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Seated on the bed, Frederick admired his wife. It was a source of great pride to observe his Anne growing round with his child. It was a favourite pastime of his to trace her changing features and contours.

She was nearing the time where she would give birth, and was slow in her movements as she moved about their bedchambers. Drawing her to him, he rested his palms where his wife had filled out once again.

"It would be appropriate to call him Elliot."

It was an old argument: he wanting to acknowledge her family by christening their son with her maiden name. She had been steadfast at the birth of their first son, insisting on naming Frederick.

The discussion had arisen a year later, but was a null topic as Margaret had arrived distinctly female. It had been four years since the debate began, but she remained resolute.

"I have nothing to recommend the name."

He looked up at her determined features as she threaded her fingers into his hair. "If this child should be a boy, he would be better served with a Christian name that differs from my relations."

He found himself relenting once again as he felt a flurry of firm kicks at his hand.

The birth of the third Wentworth child was surprising occasion, for it signalled the arrival of not one but two children simultaneously: one each of a boy and a girl.

The boy was to be called Thomas and the girl Anna. It was here that Frederick scored a small victory, for Anne could have no complaint: to object was to go against her very self.

And so the name Elliot was never passed down the Walter Elliot lineage: Elizabeth never produced offspring, Mary never thought to use it and Anne rejected it outright.