Author Note:

I've been reading so many wonderful stories on this website! While reading, this idea began to develop in my head and I decided to give it a try! Often Bella and Edward feel an instant connection or a complete adoration towards each other fro the very beginning. I wonder though, what if one of them isn't necessarily open to the idea of them being together? Would that be a fun story to read..?

So... This is my first attempt at writing fanfiction and honestly, I have no idea if it will be any good :D So please tell me at the end of this first chapter if you would like to read a second chapter (and maybe even a third one?). Be honest, I can handle it (but only if you have exclusively positive things to say of course).

Chapter One

This was ridiculous. Why was here again? No, the more important question was: how could one get all these crazy women to stop screaming? I knew why I was here. The Black Keys. I was going to see them play live, and I would do anything to make that happen. Even if it meant enduring the craziness of women that were in love with some fictional character. I mean, for the love of God, he was not that good looking. When I looked to my right, I saw Alice with her fingers pushed in her ears and a look of sheer panic in her eyes. I almost felt sorry for her. Almost. Because I remembered damn well she was the reason we were here. She was the reason we were not going to the concert tonightbut instead had to settle for only one song they were going to play on the popular late night show "Tanya Talks". I was very much hoping they would maybe do a few more as a "warm up the crowd" kind of thing, but looking around me I realized this crowd could use a cool down. After giving Alice one of my best death glares – I knew it was a good one because she pushed her fingers even further into her ears, she must have reached her eardrums by now - I turned back to the stage.

The Black Keys were my new favorite band, and when I discovered they were giving a concert in Chicago, I screamed loudly, much like the woman to my right was doing for the last hour. Yes, I said hour. Alice, my former best friend, was supposed to get us tickets online as soon as it was humanly possible. Since I had to work a shift at the restaurant, I had no choice but to leave the task to her. Yeah, I was never doing that again. Of course she apologized a billion times, and come on I had to understand that when Zara presented their new exclusive line on the internet "it was a chance no girl could pass on". Apparently, I was not a girl.

After five hours of the silent treatment and a lot of my infamous death glares, she figured out that this was not something I would easily forgive. It was quite an achievement for her; she was probably one of the most tactless persons I knew. But she pulled some strings, called some people in the fashion industry that owed her for a thing or two and here we were: in the audience at Tanya Talks. Which was actually kind of cool. I mean, she was a legend, and I watched her show multiple times after school. But I very conveniently forgot the hysterics that are very much part of it, especially when it's Tanya giving her favorite things away. However, today was not such a day. Today, apparently, was all about presenting the favorite thing of the female and gay population of America. Alice failed to mention this small fact to me, knowing that in my current state I would not be very pleased to know that the chance of actually hearing the Black Keys would be rather slim due to hundreds of hysterically excited women. But I was going to see them play, hear them sing and nothing could spoil that for me. It was the mantra that I forced to play as some kind of screensaver in my mind, trying to block out all other noise. Which was as easy as convincing my dad to let me get a belly button ring when I was thirteen.

"Can't believe we are going to see him! He will be less than 25 yards away, do you think he will see us? How does my hair look? I think this new color will match with his hair color perfectly, what do you think?" the woman next to me asked her friend.

This was actually an improvement: she was now talking instead of making unintelligible sounds. However, her reddish hair looked ridiculous on her, especially with that way too tight pink dress she was wearing. Seriously, you would think that her friend would tell her she was embarrassed by even being associated with her. Ah, the difficulty of friendship.

"Oh my God I still can't get over the fact that you're actually wearing that oversized Black Keys t-shirt, Bella. What if the camera points at us, someone we know is watching and sees you in this state of being absolutely underdressed? You embarrass me, Swan, you really do. Why couldn't you have worn the outfit I laid out for you?" See, that was why Alice is still my best friend.

"Ali, I'm here for one reason only and you know this. And since when have I ever cared what people think of my clothes?" She rolled her eyes at me, probably remembering that day not too long ago when I had stepped out of our apartment in my jeans that had more holes in them than actual fabric. I had totally worn them out, but they were comfy and I didn't care that "I would freak people out" – Alice's words, not mine. But I did listen to her today when she forced me out of said jeans, drawing the line at a public freak show. Looking around me, I knew that my favorite jeans were neither a sufficient nor were they a necessary condition to create a freak show. I swear I just saw a woman kissing a picture of him. Or was it a guy? People are crazy.

Today's show was all about Edward Cullen. What kind of a name is that anyway? Were his parents high when they gave him such a dorky name? I really hoped Tanya would ask him that question. He was a famous actor now and just recently starred in a new movie, one without vampires. Didn't know that was possible. Anyway, it was a reason for public appearances and therefore in a few minutes he would be sitting on that couch. One hour ago, one of the production assistants told us all that not only was he here to talk about his new movie and other stuff (insert a lot of squealing and shrieking), there was also going to be a surprise for the audience. Three women fainted when they heard that. And we didn't even know what the surprise was going to be. There were probably eight ambulances lined up outside for when they revealed this big secret. At least one heart attack was about to happen.

