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"Just take it," Sam said.

"No," Rachel said shoving the jacket off her. Sam had been trying (and failing) to get her to wear his jacket so no one could see her outfit.

"Eyes up asshole," Sam said as they passed a group of football players checking her out. Or more thinking when did Crazy Berry get those?

"Hey Sam," Finn said coming up to him, "Who is...Rachel?" He hadn't even recognized her.

"Hello Finn," Rachel said polity. She was a little offended. Five years he had known her and one wardrobe change, a touch of make-up, and suddenly she was unrecognizable.

"You look great," Finn said and Rachel smiled.

"Thank you." Rachel said.

"Berry!" Someone called and Sam turned around and saw Puck coming towards them. His eyes widened when he saw Rachel.

"Hello Noah," Rachel said and Puck just looked at her.

"You look weird," Puck finally said.

"Oh," Rachel said disappointed at his reaction, "Santana got to me, I was her project last night."

"Well you don't look like you and it is kind of freaking me out," Puck said.

"Maybe you just don't know me Puckerman," Rachel said and walked away.

"Puck stop looking at my sister's ass!" Rachel heard Sam say as she turned the corner.


"So what did he say?" Santana asked.

"He said I looked weird and was freaking him out," Rachel said not trying to hide her disappointment. To her surprise Santana smirked. "What?"

"This is good," Santana told her, "That means he never wanted you to change. Now it goes to step two."

"What is step two?" Rachel asked.

"Jealousy," Santana replied, "You are known as "Sneaky Hot" because of dress like a five year old, but have a great ass and awesome legs." Rachel blushed. "Now however, you are flaunting your hotness. When Puck sees other guys going for you he isn't going to like it. No matter how he claims to feel about you."

"How is this suddenly supposed to make him like me?" Rachel asked, "Just because he might get jealous or doesn't think I need to change doesn't mean he has feelings for me."

"Rachel, Puck sleeps around," Santana said, "He has been with a lot of girls and slept with them once and never looked back. The fact that he hasn't done that with you, even knowing how much you like him, shows that he respects you enough not to be just a hook up. Puck respects you Rachel."

"Doesn't mean he wants me," Rachel said looking at her feet.

"Yet," Santana said and walked away, "Come on Berry, we got Glee."

"You're joining Glee!" Rachel said catching up with her.

"Why not?" Santana said with a shrug, "Someone has to make sure you don't make an ass of yourself in front of Puckerman."


"So let's welcome our new members Puck, Finn, Mike, and Santana!" Mr. Schue said excitement evident in his voice, "Just two more members and we have enough to compete for sectionals!" Rachel grinned and clapped happily. Puck rolled his eyes.

"I am in hell," Puck said and Sam shoved him.

"Okay pair up," Mr. Schue said, "Finn and Santana, Puck and Rachel, Sam and Mercedes, and Mike and Tina. Sorry Artie, Kurt, we will try and get some more girls."

First thing they noticed, Finn cannot dance. But Mike can and he was awesome. Puck and Sam weren't bad dancers either, they just needed some training. It wasn't till the group number that things got interesting.

Quinn had been at a Cheerios meeting because she had just been named captain when she walked by the choir room and saw her boyfriend touching a girl that was not her. Sure it seemed like they were just dancing, but Quinn only saw a girl touching her boyfriend.

"What is this?" Quinn said storming into the classroom.

"Glee Club?" Sam said weakly. He hadn't exactly told her about it.

"How are you in Glee Club?" Quinn asked seeing all the jocks.

"Guilt," Sam answered.

"Blackmail," Puck told her.

"Boredom," Santana replied.

"Blackmail?" Mr. Schue said shocked and Puck opened his mouth but then Rachel smacked his chest, which didn't hurt at all, and he closed it.

"So please tell me why you are touching my boyfriend?" Quinn said directing her question at Mercedes.

"Just dancing," Sam answered for her, "It is a Glee club Q, there will be dancing."

"Okay," Quinn said and then put her bag on a chair and walked over and stood next to Sam, "I'm in, but no one is dancing with Sam but me."

"That's great," Mr. Schue said, "So Mercedes you are with Kurt. Now lets start from the top."


"I gotta ask Berry," Puck said as they walked to their cars after practice. Sam and Quinn were saying goodbye for like 20 minutes even though they would see each other tomorrow. "Did you do this whole make over for me?"

"No," Rachel said, "I did it for me. I hate being seen as this little girl. I am not a baby anymore, you know? I am not just the quarterback's sister who dresses funny. I just want people to see me."

"I can get that," Puck said.

"Do you see me?" Rachel asked.

"Starting too," Puck said with a smirk, and then Sam started to make his way over to them, "Bye Berry."

"Bye Noah," Rachel said and Puck narrowed his eyes at her when she used his real name, but didn't correct her.

"Sam!" An 9 year old Rachel said yelling for her brother. They were at the JCC picnic and Sam had run off the moment their fathers backs were turned. She and Sam used to do everything together but he was at that age where little sisters were a pain in the neck. Must be because he just turned 11 and was now in middle school. Now Sam was too cool for little sisters. "Sam?" Then Rachel caught sight of the thing she was running from. Jacob Ben Israel. She quickly hid behind a tree.

"Rachel?" He called out. "Where are you?"

"Why are you hiding?" A voice said from behind her. Rachel turned around and saw Noah Puckerman. She had been introduced to him and his family earlier. His mom was really nice and his sister was so cute.

"Rachel?" Jacob's voice called out again.

"He bugging you?" Noah asked.

"He won't leave me alone," Rachel replied, "He keeps trying to get me to play house and tries to kiss me. Sam ran off and I don't know where my Dads are."

"Oh," Noah said and walked away. Rachel tentatively looked around the tree and saw Noah push Jacob down and told him to leave Rachel Berry alone. Jacob immediately ran away in fear. Noah walked back over to her. "He won't be a problem anymore." Rachel was just grinning at him. "What?"

"Noah, you saved me." Rachel said with a dreamy look in her eye.

"Stop looking at me like that," Noah ordered, "And its Puck."

Rachel grinned at the memory. From that moment on he had become her hero. Puck seems rough around the edges, but Rachel always knew there was a sweeter side to him. Like the way he acted with his mother and sister. How Puck was such at good friend to Sam, always had his back. No matter how hard she tried these last five years she could not not like him. Seeing him with all those girls hurt more then she had ever admitted to herself. But Santana was right. Puck knew how much Rachel liked him, but respected her enough not to just try and get in her pants. It was a start. The start.


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