A/N: Please note several things here: I'm using a mixture of English and Japanese names for the Digimon characters (at least the human ones). Why? First, Kari sounds looks a lot like Kairi and secondly, I can see certain characters wanting to be referred to by their English "nicknames" like Davis, Matt, and Izzy. I'm also keeping the Digimon names English (Patamon, Veemon, Gatomon, etc.) because I don't know all of the Japanese Digimon names and I'm sure most know them by their English names.

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AngelCross: Binding Darkness

Numb. All he could feel equaled nothing, as if he wasn't alive. Yet breath slowly came, as if the body slept. The mind however, oh, how the mind raced. Memories. Truths. Lies. They all came. They all went. They played over and over again like a snake coiled around itself, forever eating the tail but always growing just as quickly.

Then, cycle that broke. "Sleep," cooed a voice that was neither high nor low, neither thick, nor thin. The voice sounded almost non-existent.

The sleeper didn't obey. Icy and electric blue eyes flashed open and the stream disappeared. For a second, the awakened couldn't remember where it was or who it was. Slowly, it all came back. The "it" became a "he" and the "he" learned his name: Riku. Slowly, the events that had taken place before hand seeped back into his reach.

Proud and broad shoulders slumped in time with his head. Riku let out a heavy sigh. That's right. Then, the youth shook a thick mop of silver hair and looked about. His eyes fell on nothing that could indicate where he was. No shadows streaked across the floor and no light lent a hand to create the shadows. There was nothing but an eerie space that he could only qualify as a gray twilight.

He attempted to call out but no voice escaped his moving lips. He clamped a black-gloved hand over his mouth in surprise. What is this place?Riku wondered in silent curiosity. The silver-haired youth attempted to take a step forwards and a light burst from where his foot landed. A small orb floated up close to his face, making Riku squint.

"What?" he mouthed before waving it away, as if it were a firefly.

"Sleep. Return to sleep."

Riku mouthed something but the orb could somehow understand what he was trying to communicate.

"This is the place between Light and Darkness, Sleeping and Awakening, Life and Death," the voice answered just as the orb carefully began to circle him. Riku could feel a pair of eyes examining him from the small light. The youth's own eyes followed the orb and he could have sworn that he saw a pair of blue irises staring back at him from the ball of light.

What does that mean? he thought.

"It means you have a choice: to remain here and Sleep without the pain. Or you can go back and experience the frightening feelings of being Awake." The orb suddenly stopped as the youth stepped back in surprise. "You can only have one choice and you can never make this decision again."

Riku turned his head slightly, keeping an eye on the light. You're speaking to my heart, aren't you? How do I know I can trust you?

"Because I am the only one here."

Riku gave a soundless snort. What do you want, then?

"For you to sleep, that's all I want. You were close to winning but your Heart is too weak to finish it. Don't you remember?"

It's not like I'm-!

"Just return to sleep."

And if I don't? Riku glared around and then back towards the light.

"You will just suffer, by your own hands. Not mine. For this is your choice. All I offer is a chance to stay away from the state of being Awake or return to it."

Then you really don't care which I choose? I'd say you're pretty zealous to keep me asleep.

"Then do you have a choice?"

Yes, I do. A small smirk formed on his face. There are things I still have to do. It'd be too boring to stay 'asleep' anyway.

The orb of light shimmered slightly as it floated back towards Riku's face. The light morphed and took the form of a blue card. Riku's face contorted into confusion.

It's a door to truth. Take it and all this will end. If you don't...

I 'stay asleep.' I've already said that I'm not going to do that. Defiantly, Riku grabbed the card. There's too much I still need to do.

The card then started to glow brighter, casting a shadow across the space. The intensity became so great that not even shuteyes could keep the light from reaching his eyes. Then, the sound of water filled his ears until it slowly became deafening. And then a great pressure began compressing him and pain replaced numbness. Just before his consciousness slipped, he could almost hear a voice saying something to him: a girl's voice that he could almost recognize.