"Will everybody please sit down and be silent. Once Tanya walks in through that door on the left over there, you can stand and applaud. Please try to watch the signals on the screen that will indicate when it has to be quiet again. We need silence during the show for everybody to actually hear the interview." It was clear that Mr. Assistant was as pleased about the – mostly middle-aged – huddle of women as I was. I liked him immediately.

It got quiet and I fully enjoyed those peaceful moments, knowing they would be over very soon. Then Tanya came on stage and I jumped up. I felt the energy in the room change and immediately was drawn into the show. Her entrance also meant that we were again a step closer to seeing the Black Keys. I felt Alice's hand squeeze mine, and looking at her gigantic smile I knew she realized the same thing.

"Hellooooooooooo everybody, welcome to another Tanya Talk! Today we have as our guests the leading actor and actress of the new blockbuster movie See you later. Thankfully we will be seeing them sooner, instead of later! They are here to tell us about their latest experience on the big screen. And maybe we'll even hear something about the latest developments in their love lives as well." Screaming right in my ear. Yep, that was it, I was going to be deaf in one hour.

"On top of that there will be music from the Black Keys, whose music stars in the movie as well."

"Woooohooooooooooooooo!" Alice and I did our best to make the reason for our presence known. My neighbor stopped hyperventilating for a moment to give me a weird and uncomprehending look. Yeah bitch, not everyone was here to drool all over Mr. Cullen, get over it.

Ah what song would they play? Probably the song specially made for this movie. But I was hoping for Everlasting Light, it was my favorite. Someone asking you to be their everlasting light? Yeah, that had to be one of the most romantic things ever. Ali made fun of me when I confessed this to her. I wasn't exactly a – loveydovey - kind of person, and romance mostly made me laugh instead of.. eh what were you supposed to do when someone did a romantic thing? Exactly, that was how little feeling of romance I had in my entire body. There was alcohol involved when I told her about being someone's everlasting light and by the end of that night she had three different guys coming up to me and asking something about a light. The last guy apparently didn't quite understand her, asking me for an everlasting light while he was holding a cigarette between his lips. We laughed, very hard. She was only joking, because she was actually always pushing me to be more into the whole love thing. I hadn't had a single date since I moved to the US from back home in the Netherlands. She understood that for the last few months taking care of myself was all I was capable of doing. I couldn't even begin to think about someone else in that picture as well. That was very slowly changing, however, and I was glad for it.

"Whether he's a good kisser? Well Tanya, I never kiss and tell, haha." Fake laughter caught my attention. I had been so absorbed in my own thoughts that I failed to notice that the first guest had already appeared on stage and was now sitting on Tanya's couch. Who was she again? I turned my head to Alice to ask her, when she already whispered the answer in my ear: "That's Leah, his costar in the movie. She always wears way too slutty clothes which is a real shame cause she has a perfect figure."

"But if you only look at those lips, you don't really need my answer, do you?" Leah said.

The public went wild when they showed a picture of him on the screens. Oh wow, and this was only his picture. I was beginning to fear for the lives of some of the women here today.

"So tell me, Leah, what are your plans for the future?"

I zoned out again, not very interested in Leah's movie ambitions. My thoughts drifted off to my own ambitions. What was I going to do? I was reaching a point where I knew I couldn't much longer work at Rich's Flavors. Not that I didn't like it there; I actually loved it. Rich, the owner, was one of the most eccentric people I ever met and I instantly adored him. Only the nicest people worked there, and I quickly became part of the family. Which was a good thing, since my own family was an ocean away. But working there was becoming more and more a postponement of making choices than something else. While I was preoccupied with my own thoughts, Alice shoved her elbow into my side.

"What the hell, Ali, that hurts like crazy!"

"Well, Bella. I know that look on your face and it means you were shutting the whole world out and I thought you might like to know", and then she raised her voice to maximum volume "that the band is coming on stage at this very moment."

Her yelling in my face had me turning my head to the stage immediately. I got that euphoric feeling in my stomach when something that you are looking forward to with your whole being is about to start. Dan, the lead singer, announced that they would play their new song and although it wasn't the one I wanted to hear, I was excited to hear their new material. Once he struck the first chord, I was lost in the music. I didn't hear what Alice said to me, I didn't hear all the other women that were undoubtedly waiting for the song to be over, I didn't have any thoughts going through my mind anymore. I just stood there, swaying lightly from side to side as I let myself drown in the music. Every note they played, every word his voice sang, they all washed over me and in that moment I was extremely content. All too soon it was over and Tanya was hugging and thanking them. As I watched them leave, I once again felt a pang of jealousy for all the people who did get a ticket to their concert tonight.

