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Walking into the lounge room in long, loose pants and a tight singlet, Gracie stood next to the television and covered her breasts with her hands.

"My boobs are getting bigger," she considered, mentally weighing them.

"Been borrowing the pageant implants again?" suggested Eric from his seat on the couch, his eyes never shifting from the baseball.

She planted her hands on her hips. "That was only the one time."

"And it worked a charm," snorted her partner. "Feranda still can't get the image out of his head."

She grinned, and then was back on track, looking down her top. "I swear, they're getting bigger." She looked up. "Feel them."

Matthews eyed her then. "I'm never one to object to fondling my woman's breasts. Come on over."

Beer placed on the side table and the tv running unminded, he gestured for her to move closer. Gripping her hips, he guided her to straddle him.

Grinning, he reached up to palm one of his favourite parts of her body. He'd had a wisecrack remark ready, before he realised that she was serious. "They are bigger," he agreed.

"Thank you," she said exasperatedly. "Now would you care to explain the two pounds that has taken up residence on my ass?" She emphasised her point by reaching for his hands and planting them on said body part.

He willingly did so, even massaging her cheeks briefly before a realisation crossed his mind. "Hart," he said abruptly. "Are you pregnant?"

"What?" She snorted. "That doesn't happen to me."

He raised an eyebrow and he leaned back. "Do I need to give you a biology lesson?"

She hit him.

Enveloping her body, he swiftly pinned her under him. Bracing himself above her, he looked down at her. "Mm," he agreed, sliding a hand to her hip. "You're already piling on the weight."

She hit him again. "Not funny," she muttered.

Silence reigned as the fun and abuse stopped, and both just eyed each other. "Seriously?" she asked in a small voice.

"Guess there's only one way to find out."

They knew an hour later.

"Holy crap," Gracie swore. "Pregnant."

For all his jokes, Eric was stunned, sitting on the bed beside her. "Huh."

"I'll have to tell the father," she mused.

He still had wits enough to pinch her.