, then going down I pummeled the Kongou's head and as a finisher I swung my hammer twice, both hitting the head and sending the Kongou into it's death! The Kongou fell down, dead! I leaned back and devoured again, this time getting the Kongou's core. Lastre on the other hand, devoured the the Vajratail's core instead.

"Hey, Ken... Kongou and Vajratail. Eliminated here." Mak communicated to my phone.

"Same here."

"Are you hurt, Ken?" It was Aria.

"What are you? His wife?" Mak teased her, "He's a tough guy, the only one who defeated a Prithvi Mata alone!"
"Nuff said. Let's head out to rendezvous point." turned off my phone and we started to walk towards our destination,

"Is it true Leader that you defeated a Prithvi Mata alone?" Lastre asked.

"How old are you again?" I asked.
"20 sir." Lastre answered.
"Damn. I'm only 23, you can call me a thief, call me a terrorist, or you can call me a madman but never ever do honorifics to me! Anyway, yes... or possibly no..."

"What do you mean... Ken?"

"Yes I fought a Prithvi Mata alone, and I was able to defeat it... but one thing that bothered me is the big scar that the monster had when we fought."


"The scar in the monsters head, it looked like it came from a God Arc but it's impossible." I sighed, "Well what actually happened was, we were escorting VIP's to the old Capital. Our truck was attacked by a Prithvi Mata. Those stupid men at Research Dept, predicted that no big Aragamis spotted only a handful of Zygotes and Ogretails. So they sent me and Mak only. The Prithvi Mata was not included, and they were careless enough not to include it on the list of possible Aragami attack. Nuff said, I asked Mak to protect the VIP's and well... being a good spirited person, hehe, I used myself as a bait to lead the Prithvi Mata where I am planning to fight it alone, leave a flashbomb and run away."

"Then what happened?"

"Well... the monsters movement was a bit "sluggish" than the usual, then I noticed a big scar to it's face. A scar from a God Arc. Using it as an opportunity, I decided to punish the monster myself. Well, the core will make lot's of money you know, now, you might say It was an easy victory... but hell no! It was hell... after using all my flashbombs and recovery bullets I was able to defeat it."

"Still... I think you are pretty strong for someone to face that Prithvi Mata alone. I heard it's an evolution of a Vajra... so it's still pretty strong."

"Stop the compliments. I ain't good with it." I stopped for a moment... I can hear footsteps, coming towards us, I looked back but no one is there, "Hey did you hear that?"

"Nahh... Must be my imagination." and we continued to walk.