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Chapter Nineteen

Shane's POV:

"I smell blood. You better not have hurt her," Myrnin snarls. I hear footsteps splashing through the rain.

"Stay away from me," a voice says. It's Claire. I step forward," I said stay away! I have stake and I'm not afraid to use it," she says. I faintly see her lift the stake and tighten her hand on it.

"Claire, it's me, Shane," I say, stepping forward again. She takes a step forward and then runs forward, straight into my arms. I hug her tightly, "What happened? Are you hurt? Michael, I can't see, look for me," I say, my hands running down her arms. My hand becomes wet.

"I'm fine. My arm is bleeding and I killed two vampires. I'm really tired and my head hurts," she says, leaning into me. I pick her up bridal style and her head lolls on my shoulder and she falls asleep.

"Myrnin, search the building and see if anyone else is in there," Michael says, leading me to the car. I sit in the backseat with Claire in my lap. Michael drives us to the hospital. When we get there, we rush in and a doctor takes Claire. Her arm is still bleeding pretty badly.

(Time Skip)

Claire's POV:

When I wake up, my arm throbs. I look down to see that it's wrapped in bandages. In a flash, I remember everything that happened. I look over to see Shane and Michael.

"How do you feel?" Shane asks, watching my face. I smile at him.

"My arm hurts but I'm okay," I say, sitting up. Shane's expression turns to one of relief. He pulls me into a hug. I snuggle into him.

"They said you can go home when you wake up but you need to be careful," Michael says, smiling at me. When Shane pulls back, he pulls me into a quick hug.

After about half an hour, they release me. We head over to the Glass house to check on Eve. When we get there, were bombarded by the crying of our children. Shane and I run up the stairs and into the house. We see Eve trying to calm them down.

"We'll take it from here," I say, smiling. I pick up Nathan with my good arm and cradle most of his weight on that arm. He calms down instantly at my touch. I kiss his forehead. Shane takes Everose and cooes at her softly. She automatically calms, ever the daddy's girl. I smile and look at Eve.

"So I take it that everything went well?" Eve says, eyeing my bandaged arm. I smile.

"Let's just say that the vamps are down by two," I say shrugging. Eve smiles at me and winks.

"That's my girl. I knew you'd be fine. Your always kicking ass," Eve says, grinning and touching Nathan's little hand. He yawns and falls asleep in my arms. Everose does the same thing. I love this side of my family. We always stick together. Always. Even if were a little crazy, we always pull through.