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This story seems to be one of my best yet though I will warn you, you may have a cavity after reading it so if you hate dentists, be careful.

So, let's give you a bit of info on it shall we? This is going to be a similar set up to my doctor who story ' A Journey Amongst The Stars'. Yes, it was my first one on this account and I'm very proud so if you like the bow tie wearing alien with 2 hearts, give it a read.

For those who haven't read it, it's rather simple. Life has never been sweeter since... will consist of one shots based around my character Luna, Willy, Charlie, The Buckets and the Oompa Loompas. It will you tell about their lives together and such but won't be in order. This prevents me getting bored and you waiting for months until I can finally be bothered to update it.

Oh and before I forget, the Wonka is a nice little mixture of Wilder and Depp. You see, I love them both so much that I couldn't choose but he might also be a bit OOC. Can't help it.

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Here it is, the first chapter of my newest creation. God, I feel like god.

Hope you enjoy.

" You can't just keep sponging off me! You're like your whore of a mother was, taking every penny I earn, benefiting from my hard work! Do something useful and get yourself another fucking job!". My father yelled, his words slurring as an effect of the half the bottle of Jack Daniels he had consumed that morning as his breakfast. Standing near the mirror in my room, trying to tune his angry ranting out, I carefully applied a thin layer of foundation onto my cheek as to cover up the latest mark. If I could afford to, I would've made sure it was completely invisible but as I only had a limited amount left, I couldn't over indulge in it. Sadly, that was the only make-up I had because my father didn't want anyone to find out about his little 'habits'. Not good if a lawyer's daughter is walking around sporting bruises and cuts, is it?

Taking one last look at the barely concealed bruise, I began on my hair. Luckily, my hair was rather easy to manage so after running a comb through it quickly, I popped my tattered grey fedora on to tame my curls. Once that was done, I grabbed my bag and made an escape through my bedroom window so I wouldn't have to see that man. The tree which grew beside my window only helped with my retreat so in no time, I was forcing my constantly aching body to walk down to where the small wooden shack used to be. I knew for a fact that Charlie would be waiting for me outside the fencing as usual, wanting me to walk him to school.

Ever since he and his family moved into the chocolate factory, ever since Willy Wonka stole the closest thing to family I had, I was to make sure that he got to school safely. As the Bucket family had always been there for me, accepting me as part of the family and even offering to take me in more than one occasion, I agreed to help him without protest or complaint. I truly loved that family.

Emma Bucket who would constantly enquire about my health while offering me some of what little food they had. Though I constantly declined it in the politest way possible, it didn't stop her from asking.

Noah Bucket was how I always imagined the perfect father to be. He was kind and considerate but at the same time, he could be stern when needs be though unlike my own, he never resulted to violence against anybody... it just wasn't his way.

Despite what most people would've thought, me and grandpa George were incredibly close. He and the other grandparents would tell me and Charlie stories but George always insisted that I sit beside him so he could whisper the 'actual' dialogue as what the others said had to be changed as not to teacher Charlie swear words. I couldn't help but giggle at this as he had heard me curse my father in many different ways, in my different languages.

In my eyes though, grandma Georgina was amazing. No one couldn't help but fall in love with her cute form of insanity and that's exactly what I did. When I was 10, and first began going, she told me that I reminded her of a firefly. Since then, we had the most random conversations about everything and nothing at the same time.

Charlie himself had quickly become the sweet little brother who I adored completely, ever since I offered to take him to the park when his parents were too busy. We had played on everything at least twice and after, I took him to the candy store for a chocolate bar, not knowing that he rarely got one. The tears in his eyes were enough of an indicator of how bad his situation was so it became ritual. Every Saturday, we went to the park and got a candy bar but that was before my mother passed away. The moment that happened and daddy dearest began drinking, it had to stop.

I couldn't help the smile that spread across my lips when I saw him standing there. He wore a pair of clean black trousers and a warm looking jumper made from a deep amethyst coloured wool which seemed to match the scarf I wore perfectly. In my opinion, purple suited him down to the ground but that could've been because it was my favourite colour so I was bias. To close the last few feet between us, I skipped over then ended with an over dramatic bow at the waist and tip of my hat which for some unknown reason, hardly left my head.

" Good morning little man. Ready for adults to cram your head full of useless facts while you dream about new candy ideas?" I asked, throwing an arm around his shoulders and ruffling his hair. Chuckling, he shook his head then grabbed my hand so he could pull me in the opposite direction of the school.

" School's on Easter holiday Lu. Besides, mum and dad want to see you. They said it's been far too long and I can't help but agree. Also, Mr Wonka is keen to meet the person who makes sure the underhanded backstabbing candy making cads stay away from me while I attend school.". Underhanded backstabbing candy making cads? That man had one hell of a dictionary and Charlie had one hell of a tongue if he could say that at that speed without once slipping up. Sighing, I allowed him to drag me towards the large, sinister looking factory.

