Adventure Time isn't mine, just these insane little stories.

A/N: I'd like to dedicate this series to a few good people.

KokoDee, whom I've named the series after (look close enough, you'll see it) and whose awesome Adventure Time fics inspired me to create the original eight that lead to this crack travesty~ X3

Bigslayerguyman, whom I think is the biggest supporter of my Adventure Time stuff and a really nice dude, who convinced me to make this into a sort-of series~

And special mention to a few others, such as ZeRo, jeffreestarluvr and heyshaulls, who are totes awesome~

Seriously, dudes/dudettes, you rule~

Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to clear up some things that may make people confused, since my original eight were kinda all over the place timeline-wise.

-Finn and Lee are still married with a kid. Yeah, like I'd just plot bunny THAT away. X3

-There's Bubblegum/Marceline within, but as of now, it's 'sort of' one-sided on Marceline's part. Dunno where I'm gonna go with that, if anywhere.

-While I refer to the setting Land of Ooo, the residents of Aaa are, obviously, included. Bubblegum and Gumball sort of share the Candy Kingdom, Finn and Fionna have their own equally awesome treehouses, but there are two separate Ice Kingdom's, with the one I'll be using a lot being the Ice Queen's. 'Cuz she's SO BOSS.

-Since Gwynn is my first OC for this story, more may follow. I know for a fact that there's gonna be a few more, but you'll have to be good little peeps and wait. ;)

And other technical stuff that I'm sure you're all smart enough to figure out on your own as the story progresses. Keep in mind I've got no set deadline for this thing, but as it's a slice-of-life, there's no technical end! Yay! Now on with the show~! ^.^