Chapter 1: The Boy With Silver Hair

World: Japan (Odaiba)

The wheat-blonde looked out the window, blue eyes gazing across the navy blue. He could pick out only a few stars in the sky no thanks to the light pollution. He rose and looked over to his partner Digimon. The little orange bat-wing-eared-gerbil had somehow remained asleep despite being tangled in the bed sheets and the possible kicking that the poor thing was subjected to.

He chuckled slightly before carefully getting the little creature named Patamon out from the ball that he was stuck in. Hands expertly guided by the lights from outside, the blanket had been unknotted. The blonde then placed his partner on the headboard of his bed before turning eyes towards his alarm clock. The green numbers softly glowed in the darkness, reading four nineteen in the morning.

A bad dream on his fifteenth birthday. The thought made the teen sigh amusedly. He then turned his eyes towards the piece of sky outside his window before he blinked in confusion. One of the many stars that were shinning brightly suddenly went out.

A nova? he thought. Then the corner of his lips turned upwards. "That would be something to tell my teacher in the morning."

The school bell shrilled and only a few seconds later, students piled out of their classrooms, eager to get their coats from lockers and head home for the rare two-day weekend. Takeru moved smoothly along with the stream of people until he came to his locker.

"Hey, TK!" called out a peppy and familiar voice. Takeru turned and noted the maroon-haired boy teen pushing his way through the now slow stream of student. Behind him, two girls followed, the caramel-brunette Hikari and the lavender-haired Miyako. Chocolate brown eyes met the blue ones as the two exchanged grins. "You ready for the best fright night of your life?" the maroon-haired boy exclaimed. "I've got a new challenge for ya."

Takeru chuckled. "Daisuke, I thought I won the last one when we watched The Ring."

"Y-yeah right! And what did I say about calling me Daisuke! Call me Davis!"

"For your information, I didn't lose! That was Jun's scream," Davis retorted, crossing his arms. "I don't scream like a girl."

"Oh brother." The lavender haired girl rolled her eyes. "Can you two boys knock it off for one day?"

"Yolei, you know that will happen once my brother decides to learn how to use the computer without somehow making it freeze," Hikari chuckled. "Though, I do agree it would be a good idea for you both to tone it down on TK's birthday."

Davis and Takeru looked over at the girl. "Sure, once TK admits it was him who lost the challenge!" Davis said, folding his arms stubbornly.

"Then, isn't that Sadako behind you?" the blonde inquired.

Davis automatically gave out a small gasp and fell into the lockers. Seeing the absence of the black-haired ghost-child, the maroon-haired teen glared over at the laughing blonde. "That wasn't funny, TJ!"

"I have to agree with Davis on this one," Miyako sighed.

Hikari frowned. "TK, that was just uncalled for," she admonished.

Takeru only smiled at his the maroon-haired teen. Davis glared at the blonde. "Not funny," Davis muttered, flushing from embarrassment. His friend chuckled again before giving Davis a hand up.

Miyako sighed again. The brunette looked over at the maroon-haired boy, about to ask a question when he sheepishly answered, "It wasn't my idea." This earned a headshake from a bemused Takeru and a slightly annoyed Miyako, who muttered, "He's hopeless."

Takeru pulled on his coat before closing his locker just as he overheard the maroon-haired boy asking to escort the brunette home. Blue eyes quickly snapped back to the girl as she shook her head. "I have photography club. Sorry, Davis." The blonde smiled slightly.

"TK, you okay?" questioned Miyako, pulling Takeru away from the two.

He glanced over, for a second, losing the smile. The blonde quickly put it back on and answered, "Of course, Yolei. What would make you think I'm not?"

"Well, you and Ken keep having the strangest looks sometimes," she answered, turning her eyes away.

"So, you've caught Ken looking at you?"

Miyako suddenly blushed before quickly marching off. The blonde chuckled to himself before turning away, looking towards his two remaining friends. "What did you ask Yolei about?" Hikari suddenly asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Apparently, she has caught Ken staring at her in class," Takeru answered, the teasing smile still on his face.

Davis frowned. "And what does that mean?" Takeru couldn't help but burst into laughter as a small smile crept onto the brunette's face. "What?"

