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Chapter 5

So it was decided that Tara and Christian would become partners in dance. After Mrs. Raine announced that the two would be partners, there were some chuckles here and there from the rest of the class.

Tara spotted Kat, who was presently wiggling her eyebrows up and down and looking between Christian and her. She was sitting down next to Sammy, so those two were probably paired up together.

"Hey, Tara, we might want to sit down everyone is staring…" Christian whispered, feeling a little self-conscious.

"Since when do you care what other people think? I thought you were more of the 'I do what I want when I want' type of person." Tara whispered back, a little confused.

"Well there are certain occasions, Miss. Webster, when I do actually care. Like this for example." He looked up directly into the face of none other than Mrs. Raine. "And I'm guessing from the look that the teach is giving us we needed to shut up." He said looking sheepish.

"Well now that you two are done chit-chatting, let's begin today's class! Mr. Henry will be teaching you today, so be respectful and don't waste his time." Mrs. Raine announced in a stern voice. She turned to Mr. Henry; "I will now leave them in your capable hands. Good luck." After saying that, she exited the room and Mr. Henry looked over the class.

"So I have this… tradition of not actually teaching on the first day…" he began, and almost immediately, cheers erupted from the entire class. "I'm not done though, guys. I don't teach on the first day, but you do have something to do so you're not just wasting your day."

He pulled a black top hat off the shelf behind him. "Here in this top hat, I have what you will be doing for the rest of the day. I want one person from each pair to come up and take a piece of folded paper from the hat." There were some murmurs around the room. "Ok! Ready guys? 3…2…1… ok kids start coming to pick your task!"

"I'll go get it!" Tara told Christian, feeling excited. She wanted to know what they were supposed to do the rest of the day.

"Go for it, T," Christian said, and leaned back on his hands, looking relaxed. Tara took an extra second to look at him, then shook her head and headed off towards Mr. Henry. She joined the line, and then saw both Kat and Sammy walking to the line.

"Why are both of you coming to get the piece of paper? Aren't you two partners?" Tara asked, feeling confused.

"No, T, I've got the best partner in the world," Sammy said, looking as enthusiastic as a sack of potatoes.

"Let me guess! I love guessing…" Tara said, looking around the room for Sammy's possible partners. Her eyes landed on Lauren, a tall, tan girl sitting in the back.

"It's Lauren!" Tara said.

"Nope, but my actual partner is sitting pretty close to her, in the same part of the room." Sammy hinted.

Tara scanned the room again, this time only focusing on the back of it, and looking close to Lauren. There was Burt, Angela, Katie and… oh gosh. Oh gosh. There was another person back there as well.

"Oh gosh, Sammy, tell me it isn't her!" Tara exclaimed.

"Oh yes, T, its Abigail!"(dun dun dun) Sammy said with fake enthusiasm. Tara felt bad for him. Such a sweet boy shouldn't have to put up with such a witch.

"Then who's your partner, Kat?" Tara asked after the initial shock of Sammy and Abigail being partners wore off.

"Tristan. He's the one over there smiling at us." She pointed out, and then gave a fake smile in return. Actually, it looked halfway between a frown and a scowl.

"I'm guessing you're not particularly fond of him," Tara said. Was she the only one who had a partner she didn't completely hate?

"No, its not that, it's just that he's a bit too... how would I say this?" Kat stopped talking and thought for a moment. After a couple seconds her face lit up, "well you see he's a bit in love with me!" Tara and Sammy just started at her in shock. "It's not too bad. He's like a loyal puppy dog if you can think about it like that." Kat then turned around to him and gave him another smile. He beamed back at her. "See? He loves me!" she started to laugh.

"Next!" Mr. Henry called out. Tara moved up to the hat and stuck her hand in, hoping for something fun.

"Spend the day as if you and your partner were in a 3-legged race" Tara read, already thinking of how hard this was going to be.

"Ah that looks like so much fun, T!" Sammy said sarcastically, quietly laughing with Kat. Apparently the two of them had read the piece of paper she had pulled over her shoulder.

"You know what? It will be." Tara said, determined to make the most of their day.

Next up to pull a piece of paper out of the hat was Kat. She got one that basically said play 49 questions, 's odd version of 20 questions. Sammy pulled one that said that he and his partner had to walk the other around blindfolded.

Tara walked back to where Christian was sitting and told him what they had to do for the rest of the day.

"Ok well are we just doing this around school or is it anywhere?" He asked.

"Your guess is as good as mine but I think that it's going to be wherever. Mr. Henry didn't give anyone a specific place to be at."

Just as Tara finished explaining, Mr. Henry called for everyone's attention.

