So this is my first Blue Bloods story as I'm a recent convert to the programme and I'm hurting a character that I like, no change there then for me!

It's a brotherly story, because that's what I like to write. There is also some hurt/comfort/angst.

Hope it's ok – I'm sure someone will tell me if it isn't. By the way I'm from the UK so some words may be different, also apologies for not knowing what accent Sgt Renzulli has.

I don't own anyone you recognise, I just like to play around every now and then.

Too Close

The lift doors opened allowing Police Commissioner Frank Reagan access to the floor of the hospital where had been more times than he cared to remember in his professional capacity.

This early morning, though, he was there on more personal business. As he strode, impatiently, down the corridor, he felt a shiver run down his normally stoic spine as he recalled the phone call he had received the previous day...


Detective Danny Reagan and his partner glided to a halt. They had been alerted to a shooting in a deserted alleyway. The shooting had all the hallmarks of a number of others that they had been investigating over the last couple of weeks, so it had been passed on to them. As they got out of the car, Danny and Jackie became aware of a number of uniformed NYPD officers already searching the area for possible leads. Even though Danny was professional at all times, he always had an eye open for his little brother, who had still yet to complete his first full year on the job. Sure enough, the broad New York accent of his brothers' partner, Sgt Renzulli, could be heard passing on information, so it was inevitable that Jamie would be close by. Danny picked his way through the mess in the alley, a small smile gracing his face as he saw said little brother on his hands and knees, thoroughly combing every inch of the ground, looking for anything that may help the investigation, "Hey kid, you got anything?"

Jamie's head shot up in surprise at hearing his brothers' voice – but he soon recovered and explained to the detective everything that they knew so far, "But we think the shooter is still in the vicinity Danny, there is no evidence to suggest otherwise"he finished. Danny nodded as he listened, impressed by how much the younger man could tell him. "Detective Reagan!" another uniformed officer shouted, grabbing Danny's attention. He began to move towards the officer, but not before patting his brother on the shoulder, "Good job," he breathed quietly, so that only Jamie could hear him. Jamie smiled, as he got back down on his hands and knees to continue combing the area.

After about 5 – 10 minutes of talking with the other officers, Danny and Jackie made their way back to the car. Jamie glanced up from his task. As he did so, a split second flash of light caught his eye from the fire escape. He watched a little while longer...there was definitely some movement there. Jamie could fell the adrenaline surge through his body, causing his heart to beat faster. As he neared the fire escape, he caught his own partners' eyes, directing him towards the area. Jamie kept his eyes trained on where he could see the movement, trying to work out what was going on. Suddenly, it became clearer...the guy had a gun...pointing, Jamie realised with a knot in his stomach, straight at Danny.

Jamie felt his blood run cold, "Danny, get down!" He yelled as loud as he could, while launching himself in his brothers' direction. A shot rang out...

Well that was chapter 1. Looks like it's going to be 3 chapters...that's if you want to read any more. Reviews are welcome, good or bad (but don't be cruel).