"Well, before anything more decides to happen, I'm going to photography club," Hikari announced. "You two play nice, okay?"

"Of course, Kari!" answered Davis quickly with a flush and a big smile.

"We're not kids, you know, Kari." Takeru gave her a thumbs-up.

Satisfied, the brunette and the boys departed. The grounds by the school gates where empty by now and the two could easily allow their Digimon partners to slip into their bags. DemiVeemon, excited to see his partner, began questioning what had happened during the day.

"Hey, Davish, are we going to continue the challenge?" the little blue Digimon inquired.

"Of course, and TK is going down!"

Takeru snorted, bemused. "I thought we went over this, Davis."

The said boy frowned. "Fine, but next time, I'll win!"

"Why do you always have to try and use horror movies?" asked Patamon from his partner's bag. "Can't you use other ways?"

No answer came, causing the gerbil Digimon to sigh.

For a while, the they talked about school things from homework to random incidents. It eventually meandered into what they were to expect for the night. Everything was pleasant. Along the roads, there were few noisy cars. The winter skies were a faint gray thanks to a thin blanket of clouds but even with that, snowflakes danced downward.

Takeru found himself staring upwards. Something seemed wrong. Was it too pleasant? Too nice? Too quiet? The blonde shook his head and muttered to himself about watching too many horror movies. After all, this was the point where things tended to go wrong.

And it did.

With a disturbing scream, the peace shattered. Every dance of the falling snowflakes turned sinister. A panic swept across the crowd as more screams flew down, as if a tsunami of noise came crashing at them. Soon, the people followed. Takeru and Davis barely escaped being trampled by the on-coming crowd by running into the stock-still streets and climbing onto of a recently abandoned car.

"Monster!" they heard. "Yokai! Demon!"

The two peered down the streams of people as they dashed off, looking for whatever was causing such panic. No luck came.

"Digimon?" the two boys and their partners questioned. After all, it was the only logical explanation.

Without second thought, they began hoping across the parked cars. The panic screams filled their ears. Despite all the danger that Takeru had faced in the Digital World as a small child or when facing the Daemon Corps, he shouldn't have felt scared. This time, however, some mysterious hand gripped his heart and made him jitter. Something wasn't right. The blonde just kept running towards the source, just as he had learned to do when he was young.

Soon, they came to an area where everything stood almost like the ghost towns used in western cowboy movies. In the safety, the boys allowed DemiVeemon and Patamon to slip from their hiding places and Digivolve into ExVeemon and Pegasusmon respectively. Davis and Takeru quickly hopped onto their Digimon and flew off to scope out what was going on.

Not too soon, though, greetings from a strange creature startled them as it dove down to attack them. The two Digimon separated just in time before regrouping, just as the creature came back around. This time, Takeru could see that is was some strange black creature clad in silver armor with big blue-clawed hands and curly purple wings.

"That's not a Digimon I've seen before." Takeru's heart sinking a little bit more. "Have you, Pegasusmon?"

"No," the golden horse answered. The silver-armored creature then came flying back at the Digimon and boys again, slashing claws at them. The two Digimon flew out of the way and shot green and blue energy beams at it, effectively making it disappear in a swirl of black.

"What the heck was that?" shouted Davis. "Where can I get myself one of those?"

"Something tells me you won't want one," Takeru whispered to himself before he looked downward. More black creatures were in the street and lower in the air. None of them; he could recognize none of them. Where were they coming from?

"Well, let's get to it!" Davis cried, pulling out his goggles from his bag and putting them over his eyes. He sat ready like a fighter pilot ready for war. Then, he screamed, "Charge!"

"Right, Davis!" answered ExVeemon, diving downwards before Takeru could even call after them. With nothing else to do, Pegasusmon and Takeru joined them. In and out, they curved. Here and there, they fired energy beams. Occasionally, Pegasusmon stopped in mid-air to drop a shower of star-shaped energy balls from his wings to destroy the smaller ones. Several times, the aerial creatures came close to hitting the two.

