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|Godric's Hollow|

It was a dark and stormy night as Voldermort approached the house hidden within the fidelius charm in Godric's hollow. The real secret keeper, Peter Pettigrew, not the fake secret keeper, Sirius Black, had given him the location of the house. As he approached the house, which was devoid of any protection save the fidelius charm, he could feel the magic of two babies, Harry James Potter and Michael Charles Potter. As he unlocked the gate to the house with a simple unlocking charm he smiled and laughed with glee at how easy it was to get into the potter household. He walked up the stairs to the two cribs with a one and a half year old baby, each resting in their cribs, innocent and dangerous. They were dangerous because one of them could destroy him. To his left, one boy had woken up and had piercing green eyes that stared curiously at him.

"Sorry little boy. But you're going to have to leave this world, for I, Lord Voldermort, cannot have anyone whose power might rival his own survive. I will kill you tonight, you and your brother. You will not live to see your parents ever again. You will die! AVADA KEDAVRA!" As the green light that emerged from Voldermort's wand, it slowed down as it neared the boy, and instead of hitting the boy, it rebounded back towards Lord Voldermort, destroying him. But the result was a huge explosion that gave the green-eyed boy and four magical scar tattoos. The first tattoo was a dragon on his left shoulder. The second one was a lightning bolt on his forehead above his right eye. The third one was a basilisk on his right shoulder. The final one was a phoenix on his back. However after the explosions all of the tattoos became vague outlines. The other boy was given a star-shaped scar on his left cheek and was woken up while the green-eyed boy was knocked unconscious.

|Order of the Phoenix HQ|

"James!" yelled Sirius as he apparated into the HQ, "we have a traitor in our midst."

"What are you talking about? Who do we know that would betray us?" asked James Potter.

"Wormtail. He has letters from Voldermort, Malfoy, Nott, and a whole lot of other known death eaters. And from what I read, it seems that they have been n contact for a pretty long time. Maybe a year at most."

"The babies," exclaimed James as he rushed to find Lily, "Peter gave the location of our house to Voldermort. He's going after our babies."

"Shit. I'll go to the house. You go find Lily." Then with a popping sound, he disapparated to Godric's Hollow. James continued running to the Order meeting Chambers. "Lily!" yelled James as he burst into the meeting halls and saw Lily discussing something with an Order member. Maybe her name was Melly Westley.

"What is it James?" asked Lily with an annoyed voice.

"I just got word that Voldemort has access to our house. I just sent Sirius to defend them."

"What? But the only way he could've found the house is if Peter gave him the location."

"We've reason to believe that he did. We know he's been in correspondence with Voldermort for quite some time now."

"OK. I'll go get Albus and then we can head over."

"Fine. Ah, Albus," said James as an old wizard entered the room, "we need you to come with us to our house. We were betrayed by Peter. Voldermort knows the location of our house. Very well, I'll come with you. Then the three disapparated to Godric's Hollow. They went up the stairs to see Sirius comforting a scared Michael Charles Potter.

"Sirius let me see him," said Dumbledore as he took his want out. HE waved his wand over the star-shaped scar. He then raised Michael above his head and said, "All hail, Michael Potter, the boy-who-lived!" James and Lily looked shocked, as one of their sons became a (fake) living legend. Meanwhile, Sirius looked at Harry and repaired the crib and gently laid him in the crib. And so, the legend of Harry James Potter begins.

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