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"Kyaaaaaa!" I heard my Mother squealed.

"M-other! What are you….? We were just…." I got so flustered I couldn't even finish my sentences but mother cut me off thankfully.

"Oh don't mind me sweetheart I just come here to tell you dinners ready but if you want some time alone that's…." she said in the flirty voice 'geesh mother'

"No that's ok!" I yell cutting her off come on Yuuri lets go I said helping him up from the couch.

"Ah ok", Yuuri said as we made our way into the dining room where I saw Conrad and surprisingly Gwendal I thought he was at a friend's house? I wonder to myself as mother was introducing Yuuri to Gwendal and Conrad. Gwendal was growling the whole time and glaring at Yuuri with this scary look on his face. As for Conrad he was greeting Yuuri with a warm friendly smile.

"Wolfie dear" mother said bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Yes?" I asked

"Don't just stand there go ahead and seat by Yuuri~…." She said while winking and nudging me in the side.

Mother! Gwendal yelled. "Wolfram is too young for this."

"Now, now Gwennie let the love birds have their fun."

"Mother!" me, Conrad and Gwendal said together.

"He-he" mother giggled.

As mother and Gwendal were arguing I moved towards the table and pulled out the chair next to Yuuri and sat down while pouting.

(Whispering) "You look so cute Wolf" Yuuri said flirtatiously.

"Yuu-uri~" I blushed.


'God that was some dinner' I thought sarcastically going into my room slamming the door shut. I Walk over to the night stand and picked up my diary and lucky pen then went to seat on my bed and started writing.

Dear diary,

Ah, you won't believe what happen during dinner. Gosh, I'm so pissed but anyways this is what happens…

{Flashback dairy style}

"Kya oh Wolfie you and Yuuri look so good together!" mother squeal making both me and Yuuri blush beat red in the face.

"So Yuuri" Conrad said before mother could say anything else "how did you and my brother meet?"

"Um…. Well….." Yuuri begun I could tell he was nervous so I took over

"Actually Conrad" I interrupted "we kind of just run into each other ha-ha anyone want some tea" I asked trying to change the subject I did not want them to find out we actually did run into each other like latterly if you know what I mean, and that's only because I don't feel like explaining the whole story. besides if I get on the topic of school they'll start asking all these questions about my school life something I do not feel like answering at all. Especially about my teachers hell no ha-ha, that last part was funny probably because it's so true I thought bitterly then again maybe it's not funny just extremely sad.

"Is that so" Conrad said bringing me out of my thoughts when I embarrassingly looked up at him after realizing I been spaced out for quite a while. Conrad just smiled knowingly at me like he already knew what I was thinking this whole time. Which made me more nervous as a cold chill ran down my spine making it even worst.

"Right, yeah…" I said slowly and started to eat my food.

Ding, dong, ding!

"Ah I'll get it" mother yelled standing up and winking at us before leaving to answers the door.

Who could that be? And why was mother winking at us I asked looking around the table for any answer that my brothers might have but they just gave me a just as confuse expression as I was have right now, confirming that they too don't know what mother was up too.

"Everyone", mother said walking back into the dining room with a smile plastered on her face. "This is Tom B. Stone."

"Tom what?!"

"Wolfram!" Gwendal yelled.

"Ah… I mean lovely name" I said with a fake smile. Looking at Conrad secretly with this oh my god did you just hear what his name was look. Conrad gave me a similar look in return which made me want to laugh out loud but I hold it in because I knew that I would be In trouble if I didn't.

"Thank you" Tom said seating down next to mother at the table. "Well everyone" mother said i have an announcement. 'Here we go' I mumble under my breath and sighed as I took a drink of water. "Tom is my boyfriend."

"What!" I screamed almost choking on my water I'm just surprised I didn't spit it out which I count my lucky stars for that one considering Gwendal is seating right in front of me and it probably would have landed on him and with the face he's already making at this point who knows what would have happened to me if it did.

"Wolfram mind your manners" Gwendal said looking at me in a way that, well let's just say if looks could kill I be dead by now that's for sure.

"I mean…. That's… that's… great I'm happy for you." I said subtle but I'm guessing they brought it because mother and Gwendal stopped glaring daggers at me which I took as a good sign but I don't think Conrad brought in to it to, with him staring at me and all with another knowingly smile but this time with a hint of a plan in it. It gave me some relief I guess I mean some one having a plan is better than no one really. If he even has one that is…


"Oh Yuuri" I said coming out of my thoughts you know with everything going on and Yuuri being so quite all this time I almost forgot that he was hear. Which is bad considering this whole situation is so embarrassing.

"Ah yes" I asked quietly.

