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"Can we have another?" asked Lisbeth abruptly, standing before her partner.

"Hm?" replied Mikael, his attention on the manuscript before him. Hearing no response, he looked at her over the top of his glasses. "Another what?" he queried.

"Another kid."

"Another kid," he echoed.

"Yeah," agreed Lisbeth. "I think I could handle a few more."

"A few more?" Mikael was almost laughing incredulously. "You want a few more?"

He dropped his glasses onto the table and sat back in his chair, now highly amused. "And how many, pray tell, is a 'few'?"

Lisbeth shrugged. "Three or four." She smiled – a rare event in itself, but powerful. "Help a girl out?" she flirted.

Mikael grinned as he gripped her slim hips and tugged her toward him. "Far be it from me to deny you anything."

She went to him willingly, taking a seat on his lap. He nuzzled at her neck. "So you want a big family, hm?"

"Don't psychoanalyse me," she warned him, her hands already on the buttons of his shirt.

"Wouldn't dream of it."