Chapter 1

In the beginning

It started when I was five. This...obsession.

The complex lust over his eyes

The drive to hear his voice

The craze over each move he makes

My love for Kurt Hummel

"Rangers, activate your crystals!"

"Yes…" My tiny hands gripped into the floor below me in anticipation of the next segment of my show. Finally, it was getting to the butt-kicking action when the Rangers activate their powers and spring into action to save the world.

" 3..2..1.. power up!"

My head lifted from the ground where I was pretending to color to the screen to watch as they morphed into the hero's of the world. Only by defeating the villainous hydro hog can they return the water back to the world. Black, white, yellow, blue, red and pink they stood on the TV is the coolest position ever ready to fight some crime.


The voice of my father sounded strictly through the room startling me. Quickly to hid the fact I got off task, I burred my head into the papers bellow me, but it was too late. Now, I could feel his eyes on me ready to punish me for getting off task when I promised him I'd get my homework done before dinner. I was lucky enough to even convince him to let me watch Power Rangers during homework time because he was also so strict on getting work done, though now, it seems like I ruined the chance of this ever happening again.

I slowly peeled my head from the papers ready to see the upset face he'd be wearing. Probably standing up, looking down at me with disdain. His arms probably folded across his chest ready to tell me to go do my homework at the table because I couldn't concentrate. Bracing my self to feel the wrath of Leroy Anderson my face contorted, but to my fortune, he wasn't angry nor annoyed. He wasn't even looking at me, like whenever he'd watch me, he was just sitting there, reading his book.

Turning back to the papers laid out in front of me, I tried not to get distracted anymore because dad would always start dinner after the Power Rangers went and I did promise I'd be done before dinner.

Tempted to see if he actually looks at me when I work, I glanced over my shoulder to see if my father still carried that blank face.

He would scare me sometimes, my dad, like he was now. He was so silent and sneaky in moments like these making me expect that if I made a sudden move he'd notice and pounce. Though I find myself fearing him, at the same time I admired it in a way only a 5 year old could.

His face was always strong and his head would stay up even when someone would look at him or Daddy differently. Just like the Red Ranger, he was brave and fearless, willing to protect me and my sister from anyone. I know the Power Rangers aren't real, but for acting like one, I wanted to be just like him.

"Back to work, Blaine" He commanded in a flat chilling voice that made my bones shake.

Obeying him, I turned my head back and looked down at the papers and crayons I had spread out in front of me. Homework would never be that hard, it was just coloring, something my dads made me do since I was two and could hold a crayon.

With new confidence in myself to finish my work I picked up the purple crayon and continued my drawing of a firetruck. If I finished it quickly then dad would let me watch the rest, but I knew if I colored out of the lines he'd make me do it over correctly. Keeping my hand steady with the lines and circles of the truck I was finally able to finish and before Dad got up to start dinner, that meant there was still time to see the rest of my show.

My attention was stolen by the television as soon as I let it seeing the last part of the battle with hydro hog. The White Rangers Falcon came in shooting at the giant menacing hog with it guns and soon the Black Ranger joined in defeating the hog and all of it evilness.

"Haha Hog, you can't mess with the Power Rangers."

I muttered to myself as a grin was plastered on my face from the joy of being able to see the last battle. Despite the excitement in the air of getting water back, there was a sigh behind me coming from my father. I peered over my shoulder to see him stand from his position and walk out of the open room.

"I'm going to go start dinner. When your show is over come finish your homework in the kitchen."

Without complying, I turned back to the screen were the Ranger's were thanking the space Rangers for helping. That meant the end of the show was coming up and that could only mean…

My attention was ripped from the screen and up to the clock above it. The small hand was winding closer and closer to the six at the bottom of the square as the longer hand drew closer to the twelve at the top meaning that soon my sister would be coming home.

An icky feeling came over my body with this thought.

Everyday after school, dad would take my sister Rachel to dance class, or piano or singing until the little hand reached the six. That's when my day would go from good to bad.

It happened everyday in the same order, dad would get up to start dinner, Power Rangers would go off, Rachel would bust through the doors and tell my dad about what she did in her class, we'd eat gross food for dinner then my dads would have Rachel preform whatever she learned in class that day and make me sit through it.

She has been singing or dancing every night of the week for me and my dads for as long as I could remember. It would always be something boring and stupid, but my dads never let me say that because it would hurt her feelings, it was still true though. It was kind of good that she did sing or dance at the end of the day though because it would get so boring watching her it'd put me to sleep so my dads didn't have to yell at me anymore for staying up so late.

I snickered at my own joke towards Rachel before remembering that it would actually be happening soo-

The familiar faint sound of a car door slamming in the drive way rang into the room making me cringe like someone just broke the window. This would be followed by:


Rachel screamed as the front door flung open. She ran to the kitchen were dad was cooking leaving the from door open for my other dad to to close. She could get away with leaving the door open, but whenever I did Dads would yell at me. Their conversation carried from the other room into the living room.

"Rachelah! How was piano practice today?"He ask, probably picking her up in his arms.

"It was great! I can't wait to show you tonight! Guess what though."She managed to squeal out in one breath.

"What?" His voice sounded amused.

"My friend came home with me today, and dad said that he can help me play a song tonight!"

This perked the conversation to the point of my turning to face the kitchen in order to hear it clearer.

"So I've heard!" He exclaimed proudly at her.

