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"They are only fairy tales Caroline," Damon said rolling his eyes, "An Original family? Hybrids? You are nearly 400 years old, when will you grow up?" Even though Caroline was older then Damon she looked younger, so sometimes it felt like he treated her like the seventeen year old girl she looked like. He was used to being the big brother she supposed, even if he and Stefan were on the outs.

"I knew them, I knew him," Caroline went on, "Katherine was..."

"Don't talk to me about Katherine, ever," Damon said his tone hard. Her "death" was still new. Damon didn't like to speak of her. Caroline knew her former mistress was alive, but she didn't want her around Damon. He was too good for Katerina. She hated keeping that secret, but the man she looked at like a brother deserved better.

"They are not fairy tales," Caroline insisted.

"Sure," Damon said still not believing her. Caroline had always had an active imagination. Katherine had told her some story and Caroline's mind wandered.

"Klaus?" Stefan said and Rose nodded.

"Yes, the oldest and most terrifying vampire," Rose said and Stefan shook his head. "What?"

"I knew a girl once, she told me stories about an Original Family of vampires," Stefan told her, "I thought she was making it up."

"Katerina?" Rose asked.

"No," Stefan answered, "But she did travel with Katherine. Excuse me I have to go make a call." Rose nodded and Stefan walked to his room. He pulled out his phone.

"Well well well...," The female voice on the other end said. "Stefan, what can I do for you?"

"You were right," Stefan said into the phone, "About the Originals."

"I know," Caroline said cheekily, "What about them?"

"They are after my girlfriend," Stefan told her.

"Why?" Caroline asked.

"Apparently she is the doppelganger," Stefan said and Caroline said nothing, "Caroline?"

"She has appeared again," Caroline said more to herself, "You need to run Stefan, take the girl and run. Klaus has waited 1000 years for this. If you want her to live this is your only hope."

"What is this curse Caroline?" Stefan asked. "Tell me."

"I can't," Caroline said, "It has to be face to face. Where are you?"

"Mystic Falls," Stefan said and he knew Caroline was rolling her eyes.

"I'll be there tomorrow," Caroline said and they hung up.


"How come I have never heard of her?" Elena asked, "After all this time you failed to mention there was a girl you loved like a sister?"

"Well she is kind of mad at us," Stefan replied rubbing his neck, "She is a little dramatic and is really good at holding a grudge. It upsets Damon a little. He misses her and you know how he hides his feelings."

"What's her name?" Elena asked.

"Caroline," Stefan answered.


"We should have listened to her after all," Damon said.

"I remember her, she was Katerina's maidservant," Rose said, "I never saw her, but Trevor mentioned her."

"Katherine turned her I am guessing not long after she was turned," Damon said with a shrug. "Caroline knew more about the Originals then anyone."

"Why?" Elena asked.

"She said she was one of their mistresses, but we thought she was just making the whole thing up," Damon replied, "I thought it was some story Katherine told her."

"Who's mistress did Caroline claim to be?" Rose asked.

"Klaus," Damon said and Rose's eyebrows went up, "See why I didn't believe her? Caroline claimed to be the mistress of apparently the most powerful vampire in the world."

"I am a very pretty girl Damon," A voice from outside said, "Did you expect any less?" All heads turned to the open door. "Are you going to invite me in or what? I used to live here too you know." Elena watched in awe as Damon smiled. Smiled. A real smile. He went over and hugged Caroline tightly. Caroline laughed as he lifted her off the ground. Stefan then followed suit.

"I have missed you," Caroline said after Stefan finally let her go, "But first apologize to me."

"I was just looking out for you," Damon said and Caroline crossed her arms.

"I have nearly 400 years on you Damon," Caroline reminded him, "I can take care of myself." Caroline sighed and looked behind them. "There she is. Hello, I'm Caroline."

"Elena," Elena said hesitantly. Caroline walked in hooking her arm through Damon's.

"Wow, doppelgangers are a little creepy," Caroline said studying her. "You look just like Katherine." Caroline then turned on Stefan. "Explain to me why you are involved with Katherine's look alike? That is messed up Stefan."

"It is not messed up. I love her, and she is nothing like Katherine," Stefan explained, "Nothing. They only share a face."

"Fine," Caroline said still a little unconvinced, "You better sit down. This is going to take awhile." Everyone gathered in the sitting room and Caroline stood front and center. "What do you know so far?"

"We know about the curse of the sun and the moon," Stefan answered, "Since the Aztecs cursed the species vampires can only come out at night and werewolves can only turn on a full moon."

"The sun and the moon curse," Caroline said with a small smile, "Cleaver name."

"What are you not telling us?" Damon said sensing Caroline was holding back.

"One thing at a time," Caroline said, "Yes there is a curse involving a moonstone, a werewolf, a vampire, and the Petrova doppelganger. It is just a little more complicated then you think."

"How is it that you know so much?" Rose asked.

"Pillow talk." Caroline answered, "Get a couple of drinks in Klaus and after awesome sex he sings like a canary." Caroline then smiled to herself remembering some of the times they had together. She snapped herself out of memory lane said said, "What else?"

