AUTHOR'S NOTE: I strongly suggest that you read "Attracted to a Weasley" before you read any of these. This chapter takes place within the "Attracted to a Weasley" timeline.

A Prank Gone Wrong.

In which someone ends up with a black eye.

The night sky was pitch black except for a few stars sprinkled here and there, and the chilly air nipped at the flesh of those who didn't expect it to be so cold. Ginny walked around the Burrow all alone since everyone was currently out and tried to find something that would keep her entertained until someone showed up.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had got invited over to the Lovegood residence and, not being the type to be completely rude, Mrs. Weasley dragged her husband to their neighbor's home.

Harry and Ron were out having one of their usual "guy nights". Ever since everyone had settled down with their significant other, the two best friends took one night out of every week to enjoy a couple round of drinks without their other half around. Harry and Ron both loved Ginny and Romilda but sometimes a guy just needed time with a guy friend.

Ginny had thought of flooing over to Hermione's but the thought quickly left her mind when she remembered that Fred was staying there this week. She didn't want to take the chance of walking in on something that would scar her for life.

Bill and Fleur were another couple that she thought of spending time with but even though Ginny grew to love Fleur, it just wasn't the same. Bill was still the same Weasley child who loved to joke around but whenever Fleur was around, she sometimes tried to tame the noise and jokes, and that just took the fun out of everything.

Last, but not least, there was George. And George was an immediate "NO!". As much as Ginny loved their practical jokes, being alone with one twin called for non-stop pranks and she'd be the one getting pranked.

After going through everyone's name in her head, Ginny had exhausted herself out and really just wanted to relax and get some sleep. She made her way upstairs to her old bedroom and picked out a pajama set that she had once left there. She gathered up all the necessities that was required for a relaxing bath and set out for the nearest bathroom.

. . .

. . .

"You do realize Ginny hates it when you prank her, don't you?" Fred tried to reason with his twin. The idea of pranking their baby sister had once excited him but after he had realized how terrifying puppets could really be, he didn't think it was such a great idea.

"You better untwist your knickers." George joked. "Why are you backing out all of a sudden? You wanted to prank her as much as I did!"

"Yeah, well, you didn't watch Dead Silence." Fred mumbled.

"Dead- what?" George asked.

"Nothing." Fred sighed. "Here. If you still want to go through with it, be my guest." He handed over the puppet to George, internally glad to get it out of the house for the night. "Just don't complain to me when she hexes you."

George only smirked at his twin before apparating away to the Burrow where he knew Ginny was all alone.

. . .

. . .

Ginny had walked out of the bathroom to a dimly lit house which she found extremely odd since she had left on all the lights before she got into the bath. She stopped just outside the bathroom door and pulled out her wand from the bundle of dirty clothes she carried. Casting a quick "lumos", she held her wand out in front of her and walked back to her old room. She haphazardly threw her clothes into the room and set out for downstairs.

"Mum? Dad?" She called out from over the banister. When she got no reply, she slowly crept down the steps one by one and hoped that a family member was home. Just because she was a witch, it didn't mean that she didn't scare easily sometimes.

A pan that, most likely, had fallen and made a noise in the kitchen made Ginny sigh in relief and head straight for there. "Thanks for telling me you were back, Harry." Ginny mumbled. She walked straight into the kitchen and turned on the light. "Ron, why is it that I always find you in the kit-" She trailed off as her eyes scanned the kitchen and no-one was there. "What the-?"

Ginny's heart beat started to slowly increase as she backed her way out of the empty kitchen. She inched her way into the sitting area, her wand held tightly in front of her and found that a roaring fire was dancing in the fireplace.

She hadn't lit a fire.

"Very funny, Fred and George." Ginny shouted in the empty room. "You can come out now. This isn't funny." When she got no answer from the room, she used the one threat that was sure to have one of her brothers leaping out from his hiding spot. "I'm going to tell Hermione that you're being extremely mean to me." She said. "You know how much of a convincing liar I can be!"

And still, no-one leapt out. The fire continued to roar and Ginny stood in the middle of the sitting area turning in circles and looking for the person who, without a doubt, was trying to scare her. She had faced death eaters and helped win a war, yet the quietness of the Burrow instantly set her on guard.

A ticking sound could be heard in the room quickly followed by a soft melody filling the air around her in an eery sort of way. If it wasn't dimly lit and her heart wasn't about to pound out of her chest, Ginny would've thought that the melody sounded pretty.

Tap... tap... tap... tap...

The sound of tiny footsteps soon filled in behind the melody and Ginny slowly turned to face the source of the sound. There behind her, well now in front, was a tiny clown slowly making his way directly towards her.

Ginny's eyes widened and she didn't know what to do. The melody started to play louder and the clown tilted his head up to look at her. She backed away from the clown and pointed her wand down at it.




Ginny started casting off spells from the top of her head.

"Petrificus totalus!"



She cast every spell she could think of to blast the puppet away, to freeze it or slow it down, and to knock it backwards but nothing worked. It was as if the puppet had a protective shield around it.

She had never told anyone but she always had a fear of the muggle clowns and the tiny one that was now in front of her didn't ease her fear at all. A wicked chuckle started to come from the clown's mouth and before Ginny could turn around and run out of the sitting area, two large hands clamped down on her shoulders.


Ginny squeaked and without warning, she tore herself from the person's grasp and threw a wild punch as she turned around, connecting her fist with someone's face.

"Bloody hell." Ginny heard someone groan as she raced around the sitting area, turning on all lights.

Once the room was brightly lit, she took in the familiar red hair and narrowed her eyes at her brother. "George! What do you think you're doing?"

"How do you know I'm not Fred?" He asked as he gently touched the eye that Ginny had managed to hit.

"Because he would've come out when I threatened to tell Hermione." She huffed. "Fred isn't that stupid to ignore a threat like that."

"Yes, well.." He moved forward and picked up the puppet that was long forgotten on the floor. "I'll see you around, little sis."

. . .

. . .

Fred was in the middle of cleaning up the kitchen when his puppet landed on the floor at his feet. He turned to face George who last had the puppet and stifled his laughter that was threatening to bubble out. "What happened?"

"She punched me." George scowled. "Ginny punched me!"

Fred took in George's newly formed black eye and finally let his laughter escape. "At least she didn't hex you." Fred grinned which only caused his twin to scowl even more.

Sorry for not bringing Hermione into this. As you've read in "Attracted to a Weasley", at the end, George shows up with a black eye from pranking Ginny. Just thought I'd give you this scene to read.