Alter Ego-Maddie Fenton

They say,knowing is one thing and seeing is another.

I used to think otherwise, but now my whole world is completley upside down. The moment Jazz whipped her toward where Phantom's plane crashed I knew what she meant and at the images running through my head I felt dizzy knowing my son was out there, in that Speeder or possibly embedded in a big Danny-shaped hole at the side of the mountain.

Then Danny-As Phantom- flew from a green glow-which I assumed was a ghost portal-along with millions of ghosts. I never knew THAT Many even existed! Relief flooded through me like a forest fire.

But when Danny, my Danny, changed from Phantom to Fenton my head buzzed with questions:

How is a Half ghost possible?

When the Ectoplasm infused With his DNA Did it hurt him?

Why did he keep it a Secret? (A/N:CAPTAIN OBVIOUS HAS ARRIVED!)

Is he Okay?

How on earth did it happen?

Why did Danny do all of those horrible things?

But I know these things for sure:

I accept him for who he is

And BOY Has he got questions to answer.