The last time I had been so close, close enough that I could reach out and stroke the gates, was when Charlie went in with the other 4. I waited there, in the snow for 6 hours, until everyone came out but he didn't. Then, a tapping sound came to my attention. Looking up, I saw Joe and Charlie in a glass box though I couldn't clearly see the person hitting the wall with a cane. By the time I reached their house with a candy bar for my little brother, all that was there was a group of sad buckets, a whole in the roof and a sobbing Charlie.

Instead of going through the large iron gates like I believed we would, he lead me through a small door in the wall, right near the back of the factory. Once in the grounds, he held two fingers at the camera, liking giving a peace sign before crossing his arms over his chest. From my viewpoint, it was as though he was Aladdin, trying to open the cave but where Aladdin had failed a few times, Charlie didn't. The large door in front of us opened to reveal a sight I didn't think was possible... a tiny man, like 2 feet, in a red latex suit with a silver Wonka 'W' on the front.

" Wow. Does this Wonka fellow have some kind of latex fetish or something?" I asked, winking at the blushing Charlie. Bless him. He was so innocent when it came to anything to do with sex but that's only because his family were rather old fashioned. Personally, I didn't see the point of keeping it a secret from them. If you can't talk to your parents about it, who can you talk to? The creepy guy next door? no. Your friends? Most would miss understand. However, it wasn't my place to tell him but it didn't mean I would hide myself from him. I was a naturally filthy 18 year old and wasn't afraid to show it. You get what you see with me, simple as.

" Oh come on Luna. Mum's making breakfast. How do waffles drowning in chocolate syrup sound?".

" I don't know. Lots of bubbling? Tiny sweet screams while they die of tooth ache?" I replied sarcastically, rolling my eyes at him as he lead me down lots of halls. Really, I didn't take that much notice of my surroundings because it was nice to see Charlie like this. He looked healthy and happy which was good but something else seemed different. He seemed to have a sparkle in his eye... something that wasn't there before but I loved it. Then, before I knew it, he was showing me a huge room that looked like wonderland!

The air smelled like candy apples and chocolate... just the smell made my mouth water. One wall was covered in a dark chocolate fudge with chocolate cascading down it. A chocolate waterfall! Gummy bear trees and weeping willows growing toffee apples were planted all over. Huge red mushroom with whipped cream were dotted around and I was expecting a blue caterpillar to be waiting there, smoking some kind of crack pipe.

" Wonderful, isn't it? That waterfall in a 100% pure milk chocolate. You see, the waterfall is key. It churns it up, making it light and frothy. No other chocolate factory in the world mixes its chocolate by water fall dear girl, and you can take that to the bank.". Startled out my thoughts, I turned around to come face to face with a complete stranger though Charlie didn't seem to panic so it could only mean one thing... it was Willy Wonka.

He had a rather ghostly complexion and his reddish brown hair didn't help it at all. Then, there were his pink lips but one thing about him was rather... captivating in a way. His eyes. They were the prettiest shade of purple I had ever seen but somehow, I knew that they weren't contacts. The colour wasn't a natural eye colour but it was too subtle to be fake. They drew me in, holding me in their depths yet for some reason, he didn't look away so for a few moments, we were locked in each other's gaze.

" Lu... Willy... Helloooooo? Anyone at home?" Charlie cooed playfully, penetrating through the thick fog that swirled around my mind. Blinking a couple of times, I dragged my eyes away from his and looked down at my little brother who was grinning creepily.

" Hey Charlie... The Cheshire cat called, he wants his smile back.".

" Oh, well did you miss the Hatter's call? He wants his madness back."

" How dare you! I am not mad! I am simply... okay, yes, I'm off my rocker but all the best people are. I mean, look at Mr Willy Wonka here for example. He made edible birds, made a palace out of chocolate for Prince Pondicherry, locked himself away for 15 years, re-opened his factory to 5 children before turning 4 of them into a circus freak show then leaving my little brother crying in the middle of the house... did I miss anything? Oh yeah, he stole my fa- my friends from me. Bloody fantastic!" I cried, yelling by the end of it. He might have been handsome and had a good sense of style with his plum coloured velvet coat but I still didn't like him for what he had done in the past!

All the tall man did was bow his head slightly but I didn't care about him. What I cared about was the look of muted anger on Charlie's face. He didn't seem too happy of what I had said; I just couldn't help myself. That man, though I hardly knew him, had taken so much from me and done something bad to someone I loved. He deserved to be yelled at.

" Luna! I thought you had gotten over that!"

" No Charlie, I haven't. It's okay for him. He didn't have to try and stop you from crying, did he? No. Instead, he left that job to me and your mum while he flew here to make more candy. Then, when he couldn't make anything tasty, he came back. He allowed you to come here... but... look, it doesn't matter. Tell your folks I said hi. I should really get going. I need to go job hunting.". With a small salute, I turned around, intent on retracing my steps but a pair of small hands grabbed my upper arm and my forearm, causing me to hiss in pain and pull away. A sharp pain shot from my wrist, followed by the feeling of something warm spilling out. On instinct, I knew that one of them had split open again.