After a while, Miyako and Aquilamon joined them. The bird and girl duo easily took care of the ones in the sky as Aquilamon was fast enough to catch those creatures off-guard, efficiently taking care of them with a clean hit.

Davis eventually got a little too gutsy, flying right at ground level to take care of big round ones garbed in silver and copper armor. Takeru watched from above as the blue dragon blasted energy beams at it but they ricocheted off some creatures and hit buildings or some of the other ones. The blonde, too, noticed an aerial creature flying in from behind. Without a second thought and a slight curse, he guided Pegasusmon to dip downwards at speeds so fast that he had to cling on for dear life so that he didn't fly off.

"Equis Beam!" The blast of green energy collided and destroyed the creature just seconds before Pegasusmon's wings snapped open and their decent slowed.

Davis had taken no notice and had dismounted ExVeemon, in favor of having him Digivolve into Raidramon. He too, took no notice of an approaching smaller creature that lacked armor. Another blast of green energy destroyed that one and it was close enough that Davis was startled.

"What the heck, TM?" shouted the maroon-haired boy as he scrambled onto Raidramon.

"One of those things was coming up from behind," the blonde shouted back. "Don't be stupid and get back into the air!"

"I'm going to take care of the ground troops! You help Yolei!"

"Guys, enough chit-chat!" interrupted Raidramon before he leapt out of the way as the giant round creature fell down on them. With a snarl, the stead Digimon unleashed a bolt of blue electricity on the fallen creature's head. Pegasusmon unleashed needles from his main, helping Raidramon destroy the creature before it rose.

The two boys looked at each other and gave a thumbs-up. "We'll keep an eye on you from the skies," Pegasusmon called before lifting upwards into the air. The winged horse followed the black stead as it dashed off, unleashing electric attacks on any creature it saw. From behind, Pegasusmon unleashed bombardments of falling stars. Not too far above, Aquilamon continued to take out any flying creature it saw.

Then, out of absolutely nowhere, a large flying creature that looked like it was draped in a long wizard coat and had a large orange hat obscuring its face floated before Pegasusmon and Takeru. Startled, they barely had enough time to dodge a fireball it launched at them. Just as they dodged one attack, they found themselves in an ambush of another. Giant, distorted hourglass-shaped drones shot purple laser bolts at them, expertly hitting Pegasusmon in the wing. The winged horse couldn't keep his balance and down he fell, crashing into the concrete. The impact forced the injured Digimon to revert to his Rookie form, leaving Takeru slightly bruised.

Quickly the blonde rose, picking up Patamon before dashing down the street. Fear moved his legs, even after his breath became ragged as he looked for some place safe so he could call his friends to his aide. He couldn't get too far and soon, he found himself cut off by a large blue-black creature that stood as tall and as lithe as a soccer player. Yellow, dead eyes stared at him.

A primal instinct told him to turn and run. There was no chance he could face it in his current state. Patamon was hurt and the blonde had no weapons. Takeru's mind screamed for his feet to move. They did. But they only could reach a short distance. Behind him, the street was crammed with more creatures, several looking like big green cartoon dogs, another a miniature version of the orange mage-like one. Again, he spun. No exit existed. "Davis! Yolei!" he screamed. He hugged the injured Patamon close to his chest. Heart pounded in ears. Quick and shallow breaths cut at his throat. What was going to happen now?

"No matter where I go, the Heartless are there."

At first, Takeru thought he was hallucinating. Delirious. Only when the giant creature was slashed in half and disappeared in a burst of shadows, did he believe his ears and eyes. There, standing in the place of the black cloud, a boy no older than Takeru held a sword in the shape of a dragon wing.

The teen noted the blonde with icy blue eyes. "Get out of here. You don't know what kind of danger these things are," he instructed.

Takeru only nodded running down the now clear path. However, he stopped short after a few meters. What was he doing? Running?

He looked down at his partner, who was now looking slightly ready to fight. His blue eyes turned back to the boy who was fighting in a blur of yellow and blue.

"I can fight," Patamon said, albeit, slightly weakly.

