Chapter 1

It was another boring day in class. Sitting and listening to Iruka-sensei talk about books is horrifying. Why did Naruto have to get English for first period?

"Now," Iruka began, "take out your books and turn to chapter…."

His mind began to wander to Kakashi. The silver haired sex-god, that had the mouthwatering deliciousness of a bowl of miso ramen. Naruto shivered as he thought of what it would be like to have his hands running down his teacher's rock hard abs. To have him be held close and inhale the scent of the taller man.


To have his hand runni-


"Yes, Ka – Iruka-sensei?"

"Would you please answer the question?"

The blonde boy gulped nervously, he knew how much his teacher hated being ignored.

"And, uh, wh-what question is that?"

"Detention, Mr. Uzumaki, after school today, for daydreaming during this most important lecture about the love between Romeo and Juliet." Iruka glared down his nose at Naruto, who tried to make himself as small as possible.

The blonde made sure to pay attention for the next thirty minutes of class. Trying to read the book was harder than Naruto would have thought. He couldn't understand a friggin' word they were saying. Sometimes he would get it for a while then whenever this Mercutio guy started talking he lost it again.

The bell rang signaling the end of class.

"All right class, that's it for today. I'm assigning a five paragraph essay on the conflict of Romeo and Juliet's relationship. It is due on Friday, so that means you have all week to write it. You are dismissed."

Naruto gathered his things and started walking towards his next period.

"Hey Naruto! Wait up."

Searching through the crowd Naruto found the person calling him, Kiba!

"Hey dog-breath, what's up?"

Kiba scowled, "Don't call me that fox-face. Anyways you wanna walk to class together, I thought you might want someone to catch you when your knees turn to jelly as you see your silver haired sex-"

"Shut up Kiba! Do know how many people might be listening?" Naruto yelped as he punched Kiba in the arm.

"Calm down, man. Gees you would think that there's something seriously wrong with having a crush on your teacher."

"There is especially when I'm a guy and so is he," Naruto hissed.

By this time they had reached the anatomy room.

He melted. Kakashi looked straight at him and winked. Naruto thought he was going to die from his heart skipping too many beats. There was a barely seen smile as Kakashi saw the reaction the blond had.

Standing Kakashi announced, "Ok class, welcome to the new amazing world of stuff that's on your body. You remember how last semester we talked about cells, now we are talking about anatomy, how your body works."

Kakashi set the class up in groups of two, so the pairs could read together and discuss the chapter. The first one was about the digestive system, and apparently Kiba had the corniest joke ever.

"So," he began, "do ya know what punctuation mark can be found in the body?"

Naruto growled irritably, "No, what?"

"The colon!" Kiba burst up laughing and Naruto couldn't help but laugh along. It was so stupid.

Sai cut in, "Here's a better one: what's long and hard that wants to be shoved up your colon?"

"Eeeew! Sai you're sick. There's only one person's dick that I want shoved up my ass!" Kiba slapped his hand over Naruto's mouth.

"Too loud," he whispered.

Naruto's eyes went wide as he glanced around. His heart began to beat fast when his gaze caught Kakashi's. He could see the smirk behind the mask and a lump caught in his throat. Blushing, the blonde quickly went back to work.

The class ended sooner than the Kitsune would have liked, glancing back at the silver haired male one last time he walked out, stomach full of butterflies

"Dude, you gotta stop looking at him like that. People will know something's up if you don't cool it a bit." Kiba spoke quietly as they approached the lunch line.

Naruto gave him a small smile, "Yeah, I know but I can't help it. Every time I see him my brain turns to mush and I get that look like I'm totally infatuated with him."

"Then stop looking."

"What? No! I can't just stop looking, can I?"

Kiba nodded, "Of course you can. Just go a whole week and people might stop looking at you like you're crazy in love."

After they paid for their food they headed towards the first available table. They knew people would trickle into their group as soon as they sat down.

The first who came were Hinata and Shino, they have been attached at the hip ever since the seventh grade. Kankuro came after, joined a swiftly by Gaara and Neji, with Temari and Shikamaru on their heels. Lee came with Sakura and the rest sat down as they pleased. (Except for Sai who was being dragged by Ino.) Sasuke always came last and Naruto always saved him a seat right next to him.

"Sasukeeee! Sit here, I saved you a spot!"

Everyone rolled their eyes, it happened every day. Sasuke just stared a moment before moving languidly towards the chair Naruto was gesturing wildly at.

"So Sasuke, I was thinking maybe later we could catch a movie. Some of us guys are going out and I was wondering if you wanted to come with?" Everyone could hear the uncertainty in Naruto's voice. It was always like this with Sasuke. Sometimes Naruto would be shot down and other times Sasuke just might go.

Today didn't seem like one of those days.

Sasuke turned his bored and annoyed face toward the now nervous and expectant boy. "No."

And that was it. He went back to his lunch, Sasuke didn't want to go and nothing Naruto could say would change his attitude towards it. Naruto frowned and started rambling at the raven about how he had really hoped that he would come, even though he knew it was one of those days.

Again, turning to glare at the blonde, he spoke, "Naruto. How many times do I have to tell you? No is no. Today I don't want to, but maybe some other time." His eyes softened as he spoke seeing that Naruto was actually let down that he wasn't going.

The fox brightened, "Ok, Sasu-chan." He winked at the raven, while a light blush dusted over Sasuke's cheeks.

The bell rang and lunch was over. And Naruto had to deal with rest of his boring classes. This week was going to be hell.