"You think they will play that one song you love so much tonight at the concert?" Yep, tactless. I turned to Alice, searching for the perfect smartass answer, but I couldn't even start my sentence.

"Ladies, I know you have had to be patient, but the moment you've been waiting for is here. The man that stars in your wildest dreams, the face we all wish we could look at all day long, the body we wish we had in bed next to us all night long: he was voted sexiest man alive two years in a row and on top of that he is an amazing actor as well. Please welcome, Edwaaaaaaaard Cullennnnnn!"

An earthquake, something along the lines of 5 on the Richter scale: that was the best description for the situation when he entered the stage. The women went crazy; they went wild. It was like throwing one piece of delicious meat in the middle of a large group of starving lions. All the women actually reached for him, their arms outstretched towards him hoping to somehow feel him even though they were far away. The noise was literally indescribable. Alice and I looked like idiots, frantically pushing our fingers in our ears, and it helped not one little bit. I was scared, to be honest. And I actually felt bad for the guy, this had to be scary for him too, right? He looked a little afraid and maybe even a little nervous, constantly touching his hair. Once the noise died down – which took five minutes and a lot of angry warning signals from Mr. Assistant – Tanya turned to him.

"So Edward, does this always happen when you enter a room?" Everybody laughed. You had to give it to her, she knew how to break the ice. They started talking about his movie and I found myself listening intently. He seemed like a genuine person, something that I didn't expect really.

"I'm actually quite nervous about this movie. I mean people always associate me with my role in the "Taste my Blood" series. Don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful for what that role has brought me, but when your own mother is starting to call you Drake, you know something has to change. So this movie feels like a whole new beginning, and I'm terrified of failing and reading devastating reviews in the paper."

"Well, I saw it already and I absolutely loved it. You were very convincing as the widowed father of an 8 year old. The chemistry between you and him is amazing by the way. How was it to act so intensively with a child?"

"Oh it was great! Tyler is one of the easiest kids I ever met. He wasn't nervous at all. I was a wreck sometimes and he would be like, "Edbro, you'll be fine. Just don't think about all these cameras and focus on me." Seriously he was the one keeping me sane. At those moments I thought to myself: do I really need an 8 year old to keep me sane? Which actually made me feel insane again, ha!"

Tanya laughed as she asked "Edbro?"

"Oh yeah, that's his name for me. He likes to call everybody bro, but then he personalizes it so you'll know which bro he is talking about. He's funny like that."

"So tell us about the women in your life." Screaming surrounded me. "That's what they're all here for I'm afraid." More screaming. "Are you dating anybody at the moment?" The screaming was so loud at this point, it was only audible for dogs.

Edward looked around for a moment at all the women and the fear came back into his eyes a little. When he was just talking to Tanya on that couch he was relaxed, joking, even showing that trademark smirk he's famous for. But he suddenly seemed to have realized that those crazy women were still there and ready to jump him.

"Uh yeah. No, I'm not really dating anyone special at the moment." He turned to Tanya, probably to try and relax a bit. "You know how it is in this world, it's hard to see if anyone is interested in you, really getting to know you, or is just enchanted by the fame or the money or whatever."

Pff, what a cliché.

"Yes, I understand completely, it's very difficult. There have been rumors now for years that you were involved with Mischa who also starred in the "Taste my Blood" series. The rumors about Emmett and Rose, your other co-actors, turned out to be true. What about you?"

"I never dated her. She is a really nice person and we get along great. We spend a lot of time together: shooting the movie, doing the press tour, stuff like that. So that made a lot of people think there was more. There never was, though. As for Emmett and Rose, well, he actually wanted to pursue a relationship with me. I mean, he is desperately in love with me, carries my picture with him all the time. Stuff like that. But I told him over and over again: it ain't gonna happen. So eventually he settled for Rose."

He had me laughing really hard at that one. Rosalie Hale was one of the most popular actresses in the world, she was stunningly beautiful, got her college degree in psychology and came across as very funny in the few interviews I read with her. She was the perfect woman.

Alice was not really sitting beside me anymore, she was kind of bouncing. She had this kind of dreamy expression in her eyes as she was starting to get infatuated with Edward like everybody here seemed to be. She was moving her head constantly to get a better view of him. Locking her eyes with mine, she said, "Switch seats with me, you have a better view of the stage and the Black Keys left already, so there's no reason for you to want to sit there anymore, right?"

"Ali, come on, just stay where you are. He will be gone in like 10 minutes, probably."

"Please Bella, you'll be my favoritest bestest friend, I promise", she all but whined. Truthfully, although my neighbor scared me, Alice's neighbor was a whole different kind of scary. Her eyes were opened so wide, I believed her eyeballs were about to pop out. But Alice looked at me with those damn puppy eyes, and I sighed heavily but started to get up to switch places. She squealed happily when she found out her new view of Edward was indeed far better than before. I was now mainly looking at a very bad perm of the woman in front of me. Oh well.