"Let me introduce you to him!" Rachel shouted and drug him out of the kitchen to my field of view and towards the door.

I sat there patiently just watching them talk from afar. Rachel told dad on how their dad let them come over and how dad's getting their bag out of the trunk. It lasted for a minute until Rachel got feed-up with waiting and darted back out of the door to grab her friend.

"Daddy-" She started off from outside of the door and continued when she came inside. "This is my friend Kurt Hummel." She stated proudly and directed the attention to the boy standing next to her.

Well my father took his time introducing himself to the new boy I took this time to look at him.

He was the same height as Rachel and skinny like her as well but his face was dotted with freckles from cheek to cheek. By the way he acted I could tell he was nice, but really shy when it came to people like my dad. He seemed happy to be here but over all of the features he held one thing stood out the most, how he dressed.

He was dressed like me. His shirt buttoned up and was clean, he wore stiff pants with a belt around his waist, straps going up to his shoulders and a bow tie around his neck, just like how my dads would dress me for school.

But he wasn't like me, he was a big kid. I hated wearing stiff pants and bow ties choked me, he can dress himself like Rachel, why would he wear those stupid clothes?

"Blaine?" My fathers voice took me away from looking at him.

I went back to the full scene, Dad, Rachel and Kurt looking at me strangely as the TV played in the background.

"Did you finish all of your homework?" Dad asked. I nodded quickly keeping my eyes unfocused on the people in front of me like I would whenever I was looking at more then one person.

His eyes drifted off of me and to the door as my other dad came in, he went over to grab the bag in his hand.

With my dad out of the picture, Rachel came out. There were two Rachel's, the nice one that would be around whenever one of our dads were around and the mean one that I hated.

Her and Kurt were looking at me until she broke into a giggle and cupped her hand over Kurt's ear. It was faint, but I could hear her whisper into his ear.

"That's my brother, Blaine. He's a weirdo."

Kurt's eyes stayed locked on me well Rachel spoke into his ear. She moved away, and the nice Rachel was back.

"Daddies, I'm going to go show Kurt my room!" She announced and lightly grabbed Kurt's hand before bolting up the stairs. Kurt stayed behind for a second though, looking at me as if Rachel never said I was weird.

"Kurt?" Her voice shrilled from the top of the stairs, Kurt jumped.

"Bye." He smiled as he spoke then ran after Rachel leaving me to stare at a blank wall.

"He's the boy whose mom is in the hospital right?"

My ears listened to the new conversation that picked up in the other room between my dads.

"Yeah, his dad went to go see her tonight. They don't want him to know too much yet so when he usually goes to the hospital to visit her he hires a sitter. He was telling me about it and I just thought 'this boy can't be with someone he doesn't care about well his mother is sick, why not let him go over a friends house?' So I just asked Burt, his father, if he'd be okay with Kurt sleeping over whenever he went to the hospital. He said that'd be great and now we have a new member to the family."

"He's the one Rachel keeps talking about right? The boy who plays Fur Elise for her?"

"The very same."

"I think Rachel might have a little crush on him. Do you think it's okay for them to sleep in the same room?"

They laughed lightly.

"They're only seven Leroy! And Rachel still closes her eyes when people kiss on TV, I don't think she'd want to do anything with him, holding hands at the most. My princess is a lady." He gloated.

Dad would always call Rachel his princess, well my other dad would call me his prince. I asked why before but they didn't answer me.

"Well, I'm still going to check on them in the night." Chairs started to scoot out from the table.

"Sure, Sure. I'm going to go check on the prince."

Another chuckle came out well my dad sighed.

"Yeah, the prince…"

Knowing someone was coming I turned back to the TV and pretended to watch whatever was on.

"Hey, buddy, what are you working on?" The voice of my other dad rang into the room. Unlike my dad who'd sit with me and watch TV, this one would talk to me more and was much more fun.

Before I could reply he started walking into the room and over to me to see the papers I had.

"What's that, Blaine?" He knelled down beside me to see my firetruck. Glad someone wanted to see I presented my picture to him.

"I drew a picture of what I wanted to be when I grow up." I stated proudly, his face twisted as he looked at my picture.

"Blaine, firetrucks are red…" He stated.

"I know." I took the picture away from his face. "But when I get mine I'm going to paint it purple, so everyone knew I was coming and wouldn't worry."

That made him laugh and wrap his arms around my shoulders to hug me.

"Hm, my little Kaddishel…" Sometimes Dad would say weird words when he talks. He let go of my and grabbed my shoulders. "You know all of those girls miss you in dance class."

Bleh, dance class. They put me in dance and singing class like Rachel when I was three and I quite a year later.

I didn't answer him though, when I said I hated singing and dancing it made my dads sad. Instead I just looked with a gross look on my face and get understood.

"What about piano, Bubah? Piano's fun and you'll meet a lot of new people."

I didn't know why they wanted me to be like Rachel so badly and go to classes after school but I did not want to.

The gross look stayed on my face until he gave up the idea.

"Fine, dinner's almost ready so go put your homework away and wash your hands. We have a guest tonight so don't make weird faces at your food either."

He warned me before he left the room. Un-moved by the warning, I placed my crayons and paper into my backpack before turning off the TV and going upstairs. I heard Kurt and Rachel laughing from inside of Rachel room but ignored it, I can go have fun in my room by myself.