"Are you ok?" he asked. aww he looks so worried

"Yeah of course I am." I said and smiled sweetly at him.

"Ok" Yuuri said all shyly and look away from me with this cute expression it made me want to kiss him really bad right now but I can't get distracted especially not after hearing what I just heard. I can't believe mother has a boyfriend one she barely even knows and one that's clearly a total loser.

"So," Conrad said. "What do you do for a living?"

"Oh I'm a baker."

"That's how we met" mother said and continued on with her story by saying "well you all know how much I love to bake…"

"You don't have to tell us twice" I interrupted secretly sarcastic.

"Anyways" mother said. Because "I love to bake so much I ended up going to this cute little bakery not far from here and that's where I meet tom isn't it great."

"Super," I said subtle again with a forced smile trying to hide that fact that I was completely annoyed at this point not that I wasn't before, but now it's even worse and that's saying something really that's for sure. Sigh, why me why did something like this have to happen today not that it would have been better any other day but still. I mean Yuuri's here could this get any more embarrassing.

"Oh tom you look so handsome *giggled*" my mother said in a flirty voice.

Apparently it can.

Gwendal was being Gwendal during the whole ordeal but I could have sworn I saw his wrinkles multiply. Sometimes I feel for big brother but I wanted to scowl too at this moment as well as him. but I swear it was a breaking point for me when I heard this Mr. Tom B. Stone said in a cool, chilling voice to my mother while looking at me "Cheri the youngest one truly looks like you, it's as if he captured all the essence of your beauty" and he kissed her hand.

I could've sworn I saw Yuuri clenched his fist and I got happy for a while but then what my mother said next really threw me for a loop. "awww are you setting your eyes on my cute little Wolfie" she winked and continued "too bad you have to settle for the young vibrant me" she said as she smooched him.

"Don't you agree Yuu-Chan" she asked. While still smooching Tom. Ooohh how I wanted to burn that man alive. how dare he say something so-so vile and stomach wrenching!

As I watched my mother keep… well-being mother I felt a slight squeeze on my hand and was to surprise to see shining, dazzling black orbs looking at me with love in them, and none other than the voice of my love saying "don't worry wolf if anything you are way hotter than your mom". Then can you believe this Yuuri kissed me! Kissed me at the table where my big brother, my little big brother, my mother and her arrrrgghhh thing was sitting. I couldn't believe it. All I could muster out was a very weak "Yuu~RI?"

"Oh ah sorry wolf I kind of got lost looking at your adorable emerald eyes" Yuuri said all lovingly it was like we were the only ones there. Until a squeal, clattering of dishes and I could have sworn I felt the ground beneath my feet shake.

Boy did that ever snapped us out of our own little word. But what was up with Yuuri I can't believe he did that was he trying to cheer me up if so he did a hell of a job. I love him so much. "Um Yuuri this is sweet and all but I think my brothers are about to kill you and my mother is already planning a wedding so if I was you id leave like right now. Come on Yuuri I'll walk you out." I said to him as I dragged him from the table.

"Mother Yuuri's leaving and I'm walking him to the door!" I yelled from the hallway. As we turned the corner I could hear brother Gwendal yelling at the top of his lungs at mother about Yuuri's behavior but I didn't care. What Yuuri did was very sweet. I felt someone tugged my arm and grabbed my waist.

"Yuuri what are you doing? You have to leave big brother Gwendal isn't too happy with your little display just now." I tried to say but it was useless cause as soon as I said that he kissed me so passionately I nearly lost my balance.

"Wolf you have no idea how much I wanted to do that from since I saw you at the door. No wait even before that when I heard you on the phone my heart leap. Wolf I still feel horrible for missing our date even though it was a long time ago I feel as though I still let you down." He said and I could see the guilt in his eyes and it pained me to see it. even though it wasn't his fault Yuuri is just too kind.

"Yuuri~ please look at me" I said as I lifted his head "you got into an accident there is no way you could've made it you were in the hospital." And Yuuri I love you and I hate it when you have that look on your face and I kissed him.

"Wolf I'm so happy you came to Japan because you complete me before I was just a baseball jock still am but now I have you and you're the best thing anyone could have I'll love you forever and I'm still sorry though…"

"I love you Yuuri goodnight I'll see you at school, my family is waiting"

"Ok wolf" he kiss me again "goodnight my love" and then he was gone. When I got back everyone was waiting and demanding an explanation but I was too tired.

"Goodnight everyone and mother Yuuri said thank you for inviting him. And I must bid everyone goodnight and Mr. Tom B Stone please to meet you everyone goodnight."

Then I headed upstairs, And towards my dairy to tell the most amazing night I had with Yuuri, but the most stressful night I had with everyone else.


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