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"Two out of three ain't bad," said Lillian.

"Did you just quote Meat Loaf?" asked Annie incredulously.

"I hardly think pregnancies are something to joke about," stated Helen, looking green around the gills.

"Oh come on," protested Lillian. "Don't you think it's kind of cool that we're all expecting together?"

Seeing her friend's excited face, Annie caved. "Yeah."

"Say what you like," groaned Helen. "I've got the demon spawn in me."

As she reached for the bucket and was promptly sick, Annie sprinted from the room seconds later to be sick in the kitchen sink. It was Lillian who remained in the lounge room oblivious, quite happily stuffing her face with chocolate dipped strawberries.

It didn't all go smoothly, for four months later, Lillian had a scare when she went into labour and gave birth to a baby girl four weeks early. Izabela Price was in intensive care for three weeks before being allowed home to her worried parents.

There was little drama to be had for Helen and her out of town husband as Perry Arthur Johnston Harris IV arrived on his due date, as was expected of him.

Meanwhile, Annie suffered through the hottest summer on record, six days overdue. She tried everything – sex, chilli, running (though it was more like fast waddling), more sex, even rodízio – before being rushed to hospital in Nathan's police car and finally giving birth to Walker Rhodes.

Where Helen and Artie had only the best care money could buy and Lillian refused to let anyone near her little girl, Annie's little Walker was happy with a boob to feed off and arms to hold him.

With only a month between them, Artie, Izy and Walker couldn't have grown up any more different, but that is a story for another time.