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It was the first day of classes at the Nation Academy of Dance and Tara couldn't have been more excited. As she walked into the building, she knew her life would never be the same.

"TARA!" Kat shouted from down the hall, ecstatic as ever. She was running full speed and before Tara knew it, she'd crashed into her, laughing. The two friends had been reunited at last.

"Kat! How was your summer? I'm so glad we both made it in!"

"It was great, Tara banana! Yes, I have a feeling that this is going to be the best year of our lives."

With that, the two walked into their first class of first year, Ballet with Mrs. Raine.

"Good morning class. I would like to welcome each and every one of you to the National Academy of Dance. Consider it an honor to be here, at the most prestigious school of dance in the nation. Now, with that have being said, lets get down to training."

The class did their usual warm up on the bar. They then learnt some combinations from Mrs. Raine and performed them. It was a quick class altogether, but one that would impact Tara's weeks to come.

"Tara, may I have a word with you?" Mrs. Raine asked, as she was about to leave with Kat.

"Yes ma'am!" Tara walked over to see what Mrs. Raine needed.

"It has come to my attention that your ankles are too weak. I do not believe that the ballet school you were at previously trained you correctly for pointe. From now on and until I say when, you are to not dance en pointe. Do I make myself clear?"

"But Mrs. Raine-"

"No arguments. If you disregard this and still dance en pointe, there will be harsh consequences. So again, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Mrs. Raine."

"Now please hand over your pointe shoes"

Tara grudgingly handed them over. She did not think that this was necessary, but she trusted Mrs. Raine's judgment.


When she got back to the dorm, she headed back up to her room to change and relax. Abigail was in there already, doing some crunches on her exercise ball.

"What did Mrs. Raine want with you?" She asked. Tara could tell she was tired and had been working out for a while now, probably since class let out.

"She took my pointe shoes…" Tara said, becoming sadder as she realized that it was all real, not just some figment of her imagination.

"It's about time. I was thinking that she'd never get around to taking them away from you. And just making sure, but you know this is basically moving backwards right? I've only ever heard of ballet teachers doing things like this to people in junior high schools." Abigail explained.

"I-" Tara was about to say something but was interrupted by Kat walking into their room.

"Tara! Come on, were going out. Time to celebrate us surviving the first day here!" Kat was so excited that Tara couldn't say no.

"Sounds good Kat just let me change into something here."

"Well hurry up, we need to get a move on! I don't want to be stuck in here for too long. Oh and remember your bathing suit!"

Tara rushed into the bathroom and changed in record speed.

"I'm done!" She announced. "Let's go, Kat! See you later Abigail." They both rushed out of the room, leaving Abigail, who was still working on her core strength.

After they got off campus, Tara became curious about what it was exactly that they were doing.

"So where are we going, Kat?"

"Oh Tara, you'll see soon enough!"

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