" What's wrong with you arm?" Charlie asked, suspicion creeping into his voice. Wincing, I cleared my throat gently. He had thought it was over and I couldn't bring myself to tell him other wise. Usually, he'd believe whatever I told him, taking it as fact but now...

" Nothing sweetie. I just knocked it on the way out of the house this morning."

" Really? Why don't you take your jacket off? It's really hot in here."

" Nah. I'm fine. I've just got to go. See you in a couple of weeks."

" Luna!"

" Fine!" I shouted, pulling my jacket off of my body. The vest I wore showed the bruises on my arms, all in various stages of healing. Some were black, others blue and the rest a fading yellow though all were in the shape of hand prints. When I looked down, I knew I was right. One of the cuts on my wrist had ripped open once more, causing a small trickle of crimson to drip down my skin though I stopped it falling with my other hand, choosing to apply a little bit of pressure.

" My lord, what have you been doing to yourself?" Wonka asked, seeming to have forgotten that I didn't wish to speak to him. Looking up, I wanted to glare at him but something stopped me... something in his eyes. Understanding. Empathy. Those emotions stopped me from glaring so instead, I hung my head in shame.

" You promised that you had stopped. You swore on your mother's grave that you stopped doing this to yourself! You swore that he'd stopped!"

" Charlie, he had. He had stopped a week before you left but then... he got a call from some man, my mum's lover, asking if it was true about what he heard... about her being dead. He started drinking again that day and it was okay. He just yelled at first, punching the walls but then... I couldn't tell you! Though I loathe to admit it, you're better off here with the man who made you cry because he makes you so happy! I couldn't spoil that by bringing my problems up again."

" So you lied? Those bruises on your face! You didn't fall out of bed or bang your head in the middle of the night. He was hitting you again and you didn't even tell me about it!"

" It's none of your concern. You're a child. You're the heir to the greatest candy business on the planet. It's not your place to worry about me."

" I love my family Luna! You're my sister and I love you! Why wouldn't you tell me? Don't you trust me any more?". The tears that slowly began to fill his eyes were enough to make my heart break. Pulling him to me, I hugged him close to me, crouching down so he could rest his head on my shoulder. While this happened, Willy looked down with sadness. Meeting his eyes, I carefully gestured to the wooden shack in the middle of the candy wonderland. As if understanding me, he began to walk over, his candy filled cane in hand and hat resting proudly on top of his head.

" Honey, I trust you more then anyone. You're my little brother, you know that, don't you?-" feeling him nod against the side of my neck, I continued. "- Look, I didn't want to make you upset okay? I don't like it when you cry which was why I snapped at Wonka. I love you okay? Just... this is nothing, really. I'll be fine so I want you to wipe your eyes on my jacket, cover it up in snot if it'll make you feel better. Then, I want you to smile and stick your tongue out at me.". Pulling away from my embrace, he took my jacket sleeve in his hand and did as I asked, wiping his eyes and nose with it. I didn't really care. Clothes will wash.

" Are you feeling better now? Because I distinctively remember you mentioning screaming pancakes...". At that moment, both of our stomachs rumbled so with a quiet chuckle, paired with a watery one, we made our way over to the shack, our fingers interlocked and swinging between us. When we entered, we were met with a hundred questions.

" Is it true Luna?"

" Again?"

" How bad this time?"

" Why didn't you do to the police sweetheart?"

" Enough... please guys. I haven't seen you all in 4 months and you begin asking questions about that jerk at home?". Mrs Bucket walked over, quickly wrapping me up in a hug which I couldn't help but return enthusiastically. She was my surrogate mother. Her arms always seemed to be so warm and welcoming that I almost wept right at that moment.

" We're sorry dear... It's just that Willy mentioned the cutting and we got worried.". Growling, I shot a look over to the chocolatier who had the good sense to look down in embarrassment at that moment.

" You know Willy, I had forgiven you in my head... for making Charlie cry because I saw that you regretted it which is good. But then, you go and ruin it by telling the family that worries about EVERYTHING about that? You know what, give me your hat." I ordered after Emma released me, opening my hand for his top hat.

" You can dream about touching my hat dear girl but you're not doing such a thing."

" oh really?"

" Really."

" Fine". With that, I launched myself at him. After a couple of seconds of struggling, I managed to grab it and hit him in the shoulder with it repeatedly.

" You idiotic... moronic... buffoon! You... call... yourself... a …. candy making …. genius!" I yelled through everyone's laughter, hitting him with every hit. Though, it wasn't long before my sides were aching from laughing so much so I handed him it back.

" There. You're officially forgiven now."

" Nice to know. Now... who wants pancakes?" Emma asked, her question being met with 8 enthusiastic shouts. Before long, we were all sat around the table, chomping eagerly on pancakes, killed by a chocolate sauce overdose and to me... life had never been sweeter.

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