"No, it's too dangerous," Takeru managed to spit out, despite wanting to fight. If only I had something to fight with.

"Just let me," the Digimon argued. "Remember Azulongmon's gift to us back when we went across the world?" The human nodded. "I think I might have some left. You just have to believe in me."

A smile slowly came to his face. "Right." The Digimon slipped from his grip and awkwardly flapped his tiny wings. Takeru pulled out his digivice and held it into the air. "Go, Patamon!" he shouted. In a flash of bright light and hope, Patamon was wrapped in a cocoon of yellow data. Once it dissipated, the great six-winged angel MagnaAngemon stood in Patamon's place.

Without pause, the Digimon flew into combat, slashing at a black creature that had cornered the boy that was fighting. Takeru took the chance to pick up a broken parking meter pole and raced in to help his partner out.

One of the lithe creatures swiped at him but the blonde ducked and slashed at its stomach with the pole. The creature fell sideways and fell victim to the dragon-wing sword. "I thought I said to get out of here," the owner of the sword called, brushing silver hair out of his mouth.

"Well, I can fight!" Takeru shouted back.

The silver-haired teen let out an amused laugh. "Gez, you remind me of a friend of mine!"

Takeru grinned himself. "I think Davis is starting to rub off on me."

"Possibly," agreed MagnaAngemon, slashing at another one of the creatures.

A blast of green and red energy and thunder preceded the arrival of Miyako, Aquilamon, Raidramon, and Davis. "There you are!" shouted Miyako with her voice dripping with relief. "What would I tell Hikari if you were to die?"

"Are you nuts? TK is a Digidestned," Davis laughed, "You should know we don't fall so easily, Yolei!"

"Is this a battle or a reunion?" laughed the silver-haired boy, leaping backwards to dodge a fireball.

"These things just keep coming!" Aquilamon crowed. "Where do they keep coming from?" He slammed into the back of a round creature.

"Who knows," answered Raidramon, finishing an electrical attack. "I think I've taken care of at least a hundred of them."

"A hundred and twenty," called in Miyako.

Davis glared at her. "Hey! I thought you were complaining that me and TK were doing too much challenges."

The lavender haired girl just waved him off. "We just have to end this as quickly as possible. Too bad we can't just open a portal to the Dark Ocean again!"

Takeru looked up at MangaAngemon. "Next best thing."

"What?" the silver haired boy inquired, looking between the friends when he had the chance too.

Without a word, MagnaAngemon flew up into the air and drew a circle before him with his wrist blade. In a few milliseconds, the circle formed into a stone slab that opened up. With a whoosh of air, all the creatures flew off into it like it was a black hole. As soon as all of them were gone, the three humans and two Digimon besides Takeru and MagnaAngemon stared in amazement and shock.

Davis broke the silence first, shouting, "Why the heck didn't you use that before?" The blonde just laughed in response.

The Digidestined and their partners quickly desert the spot where the creatures had attacked with the silver-haired boy following closely behind. Because of his absurdly short sleeves, the boy rubbed his arms and shivered. This earned him a question from Miyako about how his brain was functioning, in which he replied, "Where I'm from, it's always warm. How can you survive in places so cold?"

"This isn't as bad as Russia," responded the lavender-haired girl.

Fortunately, the walk to the apartment complex where Takeru and Miyako lived was short. As soon as they entered the complex, the stranger sighed with relief.

In the Takaishi residence, Takeru began making coffee for when his mother would get home from work as his friends the stranger sat down in the little living room. When he went out to join them, he noted Miyako putting down her D-terminal and then looking up at the boy.

"So, where exactly is this?" asked the boy.

"Odaiba," Davis answered. "How come ya don't know that?"

"I've gotten around a bit," the silver-haired boy answered. His icy blue eyes fell on the Digimon. "What exactly are these creatures? They kind of look like Moogles..."

"We're Digimon." Hawkmon jumped onto the table. "We are digital creatures from a world called the Digital World."

"So, you guys can travel between worlds." The guest leaned back and tilted his head upwards. "That's nice to know. Then we don't have to stick to that 'World Order' stuff."

