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A year later, Jean just looked at her ex-husband. "You're going to be a father?" she finally managed.


"Good Lord, I need a drink."

Two whiskies later, she spoke again. "You do realise that Susan is pregnant as well?"

"Yes I know," he replied. "She told me."

"Our grandchild is going to the same age as your lovechild."

Harvey shrugged. "It's not like it hasn't happened before." Jean laughed incredulously as Harvey continued to speak. "And it's not just a child – it's two."

She struggled to comprehend what her ex-husband was saying. "Twins," he supplied helpfully.


She plastered a smile on her face as the subject of their conversation approached them. Looking her ex's new wife over, she was surprised she hadn't seen it before – the rounded abdomen, the loose shirt...

"Congratulations Kate," she said as the tall woman stood next to her husband's bar chair.


"And you too Harvey," she said as her ex-husband wrapped an arm around his wife's back.

"Thank you."

"Now, if you'll excuse me."

Kate turned to her husband. "That went well."

He tugged her forward to stand between his legs, holding her hips. "One down, one to go."

"Oh god," said Kate, lifting a hand to cover her face. "How are we going to tell Susie that her child's aunt and uncle will be the same age as them."

"Easy," replied Harvey, tugging her hand away from her face. "We'll just tell her."

She snorted. "That's so masculine of you."

"Why thank you." Tugging his wife in for a kiss, he smoothed his hands over her shirt, pulling it tight over her taut abdomen.

Harvey wasn't sure what reaction he expected from his daughter, but it wasn't this.

"Aren't you too old?" she laughed.

"Hey," he replied, affronted. "I'm not dead and buried yet."

"I'm sorry Dad," she giggled. "I just didn't think that you could even, well..."

His son-in-law thankfully stepped in then. "Congrats. Glad our kids will have cousins to play with."

"Aunts and uncles actually," corrected Kate faintly.

"Oh yeah," said Scott as Susie looked at her stepmother. "You're planning a few?"

"Gods no," she replied. "But I've already got a few." She covered the gentle swell of her belly. "Twins," she said weakly.

Scott slapped Harvey on the back. "Good going old man."

Susie grinned at them both. "This is going to be awesome."

"Awesome," they echoed.

Entering their apartment later that night, Kate snorted.

"I love how you seem to be getting all the congratulations – it's like you've done all the hard work." She tugged her shirt off. "You're not the one puking up your guts every morning and discovering that half your wardrobe doesn't fit anymore."

He approached her, throwing his jacket on the bed and loosening his tie. "What can I say? The world ain't fair."

She laughed as she pulled her pants off. "Nice."

Releasing a breath, she stretched. "Now I can breathe properly."

Turning to her husband, she opened her mouth to speak, but stilled.

His eyes were on her swollen abdomen. Placing her hand on the taut skin, she reached out for his. Their gaze held as they shared in a moment.

"I love you," said Kate, mortified at the tears that accompanied her declaration.

"I love you too."