"Ok guys, listen up. Now that all of you have your papers, you know what it is you will be doing for the remainder of today. All that's left on my part are the directions. You all can go anywhere to do your task but you do need to be back before it gets dark." He looked out at the class. "Any questions?" There was no response. "Alright, judging by the lack of response, I'm assuming you all know what to do. So don't waste anymore time, get on with your task!"

Everyone started packing up their things and leaving the room with their partners. Tara found Kat and Sammy talking to their partners in a group across the room. Kat noticed her and beckoned her to come over with Christian.

"Hey, Christian, Kat and Sammy are calling us over there, let's go". Tara said and started to walk to the group with Christian in tow.

"So what's going on you guys?" Tara asked the group.

"Kat wants us all to go in a group." Abigail said, huffing.

"Hey, Sammy said it too! It's not Kat's fault at all!" Tristan, Kat's partner, objected. "But I would like some one on one time with Kat, that would be nice..." he said, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

She rolled her eyes and thought for a moment. She was about to speak, but Sammy beat her to it.

"Here, since this technically is a partner exercise, what about we stay in our partners for a while, maybe for 2 hours, and then we can all meet up. I'm thinking the beach?"

"Sounds like a plan," Christian said, "come on Tara let's head out so we can start on our oh-so-fun task." he said sarcastically.

Time Skip

Christian checked his watch again.

"Is spending time with just me so Bad that you need to constantly check your watch?" Tara asked, a little annoyed.

"No T, it's not that." Christian replied, and checked his watch again.

"Ok well then what is it?" Tara was getting impatient.

"Nothing you need to worry about. Just forget about it, ok?" Christian snapped back.

"Sure well, just keep the watch checking to a minimum."

"Yeah, yeah..." He checked the time on his phone this time. Tara rolled her eyes and concentrated on walking in sync with him.

Their whole 3-legged thing had proven to be harder than expected. Once they had finally found a large bandana to tie their feet together with, they tried walking, but Tara tripped and luckily caught herself on a nearby chair. The two of them took turns accidentally falling until they tried saying "inside, outside" constantly to remind themselves which foot they were supposed to be stepping with.

Getting into a car and driving would have been impossible, so they decided to walk around until either Kat and Tristan or Sammy and Abigail picked them up to go to the beach.

There was a silence between them as they were walking after Tara asked Christian to stop checking his watch so often. To try to start a conversation, Tara asked, "So Christian, what did you do before you joined the academy?"

"What did I do?" Christian asked, confused.

"Yeah like hobby wise, like did you always like to dance?"

"I didn't have too many hobbies," he checked his watch for the time out of the corner of his eye, it was 2:50, and made a mental note to text Drake and ask him to text the info- he couldn't take this call in front of anyone, T included. "And about dance," he continued, "I was never really too serious about it until I got to the academy."

"Oh ok well I'm glad you're finally serious about it! You're really good! What's you're favorite style? Mine is ballet of course." Tara responded, determined to keep this conversation going. This was probably the most he'd said since they started on their walk.

"I'd have to say hip hop. I'm actually glad that they're adding that to the list of classes that we have to take this year. If it was all ballet all the time, I don't know what I would have done with myself... But don't tell Mrs. Raine that." he said joking. Seems he was back to normal, all it took was a little push.

"Hey, T, I do have to text someone real quick, so let's just stop over at that tree for a second while I finish my business." he said.

"Um yeah sure thing Christian, no problem..." Tara wasn't going to argue with him saying that they only had around 5 minutes until they needed to be back at school so that one of their friends could pick them up.

Christian took no time at all to text his friend. In fact, Tara only had enough time to finish thinking about how to get back to the school so they could get picked up when Christian put his hand on her shoulder and asked if she was ready to go back.

On their way back they kept a conversation going, this time about Tara's family and friends back home. She even mentioned the animals back on the farm and how she was known as "the dancer". It was ironic because at the academy, she was at the bottom of the list for most things.

When they finally reached the school, they found Kat and Tristan waiting for them outside the main door.

"You do know you could have just called and we would have hurried up." Christian said casually.

"Yeah Kat we didn't want to make you wait too long!" Tara said apologetically, starting to worry that her friend had spent too much time just sitting out here waiting for her and Christian to arrive

"Don't worry you two, I didn't want to interrupt the lovebirds, now did I?" Kat laughed. "Anyways, get in the back you two! And you remember Tristan right?"

Tara blushed at the lovebird comment but kept her mouth shut. Christian didn't say or do anything, just took Tara's hand and got into the back of the car first and then pulled her in. This just made her blush even harder, but she looked away so he couldn't see it.

"Lady, gentleman, and Tristan, fasten your seat belts! This ride is about to begin!" Kat said, then hit the gas.

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