"World Order?" Davis scratched his head.

"Yeah." The silver-haired teen sat up and shrugged. "I didn't hear much about it besides you're not supposed to mention that there are other Worlds. I guess it's supposed to not induce panic."

Takeru, walking into the room, grinned slightly. "Then we've just broke all sorts of rules as Digidestined, haven't we?"

"I guess so."

Patamon sat on his partner's head and looked at the guest. "So, stranger, what do we call you?"

"Riku." Riku leaned back as the Digidestined and the Digimon gave their names.

"Well then, Riku, what were those things that attacked the city?" Miyako inquired.

"And where did you get that sword? I so want one!" Davis chirped in.

"First off, those things were Heartless. They're beings born out of the darkness in people's Hearts." Riku tapped at the left side of his chest. "They get released from the body and go wandering around Worlds, snatching more Hearts."

"And the sword?" Davis leaned in.

With a flick of his wrist, Riku summoned forth the blade in a cloud of black. Takeru furrowed his eyebrows a little. "This..." Riku began with a slight frown. "It's one of a kind and should stay that way."

"What do you mean by that?" Patamon asked.

Takeru tilted his head slightly. There's something off about what he said, he noted.

Silence fell for several seconds, then, the doorbell rang. The Digidestined turned their heads, slightly confused to the door. Takeru left the room and peaked out the peephole on the door. Outside, the blonde could see his older friends standing, holding bags and boxes in their hands. He opened the door and in streamed the group.

"Hey, birthday boy! What's the look of surprise?" inquired Taichi, walking into the living room with a large present in his hands. "And you two, I thought you were helping us bring stuff over!"

"Ah! Sorry, Taichi!" Davis exclaimed, smacking his forehead.

Davis and Miyako raced to help the elder Digidestined and Ken fix up the apartment for the gathering. Takeru sat down on the couch along with his elder brother, Matt, and their respective Digimon. Riku watched the hustle and bustle with a slightly open mouth.

"Ah, man," the younger of the two blondes sighed. "I forgot about this..."

"I'm guessing because of your new friend?" Matt inquired, eyeing the silver-haired boy.

"Him and those Heartless creatures."


"Takeru," Riku interrupted. This had the two brothers turn their attention to the boy, who kept his eyes focused on the crowd around the apartment. "You have a lot of friends."

"That's what happens when you save the world," Matt said, leaning back.

A frown crossed Riku's face. "I bet."

Hikari sighed as she continued down the street. Gatomon followed a few paces behind. She checked her cell phone just as it beeped. He pressed the big middle button to open a newly received text message. She stopped, a few feet from the front of an auto shop. As she read, she could faintly hear the opening of a back door.

The caramel-haired girl, however, focused on the message from her elder brother. "Hikari, get over to TK's apartment as soon as you can. There seems to be trouble going on. Something called Heartless." A shiver crept down her spine. Hikari then rubbed her head, muttering, "Ow."

The final tip off was when Gatomon screamed. "Hikari! Run!"

Everything after blurred by. One minute, Gatomon fought a giant black creature. The next, a man wearing oil-stained one-pieced suit stood protectively before the girl and Digimon. In a cloud of darkness, the creature disappeared and a glass-like heart floated up into the air. Brown eyes fell upon the man and then traveled to his weapon: a gray sword in the shape of a key.

Chapter 1: End.

Hmm. This is much better than the initial beginning. Hello, and I welcome you to my new series, AngelCross! This is only the first part. Major inspiration for this project I drew from Kingdom of the Elemental Hearts by Gemini Star01, though instead of focusing on Frontier, I chose Adventure 02. Why? I just thought it would be a whole lot of fun!

AngelCross will cross at least three main installments, including this one and two or three side stories. This first one, Bound by Darkness, is all planned out and has twenty-four chapters and will be based on a bit of KH2 and Chain of Memories. There will be a side story, hopefully spanning only nine chapters that I am almost done with planning. For the title of each installment, check out my profile under the "Timeline."