"Elijah is dead," Stefan informed her. Caroline's mouth fell open.

"H...How?" Caroline asked.

"I staked him to a wall," Damon answered with pride, "He is dead as a doornail."

"No he isn't." Caroline said shaking her head, "There is only one way to kill and Original and that isn't it. He will be waking up soon, and be pretty pissed most likely."

"How do you kill him?" Stefan asked.

"A silver dagger and some ash from a great white oak tree," Caroline said, "There is only one dagger left that Klaus hasn't collected. I don't know where it is. I have been trying to find it for a while with no luck."

"Great," Damon said his voice dripping with sarcasm, "But that it tomorrows problem. So we know that Klaus is one of the Originals. The oldest vamp from the first generation."

"Like Elijah?" Elena cut in. Caroline snorted.

"Elijah is a sweetheart compared to Klaus," Caroline said, "Klaus is the real thing and you're stupid if you aren't scared of him." Caroline directed the last statement to Damon who glared at her.

"Klaus is known to be the oldest," Stefan said to Elena. Caroline rolled her eyes. All the Originals were turned at the same time. So in truth Mikeal was the oldest, but she was not opening that door. Klaus would kill her if she told anyone about Mikeal.

"All the Originals were turned at the same time." Caroline said voicing her thoughts, "Klaus is just the most powerful. All the rest are frightened of him. There are six Originals, only two walking around. At least as far as I know." Well Mikeal wasn't afraid of him, but again Caroline wanted to keep her head on her shoulders.

"Elijah and Klaus," Stefan said and Caroline nodded, "Who are the other four?"

"They aren't going to be a problem." Caroline assured them, "At least not for now." Caroline hoped Klaus wouldn't wake Rebekah up. That bitch hated her. Caroline narrowed her eyes at the thought of her blond nemeses.

"What?" Damon asked noticing her expression.

"Nothing," Caroline said smiling, "Just remembering. I don't talk about them much out loud."

"So you have no idea how to get the dagger?" Stefan asked.

"No," Caroline said taking a deep breath, "Besides the dagger won't work on Klaus."

"Why?" Elena asked.

"It just won't," Caroline said not offering more of an explanation, "You Miss Elena are the person he has been wanting to meet for the last 500 years. After Katerina fled he went into a rage, he thought that since Katerina was the last Petrova there would be no chance of another doppelganger. No one knew she had a daughter. I didn't know till after we had both been turned. I met Katerina after she gave birth."

"So you are telling me that the oldest vampire in the history of time is coming after me?" Elena asked.

"I'm afraid so," Caroline answered gently, "And not just him. Every vampire in the world wants to be on Klaus's good side. Once they discover the doppelganger exists they will all come and try to find you to bring to him. Everyone wants his favor."

"Like you have?" Damon asked and Caroline nodded. She was one of his favorite mistresses, and perhaps vampire.

"Well we can look on the bright side that no one knows Elena exists except us and Elijah," Stefan said to Caroline.

"That you know of," Rose cut it.

"Not helping," Damon said.

"What are we supposed to do?" Stefan asked.

"I would say run," Caroline replied, "But Klaus is probably beyond desperate. He will never give up and kill everyone you love till you come out of hiding." Elena got up.

"Caroline can you walk me to school?" Elena asked and Caroline's eyes widened, "I want to talk some more, but I am late."

"I'll go with you," Stefan offered.

"She means she wants some girl talk Stefan," Caroline said and the two girls left.


"You want me to what?" Caroline said shocked, "I can tell you what you need to know, I know I am holding things back, but I don't want to overwhelm them. You don't need to do this."

"Yes I do," Elena said, "She was the first doppelganger. I need her view."

"Fine," Caroline said, "Do you want me to stay?"

"No, just catch Stefan and Damon up on everything while I talk to her," Elena said.

"She won't be very happy to see me," Caroline commented as they walked, "We ended on bad terms."

"Why?" Elena asked.

"She wanted to see Stefan and I wouldn't let her," Caroline replied, "I threatened to go to Klaus if she tried to contact my brother. I didn't want her anywhere near either of them." Elena stopped short.

"You knew she wasn't in the tomb?" Elena said shocked.

"Damon is too good for her," Caroline said with a shrug, "You know that. Plus the whole smothering me with a pillow thing that I never forgave her for."

"She smothered you with a pillow?" Elena asked.

"Yeah, she needed to kill me to complete the transition and she had been wanting to smother me for a while." Caroline replied.

"Why?" Elena said again.

"Klaus was courting her," Caroline said, "Which I am sure Katerina will tell you about, but it was me that he called to his bed at night. He blew her off for me."

"Oh," Elena said not knowing what else to say.

"Katherine never did like competition," Caroline said, "As I am sure you know. But she needed someone to help her run so she turned me and I helped her escape Klaus."

"Was Klaus after you too?" Elena asked.