"So people, in a minute we're going to watch the trailer of Edward's new movie. But before that happens, I first have a surprise for you!" It actually became very quiet; I didn't expect that. My eyes were on Edward, who started uncomfortably moving on the couch. Did he not know about his surprise? Or did he know and was this knowledge making him uneasy?

"For a good cause, Edbro here has agreed to go on a date with one of the ladies in this audience!"

All hell broke loose when she said that. Oh God no, he had to go out with one of these screamers? Maybe he liked a screamer? Although judging by the look on his face, not so much. There was crying everywhere and I saw at least five women being carried away by security guards.

"So, Edward, what we're going to do is, you say a number between 0 and 500. All 500 seats here are numbered and the number you choose will define the lucky lady who gets to go on a date with you to the best restaurant of Chicago, tonight!"

"Ok then. Well, I guess I'll keep it simple and use my birthday. That's March 11th, so 311 is the lucky number."

All women were franticly looking underneath their seats. But I heard Alice next to me in a very small voice, "That's my number. My seat is 311."

"You're shitting me, right? Are you serious?"

"Yes, YES! It's me! I'm sitting on 311! Oh no. Oh wait. Shit, we switched."

She looked at me now with a look of bewilderment and a little anger. I looked at her, trying to figure out what the problem was exactly. Then it hit me: we switched. I was sitting on seat number 311 and I was the one going to the finest restaurant in Chicago, apparently. Oh shit.

A spotlight hit me and I couldn't see a thing anymore. "Tell me, what is the name of the lady that Edward gets to spend the whole night with?" I heard all the implications in Tanya's question. The whole night. Oh my God. I did not want this, but I couldn't really say that out loud on public television, could I? "Eh, my name is Bella." I think it came out more as a question than an answer.

"Well Bella, congratulations! You'll be brought backstage so you two can meet and hear about all the details of this evening. Have fun!" Applause followed, accompanied by hate radiating off the faces of the women surrounding me. I think I heard the faint sound of eyeballs popping out of their orbits next to me.

"Take off your shirt."

"What? Take off my… what?"

"Bella, look at your shirt, you cannot meet Edward like this, it's embarrassing."

"No way, Ali, the shirt beneath this one is more embarrassing. In fact it's practically non-existent, believe me. It's too small."

"Give me the damn shirt, Bella, slutty is better than ugly."

"You should get that printed on that black dress you wore to your date last night."

"You're calling me slutty?"

"You're calling me ugly?"

She glared at me.

I caved. Why do I always cave? As I pulled the shirt over my head, Mr. Assistant came up to me to guide me backstage. I whispered goodbye to Ali and told her I would text her as soon as I knew more. She hugged me, told me she wasn't jealous at all and wished me good luck. She could lie like a pro. I made a mental note to ask her for advice on that later.

As we walked backstage, Mark – formerly known as Mr. Assistant – was talking to me, but I barely heard a word of what he said. Instead, I was thinking that maybe this wasn't such a bad development after all. Of course, I still had to find a way to get out of this, because there was no way I was going to go out with a famous movie star, but maybe the Black Keys were still around somewhere. I could maybe get them to sign my shirt! Which I wasn't wearing anymore. Damn Alice for taking my shirt. Oh well, I would just let them sign my boobs instead. And then never wash them again. It would have to do. Mark brought me to some kind of dressing room and told me that Edward would come down and meet me here when the trailer finished. I took a deep breath. Okay, it wasn't going to be hard to cancel the date. He probably wasn't really anxious to date some kind of fan in Tanya's audience. Except of course for the tiny fact that I wasn't a fan. I started looking around and saw that it was a kind of modest dressing room. Seeing all the stuff in there, I guessed that it was probably Edward's. On the table lay a picture of him and another guy. Edward had his arm around the guy's neck in a tight grip like they were wrestling, and they were both laughing really hard. I smiled at the faces before me, as the fun they had in that moment literally radiated from the picture.

"That's my cousin, Jasper. I like to think I'm stronger than he is, but the truth is, two seconds after that picture was taken, he had me lying on the ground."

"Oh well, you can always blame that momentary weakness due to the flash of the camera."

"I tried that, but since there was no flash, I didn't only seem weak, I also came across as quite stupid."

I turned around and smiled at him. He was smiling right back at me and suddenly I understood why women fainted when they saw him. They were right; he was gorgeous. Hopefully there would still be one ambulance waiting outside.

"Hi, I'm Edward." When the words left his lips, he seemed to realize that they were kind of overdue.

"Oh yeah, I thought you looked familiar," I said with a grin. "I'm Bella."

"So, about this date…"

I breathed in. Here we go. "Yes about that, you really shouldn't go on a date with me."