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Erin sighed irritably, shoving Bertrand away.

"I can't do this, I'm only human."

"Which is why you have to," He countered, just as annoyed. He'd not signed up for this, he'd thought he'd be training the chosen one and that was it, but no, Vlad just couldn't handle betrayal and now as his punishment for what he'd done prior to Sethius's return he had to train her. The puny, irritating slayer girl who at this point, he couldn't believe was even a slayer at all with her lack of skills.

"You don't believe that," She rolled her eyes, tugging the sleeves on her sweater down restlessly. "You just know if I quit you'll get blamed."

He didn't bother denying it. "You still should learn," He admitted, his scowl never faltering. She crossed her arms and walked back to the punching bag.

"Then teach me something for once."

He held back his frustrated growl and moved to the other side, holding it. "Aim for the Count's head." He muttered, though really it needed no explanation.

"Maybe we should replace that with a photo of you."

Ingrid picked at her nail polish and raised an eyebrow as she watched Renfield chase Wolfie through the living room. It was something out of a sickly family sitcom really, and it'd happened so many times lately that she wondered who would get in trouble, Wolfie or Renfield? Because one of them surely would, they'd broken several of the Count's treasured bottles of blood in the last week.

"Come here you stupid mutt! You need a flea bath!"

"I don't want one, go away!"

"I don't care if you want one!"

"Leave me alone!"

"Don't make me hurt you, Wait yes, Do!"

Wolfie spun and Renfield smirked, thinking he had him cornered. He approached slowly.

"Good dog."

Ingrid herself let out a little snarl at that, and Wolfie just shot her a sneaky look before moving to stand in front of Renfield.

"Okay, I'll have a bath."

Renfield leant down to pick him up, and Wolfie grinned, kicking him hard between the legs, sticking his tongue out, and running off.

Ingrid laughed, beyond amused, and watched as Renfield swore and shuffled out of the room after Wolfie, obviously in a lot of pain.

"What are you laughing at?" Vlad asked, dropping down beside her.

"Nothing you'd find funny. Dead puppies and whatnot." She shrugged. She didn't mean to ward him off, she just hated to be close to anyone here. She couldn't get close again, not with her plan's climax fast approaching. She'd already become far too attached to Wolfie, she was even considering taking him with her at one point, it disgusted her.

"Oh yes, because I'm sure that your mind is a dark disturbing place that's far too scary for me." Vlad said sceptically.

"Oh believe me, it is." She smirked, fiddling with a piece of peeled polish before simply dropping it on the table before her.

"Oh come on Ingrid, when are you actually going to talk to me?" Vlad frowned, leaning forward so they were looking straight at each other.

"We're talking right now." She stated coldly, leaning back in her chair and levelling her gaze at him.

"Not like we used to. Remember when you were going to run away with Will? We talked then, properly talked and we were friends, sort of. Why does it have to be so different now?" His eyes were wide and honest and he looked like he genuinely didn't understand. And that's what Ingrid hated the most. He didn't see how twisted she'd gotten.

"In case you forgot, Will died." She hissed, before getting to her feet and speeding out.

Vlad sighed, dropping his head against the dining table. It really did seem that things would never be fixed.

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