"No," Caroline said shaking her head, "When he was tracking Katherine he caught me a couple times, but always let me go. I was not the one he was after, and she always left me the second she knew he was onto her. Katherine didn't care enough about me for him to use me as leverage for her to come out of hiding."

"Oh," Elena said again.

"Though he might want to kill me now. Klaus will kill anyone that gets in his way." Caroline said and they were now near the tomb, "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes," Elena said and Caroline opened the stone door. "Katherine?" Elena called and Katherine stumbled into view.

"Hello Elena," Katherine and said and then noticed Caroline. "Hello Caroline."

"It has been a long time Katerina," Caroline said.

"1989," Katherine said, "You threatened to go to your lover and tell him where to find me."

"Elena here wants to know about Klaus." Caroline informed her ignoring Katherine's remark.

"Really?" Katherine said surprised, "I thought you knew more about him then anyone considering how...close the two of you are." Caroline had to stop herself from going into the tomb and ripping her heart out.

"She wants to hear your view," Caroline said and then turned to Elena, "Are you positive?"

"As long as I stay on this side of the door she can't hurt me," Elena said to Caroline, "Please?" Caroline nodded and left but not before glancing once more at her former friend.

"You look beautiful," Caroline said to Katerina as soon as she put the finishing touches on the lady's hair.

"Thank you Caroline," Katerina said smiling, "I am awfully nervous."

"You will be the envy of every women," Caroline assured her. "Go on now." Katerina got up and smoothed her maroon dress making sure it was perfect. Once she left Caroline sighed. Katerina was beautiful. Caroline looked at her own reflection. She was not bad looking. She had pretty hair and pretty eyes, but no one noticed her when Caroline was next to Katerina. She was really only a serving girl after all, and a hungry one. Caroline walked out of the room in search of the kitchens to find something to eat. She wasn't a high enough station to eat with the rest of the guests. Not paying attention Caroline crashed into something hard. Or someone.

"I'm sorry," Caroline said looking at the floor.

"Quite alright," A male voice said, "What is your name girl?"

"Caroline," She said her eyes still on the ground. He was wearing nice shoes so he was probably a noble. He put a finger under her chin and made her look at him. He was quite handsome and dressed very well, he must be a noble.

"Where were you off to in such a hurry?" He asked.

"The kitchen my lord," Caroline said, "I'm afraid I am lost though."

"I will show you," He said, "This is my castle." Caroline's eyes went wide. This was the Lord Niklaus? Katerina had been invited to his birthday celebration, that is why they were here.

"There is no need," Caroline said, "I can find my way. I would not want you to miss your party."

"The party doesn't start till I arrive," Klaus said smiling and Caroline's breath caught at his smile. It made him look younger and transformed his face. "Follow me."

Caroline smiled as she walked back to the boarding house. She had been the reason Klaus showed up late to his own party, and he had called for her that night too. That had been one very hot month. Klaus had courted Katerina by day and enjoyed Caroline by night. Katerina had been furious when she found out. She then began to sleep with him too trying to make him want only her. Didn't work. Klaus still called for Caroline. Yes he drank from her, but that was to be expected once she found out who he was. She wondered what it would be like if she saw Klaus again. It had been quite a number of years. While thinking about past encounters with Klaus, Caroline suddenly remembered something else.

"You have to leave before my brother comes back," Caroline said throwing Klaus's shirt at him.

"I am sure I can take him love," Klaus said Caroline rolled her eyes.

"Yes, but I will not hear the end of it," Caroline told him, "Now you have to go."

"Fine," Klaus said and began to dress. Caroline was walking him out when Stefan came through the front door.

"Stefan!" Caroline said her voice an octave higher then normal.

"Caroline." Stefan said and then looked at the man next to her, "Who is this?"

"Nik," Klaus said using his sister's nickname for him.

"He was just leaving," Caroline said with a sweet smile, "Goodbye...Nik."

"Goodbye Caroline," Klaus said with a wolfish grin and then he was gone.

"Caroline..." Stefan said in a warning tone.

"Don't start," Caroline said and walked away but of course Stefan followed her.

"I had forgotten," Caroline said out loud, her mind was still in memory lane. She wasn't looking forward to telling Stefan he had met the man who wanted to kill Elena once. And that Caroline had introduced them.


"How do I find Klaus?" Damon asked Rose.

"You don't find Klaus he finds you," Rose replied.

"There has to be somebody who knows where he is," Damon pushed.

"Add another 200 somebodys to that and you're still not even close," Rose said.

"Can you get in touch with him?" Damon said turning to Caroline who was sitting on the couch drinking a bag of blood.

"Um...I am not in the mood to die," Caroline said getting up, "Even if I could the second he finds out you know the location of the doppelganger he will torture you till you tell him and then he will kill you. It will be really messy. Blood everywhere..."

"Elijah," Damon said, "You got in touch with Elijah..." Caroline zoned out and went to find Stefan. They met up at the grill.

"Ready to listen now?" Caroline asked.

"Yes, tell me more," Stefan said.

"First thing," Caroline began, "You actually met him once, and Klaus isn't just a vampire..."

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