Chapter One

Rose's POV:

Chains. They are epically screwed up. I'm chained to a wall by my wrists and ankles. I struggle against them, thinking of nothing but being free. After a few moments, I realize that this is not only stupid but I should save my energy.

Sighing, I survey the room. There's a camera pointed at me with the recording light on. Someone's using me as a game piece. Unfortuantly for them, I don't want to play their games. The room is relatively dark.

I remember Dimitri, Adrian, Christian, Lissa, and Eddie. We must of been together before this happened... are they here too? Or am I the only one being held captive by an unknown enemy.

I lean back against the wall because I'm already hating this. There's very little slack meaning it'll be extremely painful to attempt to sit down.

"Anyone want to tell me why the hell I'm chained to a wall!" I yell. It's followed by a string of very unlady like language. With what little patience I have, I wait for something to happen.

Dimitri's POV:

I awake with a start. Everything's fuzzy and my head hurts like crazy. I remember walking with everyone and then I remember... Strogoi! I bolt up right, ignoring my woozy feelings. I observe the room I'm in, my guardian skills kicking in. There's a large tv on wall, covering it entirely. I'm on an overstuffed bed. There are five beds in the room, the one I'm laying on and four others. I go and shake awake the other sleeping people.

"Get up! We don't have time for sleeping!" I growl. Christain, Adrian, Lissa, and Eddie. Those are the other four in the room. Everyone is mussed with sleep.

"Where are we?" Lissa asks sleepily, attempting to wake up farther. Christain looks pissed at being woken up.

"I don't know," I say. I search the rest of the area, scoping it out. There are two large closets, and a bathroom. There's someting missing.

"Where's Rose?" I say, beginning to panic a little. I can't find her anywhere.

"You were the first one up, you tell us," Christain retorts, his usual, charming self.

"She's not here?" Adrian asks, finally convincing himself to partially sit up.

"I wouldn't be asking if she were here," I growl, frustrated at the lack of response.

"It's Rose, I'm sure she's alright. Maybe she got away and is getting help," Lissa says optimistically.

"I hope so. We're going to need all the help we can get," Eddie says, coming away from where he was searching the room for any useful weapons. Nothing, as expected.

"I'm afraid your mistaken. Rosemarie is still with us, just not in this room. She's my hostage, as are you. I'm using her to control you. She's quite troublesome, won't stop yelling obsenities. I thought I would take the oppurtunity to show you what happens when you defy me or don't behave yourselves," A voice says from the door, a man with white hair steps in. A flame jumps in Christains hand," Ah-ah-ah. You don't want your friend to get too hurt do you?"

"What do you mean?" I ask icily, stepping in front of the others. Eddie joins me up front.

"Watch," the man says, an amused expression on his face. He pulls a phone out of his pocket and turns on the large tv with the touch of a button on the wall. He places a call," You may begin. Go easy on her. We must have her still intact as our bargaining chip. Not that we can't get another one."

I didn't like the sound of that. The tv comes on and on the screen is a dark room. There's a figure chained to the wall. With a start, I realize that it's Rose. It takes everything I have to not grab the man and shake him and demand that he tells me where she is. Another figure goes in front of the camera. I catch the gleam of a knife and I feel myself pale.

The figure grabs one of Rose's chained wrists and slowly, methodically, begins to cut words into her arm. First on one side, then on the other. A strangled cry comes from my mouth. One look at Lissa lets me see the tears streaming down her face. Adrian looks pissed and repulsed. Christain wraps a comforting arm around Lissa, all the while attempting to keep his own anger reigned in. Eddie's face is dark with anger and I can tell he's close to snapping.

Rose keeps herself in partial control. Her face is etched with pain but she makes no sound. I know that she's in extreme pain, it's definitly not pleasant being tortured. She manages to hang on to some sort of consciousness. Blood streams lightly down her arms. As the carving wraps up, I realize what the words say and I become even more angry. Everything has a red tinge. Carved into her arms are the words 'Blood Whore'.

"She's not one yet but I have a lot of people under my control, if you cross me... I'm sure I can find someone who can change that," He smiles like this is not terrible. I struggle to keep some sort of control," I did you the favor of setting up a two-way connection so you can talk to each other."

Rose's POV:

The pain is excruciating. Nothing like being tortured to make you wish you were normal. It takes everthing I have not scream. After the woman finishes, she sets up a large tv and turns it on. I see the faces of my friends: Dimitri, Lissa, Christain, Adrian, and Eddie. I almost sigh in relief to see them alive. I would have if I hadn't been in so much pain.

"Roza? Are you okay?" Dimitri asks tentavily. I can only nod for fear of my voice giving away my fear and my pain. I didn't want to show weakness. The woman leaves.

"I-I my arms hurt," I murmur, almost feeling a little sleepy. I start to drift off.

"Rose? Roza! Stay with me now! Stay awake," Dimitri pleads. I struggle, holding on to the sound of his voice.

"Rose, we're going to find a way to get you out of here," Lissa says, her soft voice doing little to help this time.

"There has to be something we can do," Christain growls, I can see him faintly as he paces the floor on the screen.

"Hey Sparky," I say, attempting to keep myself awake.

"Hey Smartass. Looks like we got into trouble," Christain says, attempting, I think, to be nice to me.

"We're always in trouble Sparky. I thought you knew that," I say, being my usual, smartass self.

"I have decided to make this amusing for myself. We're going to play a game," some old guy says.

"A game? Are you stupid?" I snap. He ignores me.

"I will let all 5 of you out of the room to look for your precious Rosemarie. If you find her, you win. The catch is my Strogoi will be looking for you. If you find her then you can leave. If my people find you, then you go back to this room and stay here," the man says, obviously enjoying himself.